Suspended professor advocates for 2020 election audits?


And wait until you hear about his 2003 Buick!

My, my, my… what a web we weave when first we set out to deceive. Lin Wood has been calling out a lot of grifters and deep state operatives, but … it seems that after he was betrayed by those he believed were telling him the truth, especially when there was no reason to lie to him… or so it appeared, he began to look a bit scorned and out of control in the discovery process. I had even begun to doubt all the listings he was bringing forth… and then… just like that…BOOM! Once again, Lin Wood was right!

Now the wily professor was one I smelled out long ago… but when the exposure list got ramped up and it began to appear that anyone that ever said hi to Lin may be added to a conspiracy list… I backed out and observed. And now… Lin has found many interesting things and is exposing all of it.

We’ll start out with the evidence from the AP published Sept. 13, 2021. “LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) — A New Mexico State University professor has been traveling to advocate for audits of the 2020 presidential election amid a paid suspension for rejecting coronavirus health mandates from the school.” Read: Suspended professor advocates for 2020 election audits (

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What do these people identify as?  What’s their pronoun?

We all heard the famous story told over and over and over again by the mysterious Professor. The story of Clement’s Old 2003 Buick. The one he has driven ever since 2003 and never got a new one because, well, he’s just a conservative guy and very frugal. He has bragged and been praised because of his old Buick that gets him and his family from place to place and has since 2003.  It became his logo of sorts. When you think of the Professor, you think of the 2003 Buick because he has raved and witnessed about that old car since he appeared on the set of the show starring as THE PROFESSOR.

image 229

Well, imagine Lin Wood’s surprise when his security did a back ground check and couldn’t find the registration of the old 2003 Buick under the name David Clements. Imagine also the surprise Lin must have felt when his trusted loyal friend, the Professor fessed up and told him he only had the Buick for about 2-3 years ago. He couldn’t even remember if it was two or three?  He said his grandmother in law left it to him. He inherited that old Buick in April 2019 and didn’t register it in his name until January of 2020. It was one of many ranch vehicles the family drove around in after Erin’s grandmother passed away.

So why would anyone with any ounce of integrity and honesty even need to make up a stupid story like he did about a 2003 model Buick?  The guy is obviously a paper clipped dude and this stinks of a black op infiltration and or something similar. The man is not to be trusted at all, and my discernment from the first day was spot on.  So often when the Holy Spirit warns you of something there is no intellectual reason shown with it and no facts…it is a word from the Holy Spirit to avoid or be ware…danger, danger… or it’s good now go and enjoy.  Most don’t understand that is how the Holy Spirit works. All the other proofs come as you need them and as you go. Sometimes they are with the warning and other times they come later.  The key is to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you and heed the voice.

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So the professor is not who he says he is. He is not telling anyone the truth and people are funding him and the horses he is riding.  He has lied to everyone and he has set up a lot of good people to fail. Keep in mind also that the only reason he admitted the car wasn’t his was because he was caught! No one knows for sure where the Buick came from, but it appears it was an accessory to his new persona…and his new look starring in “The Professor” goes down in Georgia.

He is not your patriotic friend.

He is getting paid to do what he is doing.  It looks like he is working for deep state.  Now you know.

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image 231

I am sure more details will come out later…. Wood has given out a lot and his friends are deep state and could possibly be connected to child trafficking according to Wood.  But, that can all be found on Wood’s Telegram.  It was a while back that he revealed Professor’s best friend who is now working closely with him.

Lin is actually pointing out a money laundering trail that has many implications. And many heroes involved in the same money ring of fire. 

Grab some popcorn and observe.  This stuff is hitting the fan… we are in count down as the stomach churns.

Dang!  Can you believe his 2003 old car story was a fake story…a downright LIE?  DANG!

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But Lin was just revving up. He has had it with the grifter attacks on him which he has a long list of those who came into his home and set up to kill, steal and destroy because they thought he was not as smart as they all were. One by one Wood has called them out and all are found wanting.

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Someone has some interesting questions for Lin….

[In reply to Reply To Lin Wood] Someone ask Clay why he runs a church telling a customer (to burn in hell Buddy!) that calls into his sweatshop aka SEO crew. Why was Clay on the phone with Rittenhouse the day of being acquitted? Why is Clay printing Jesus is king bibles with information about himself inside? Why is he charging $500 vip seats? To share “truth”? Why did he have Simone Gold sign books at his church for $100 per person? Why is everyone of his male employees strapped? Why does Clay have a picture of Obama in his facility? Why does Clay call his board a vision board when Scientology calls it a Vision board and Elizabeth Claire prophet (Flynn’s seven Ray witch) tells her cult to do. Make a vision board of what you want. So why is Trump in the middle? And he funds Flynn – are they going after Trump? Why does Clay have a picture of himself as Trump?

I have to say, some of these clowns are good at pretending and some of them are terrible at it. Especially those with BIG EGOES who have to have lots of applause. The insecure all about me types are the worst.

image 234

Looks like Lin has confirmed a lot of people’s money laundering thoughts. Good minds see through all the foundation, go fund me, grifter – BS. So while the toxic snakes coil up together all doing their snake venom thing… Lin is watching, logging, and exposing.

But none of these vipers had any idea that Lin was a Mongoose!

Lin gives people a lesson in money Laundering….

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[Forwarded from Lin Wood (L. Lin Wood)]

Deep State operatives infiltrate you by initially presenting themselves as your friend and embracing your positions, particularly with respect to Jesus Christ, President Trump, and the rigged election.

Then at a time of their choosing or when forced to do so because you have exposed them, they turn on you like a snake and reveal their true colors.

They try to use the “credibility” of having supported you to bolster the “credibility” of their effort to destroy you.  Their game becomes obvious over time as the enemy is not smart so the enemy must be repetitive.

Over the course of my time on Telegram, I have directed you to, or highlighted, many Telegram channels and individuals that appeared to be supportive of me and my positions. On Jesus Christ, President Trump, and the rigged elections.

I do not formally “endorse” these Channels or individuals. I simply focus your attention on them.  Doing so allows you to then evaluate the channels or individuals for yourself over time.

The TRUTH is most meaningful to you if you find it for yourself. Just accepting what others say is true allows you to be brainwashed if the “so-called truth-giver” turns out to be the enemy.

I hope this explains why YOU have found over time that many of the Telegram channels to which I have highlighted turned out to be operated by the enemy. You may discover more such Telegrams channels in the future. The search for TRUTH takes time and is not easy. But it is worth the effort if the end result of the the TRUTH.

It is always critically important that you: Do the research. Connect the dots yourself. Draw your own conclusions.

Make sense?  Press on.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

P.S. As I have often said over the years to my law colleagues and family, “There is a method to my madness!!!”

P.P.S. The ONLY reason that I post scriptures is to share the Word of God with you. We serve an awesome God.

Lin Wood is just getting started. He is bringing out lots of evidence to go with his finger pointing. And he has his eyes on many of the same ones we have all been talking about…. tick tock…. Wood is on a mission. He doesn’t like being attacked nor being played the fool. Watch out road show grifters and clowns….Lin says NOW IT’S HIS TURN!

image 241
I won’t be needing this yahoo’s blasphemous ideas on God’s plans and especially not any thing written or said by a money grubbing merchandising grifter.

I had to check to see if Clark did have a new Bible out. He does and it sells for $49. He did write inside it. Here is one excerpt from Clay Clark’s new Bible…. “My name is Clay Clark and the only reason that you probably know my name is because Jesus Christ gave me the time, the talent, and the tools needed to reach you. It is my goal that you will understand that this Bible in your hands is the WORD OF GOD and this Bible will change your life if you diligently and sincerely read it with a desire to hear from GOD. I also know that reading the Bible for the first time can seem overwhelming so here is my advice for you on how to most effectively read it.”

My response… cannot be printed here. You can imagine it. But I will say… the only reason I know his name is because the Holy Spirit warned me he was of the dark side and to stay away from him. I heeded that warning.

DISCLAIMER: This is just reporting, so sort through it and discern for yourselves. Don’t take anyone’s word on anything. All things are simply what it appears to look like. What it all really is… well that will shake itself out. But, one thing is true… when someone lied and got caught and then tells another story… that is cause for attention. Many have a lot of explaining to do… if their word can be trusted after all the lies??? Therein, lies the problem.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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