Klaus Wants Our Youth… But His Global Economy Is Tanking…

The Youth of today are nothing to Khazarian Nazi Oligarchs but tomorrows furrys and useful mind controlled subjects, and dinner for some. You can howl at the moon on that one!

The plans are in motion… and have been for a very, very long time. Progress on this level is not for everyone. They even tell you there will only be a few chosen to lead this Khazarian puppet mastered live theater program.

I recently heard Steve Bannon speak of todays tech savvy youth seeking employment and believing they have great resumes… smirking as he talked with his financial guest as he described the anticipated look on the youth’s faces when they realize all their ideas and college education has not taught them one dam thing about how the big inflated system of air hockey works. (my paraphrased discription of what he said). He actually explained how when the economy tanks and we hit the bottom and there are no jobs, because of the “green” and other bad ideas, they will be screaming the loudest.

Bannon pointed out they are about to realize some new truths. Such as why the parents of the baby boomers took savings and preparation seriously and knew not to go into unneccessary debt. Why they were cautious and freugal when it came to eating everything on your plate and appreciating what you have and not trying to keep up with the rat race to have the biggest and the best, especially if you could not afford it. Those who grew up in and survived the great depression and the years of Roosevelt knew full well the seriousness of failed systems.

Bannon gives his version of things which he failed to remember or say (because he knows it) that the BRICS was in league way before any of this show started and China and Russia have been allies. It didn’t just happen and the Khazarian controlled EU, UN, NATO, et al is a Khazarian NAZI led and run satanic cult force. Putin didn’t do the evil, he countered it for love of his country. A Make Russia Great Again…movement. He supports sovereignty of nations and abhors the RESET new world order.

What happens when the youth’s future is unplugged? Will they even know it? Will they get their wires revamped and believe that being a transhuman cyborg is cool? Or will they open their eyes and realize they were wrong and the older generation was actually quite with it and very wise?

Well, as the markets crash and there isn’t much left to prop it up… along with the things falling, falling and 401k’s tanking… what will happen to all the college grads and their resumes as the corporations go bankrupt and or move out of the USA?

Remember, the great merchants of the earth shall weep and wail when no one buys their goods any more. You are watching in real time the demise of all the evil sorcery of the great merchants of the earth. The BRICS nations and others have had enough of the Western nation toppling and regime changes. They are now fighting back and taking down the strongholds of evil. It has been the Khazarian Oligarch’s plots and coups carried out by its Western controlled nations that has squeezed the life out of every one of them who have partaken in doing its evil bidding.

The U.S. Government from 1913 until now has had their money in the hands of the Federal Reserve which is a private company who operates through the Central Banking system that controls the flow of the fiat U.S. dollar. They print money as needed with nothing to back it. They have had total control of the money supply.

That control is said to have ended with Donald Trump’s bankrupting the illegal D.C. U.S. corporation. It is also said by many that the implementation of the GESARA and NESARA laws became active this year. The stipulation of these laws was that all currencies worldwide would now be gold-backed. NOT the gold standard, but GOLD BACKED. The difference between the two is that the gold standard never tied any single dollar to a physical piece of precious metal like gold or silver, it promised by an authentic seal that its value was that of gold or silver, which ever seal it had.

image 225
Silver certificate equal to one dollar bank note of silver.
image 226
Gold certificate bank note equal to twenty dollars in gold.

The new currency is said that it will have a serial number on each bank note of all denominations, that can be traced to a physical piece of gold or silver (precious metal). That means every dollar in existence worldwide will have a serial number on that dollar that is literally assigned to a piece of precious metal. These will be maintained by each government of every country. There will no longer be creating money with nothing to back it as was done with “fiat” currency. No more giving you air and taking away real property if you are late on your mortgage, where the bank loaned you nothing and took away real property if you were late on returning nothing from nothing to them. Remember, by their sorceries were all the nations deceived. This was a huge and stupid sorcery to have fallen for. Look at all the interest paid back on absolutely nothing!

No one will ever convince me that the mark of the beast is not money. The name, the number or the number of the name. It is all in our faces and has been the tool of the devil in all generations. In your forehead (your thoughts, mindset) or in your hand (your deeds). But, that’s another story for another day.

Putin has led Russia in switching over to the new gold backed system. And the Khazarian fools like Joey, put it in motion – full swing when they stupidly issued sanctions against Russia. Putin was first, but this switch is made up of a 209 country Alliance who will also be implementing this new currency. This will level the playing field and make all money worldwide equal to everyone’s individual currency. This will ultimately eliminate inflation, because the currencies are all REAL currencies backed by gold and silver. This will end the central bank game of stock up and down by manipulation and precious metals up and down by the same. Never before has this happened and we are on the brink of a golden age that because of all the evil and lies we often don’t focus on the good that is sprouting up from the ashes.

Why isn’t Bannon talking about the gold standard that is being set up world wide while the fiat air dollar crashes? I spoke of this back a long while ago… and again more recently. It’s time to start talking about this a whole lot more than we have. The petro dollar is long gone. Kiss it goodbye.

And let’s ask where the congress and senate all went?

We all know some are gone, so why aren’t we talking about it? It’s more than half empty at all times…even the state of the Union only allowed a handful of people to attend. Do you really believe it was because of COVID? And how many were masked?

Ponder everything! We are winning more than you know!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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