Jordan Declares WWIII!

King  Abdullah II of Jordan has been stating the Islamic State jihad  as WWIII for over a year and continues to state it,  “This is a third world war against humanity”.  After the Paris attacks, King Abjullah II  described the  Islamic State group as “savage outlaws of religion”.

He has asked President Obama to join in the fight with Jordan to take out ISIS.  Obama has declined to join forces and is taking a wait and see approach with Russia and France in the region.

Obama said he expressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia has been going after the wrong targets which he called moderate opposition groups and that Putin was propping up Assad. He stated that the U.S. is “going to wait and see” whether Russia shifts its focus to Islamic State targets “and if it does so that’s something we welcome.”
It appears that Obama has not changed his focus on toppling Syria and pushing for new government, nor has Putin changed his focus on supporting Assad and respecting Syria as a sovereign nation.
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Jordan has taken in over 1.4 million Syrian refugees and is committed to ending the region of ISIS militants.

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