It Is A Shame That America Has No Real Journalists On Cable News!

The news is a shambles and full of propaganda.  It reeks of what we were all told communism and dictatorships do.  It reeks of all things a lie.  It reeks of false flags and what used to be called trash garbage from scandalous rag tag Enquirer type publications that no one ever paid real attention too.  The trash bin publications were full of untruths and stretched out gossip- lies and more lies.  Now the days headlines are all the same. There is no difference between the Enquirer or the New York Times. They are all the same.  Journalism is dead.
What is left is sheer propaganda and the head games for mind control are the headlines of all things.  What used to be outrageous scandals and law suit propaganda is now all legitimate fair game so-called news.
I understand why Donald reminds us daily of the media lies and nasty reporting.  Because he is correct and their reports are full of lies and prefabricated scandals full of less than factual truth whatsoever, and full of scandalous and nasty reporting.
It is what it is.  Thank God for social media and a few good reports.  You, the reader must research and decide which article is the truth.  Most don’t research – but the good news is most are looking at the mainstream reporting as not being accurate and full of lies.  This is a good first step.  Many know the truth…unfortunately many are just discovering they have been lied too and are too far behind to get unraveled before the rest of the election process.  Those who know their God know.  That is what is important.  This is a major separation of the wheat from the chaff.  dan 88
Which are you?  I am the wheat.  My vote is for the thing printed on the simple baseball cap….it’s called “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”
You can be anything you choose….yet, only one man will do what he says he will do and that man is DONALD J. TRUMP.  So follow all you want to down the wide path…I am staying on the straight and narrow. That is the only path that leads to renewal of God’s people and God’s plan. Either way, God’s plan is and will be carried out….man only gets to repent….he gets not to make the plan.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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