Macron Was It Worth It?

France is protesting in the streets but they won’t be stopping traffic – cars have no gas and the climate change EV’s are catching fire or in the heap!

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Look at all the electric cars sitting there just waiting to catch fire. All it takes is one of those wore out batteries to go BOOM and there will be a blaze seen throughout  Europe.

Macron was so proud to tell the WEF that France is going green and EV’s are all the rave – let there be electric cars for their civil servants! I wonder if he boasted about how they were just too expensive to replace the batteries? The same batteries he was so proud to power up France and his new auto industry investments with. Tell us about your climate change again Macron… how’s all that working out for ya? I hear it’s gonna be real cold this winter… monster blizzards and all. I hear the weather climate change forecasters are saying lots of snow…. and I also hear the Netherlands has no gas like they thought for Germany. Hope you have enough wood or solar?

There is something seriously wrong when the puppet leaders, like Macron care more of pleasing NAZI KM Oligarchs more than their own citizens. There is something very wicked about that.



Back to the cars…. so fact checkers or gaslighters saw this photo and story going viral and had to run interference. They got right on it and blamed it on a bad company that just lost a bunch of money and had to trash the one thing of so called value… their new climate change electric cars. Does that make sense? Why didn’t they sell them? Or store this valuable asset properly? It appears no one else wanted the cars … not even for free. What do your eyes tell you?

So, one would look and say, not even for the cost of a new battery could they do anything but throw these in the field. Facts are facts no matter how you gaslight it. Should we call it “Green lighting” now?

But now that everyone is talking about this, fact checkers are panicked- they have lost the information war. So here comes reliable Reuters to report… the cars work it was the company that had a problem. They wrote:

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They are very worried that people are seeing the truth.

Fact Check – Electric Cars Taken Off French Roads Due To Contract Termination, Not Battery Fault…

As reported by Reuters here , Parisian authorities ended the Bollore group’s contract to operate the Autolib electric vehicle fleet in June 2018 due to financial difficulties. Persistent issues with cleanliness, problems with parking and booking as well as competition from other modes of transport such as Uber pushed the service into the red, with cumulated losses of 293 million euros expected by 2023.”

Another quote from the article states:These posts are being shared as U.S. President Joe Biden plans to make the case for his $174 billion electric vehicle plan, calling for government grants for new battery production facilities (here).

Read: Fact Check-Electric cars taken off French roads due to contract termination, not battery fault | Reuters

Ah ha! So that’s it… gotcha! So with the contract with civil servants being terminated, the cars couldn’t be sold, no one wanted them because of the high cost. Right! So let them rust in the field. Gotcha! And since Joey Avatar plans to make a case to do the same here for Klaus and the KM Oligarchs… and HOW MUCH MONEY? $174,000,000,000!!!! Will Zelensky let him spend that much? Good grief… do we even have that much?

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Remember the same fact checkers that are telling you to pay no attention to the cars in the graveyards are the same fact checkers that are still telling you COVID vax is safe. The same Presidents who are forcing mandates, and crashing your economies and allowing starvation to take place are the same ones gaslighting all of you!

What is being said by many this past week is “The Khazarian Mafia slave President Emmanuel Macron has been put under demonic control, as seen by his black eye.” That has not been fact checked yet… or maybe it has. Discern it. You shall know them by their fruit.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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