Marco Rubio – Teaparty Favorite Now 21st Century Puppet!

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Chuck Schumer looking proudly at his new protégé . Do you think Rubio sold out? Chuck knows he did and he’s well pleased.

If you weren’t paying attention at the CNN Debate, Marco Rubio was called out by Trump for having the worst voting record or most absentees in the Senate.  That is not impressive, and what was worse was Rubio’s answer as to why he missed all those chances to vote. He simply believed nothing gets accomplished and it’s a waste of his time, and besides he’s leaving the silly senate anyway and running for president.

Did anyone think that was a wise thing to admit or even say on a national debate stage?  What if Rubio won and then decided nothing he wants gets done and decides to stop doing anything there too?

But, pay no attention to that small thing, today at The Voters Value Summit Meeting he got to announce that Boehner was resigning from Congress. That was a real wow moment that got him a standing ovation because Rubio is such an inspiring candidate.  At least that’s the way the media made it look.  It could have been the janitor cleaning the floors and picking up candy wrappers that announced that news and he would have gotten a standing ovation as well.  Do not be fooled. It was the news and not the candidate.

That being said, it would pay to understand how Rubio was voted in by Teaparty members and Conservatives.  He promised to stand by patriotic principals and get things done in D.C. Well, he disappointed them all.  Needless to say they were not happy with his Trump answer at the debate.

But, his constituents were unhappy with him long before that remark.  They watched Rubio take the Senate and in no time at all his political stance changed.  Actually it was more like his real political stance came forth.  His amnesty Dream Act support found him getting more applause from the left wing liberals than the right wing conservatives who won him his seat.  Over night Rubio  supported Obama ideals and left wing values disguising them in speeches pleading for America to do the right thing and promoting his book while telling the sad story of his immigrant father who never lived to see his big moment.  The one he would later decide was a waste of his time.  He soon folded up his patriotic Teaparty  banner and placed it quietly on top of the trash.

rubio amnesty copy

Well, none of his voters  ever imagined that their guy in 2010 would prove to be the darling puppet for left wing ideals.  Nor, did his voter base ever think Rubio would ever support a platform covered in  North American Union concepts and New World Order ideals. So if you think America should be borderless, and continue to use social security money to pay for illegal immigrants welfare – then Rubio is your guy.

Written By Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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