Is Anything Like It Appears?

What hat is Flynn wearing?  A white one, a black one or a grey one?

First of all I want to say I have been among all who in the beginning rooted for Flynn and desired to see him free. I have done my Lion’s share of pushing the injustice done to the man. In light of all the new information that has surfaced and in light of nothing is as it appears, along with wanting truth… I am still searching under rocks for who, what, when, where, and why. Especially when the things we do know for certain are the things that have directly happened to us personally, and to those we know personally and what we, as Americans, are all going through right now.

First, this is what we know for sure…why? Because it is happening directly to us and to people we know.

We are watching US citizens lose jobs for not taking experimental jabs. We have watched businesses mandated to close as nonessential and many had to close permanently. We have watched our children forced to wear masks even those with medical conditions, and now many are suffering speech development. We have watched so many terrorizing injustices from our own government on every level that usurps our constitutional rights, now deemed a terrorist for having a constitutional political view. This is not the land of the Free. This is the land of the deep state stolen election and free for all in D.C.!

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J6 was an inside job with a bussed in mob of paid thugs staged to blame innocent Trump supporters.

Inside the House chamber as the Capitol was overrun by an angry mob

The 2020 Election was stolen! President Trump won by a landslide.

A Journey Into the Heart of America's Voting Paranoia- POLITICO

Protestors set fires destroying Municipality buildings in Minneapolis, New York, Seattle and all across America and it was called a peaceful protest and understandable by UN city mayors and Democratic Governors as well as Democrats in congress, the senate, and the fake news. In Photos: Protest and Rage in Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles, & More | Vanity Fair

In Photos: Protest and Rage in Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles, & More |  Vanity Fair

COVID JABS FOR EXPERIMENTAL mRNA gene therapy is forced on the public and people have died and are suffering permanent side affects. The booster agenda is never ending. Transhumanism is the end goal and openly announced by Klaus Schwab and Gates at their World Council Forums and Think Tank lectures.

Why Federal Research Bolsters the Case for Coronavirus Vaccine Mandates -  The New York Times

Truckers protesting the jabs have been arrested, their property confiscated, fined, and bank accounts frozen!

Trucks Towed, Protesters Arrested as Ottawa Slowly Clears | Transport Topics
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So, we are not told anything that is true. We are fed lies and propaganda to control our movements which are directed to obey. Obey or there will be severe punishment. And this is done by our elected officials and the medical establishment, Big Pharma, CDC, and WHO. All nations in the world are being tyrannized to do RESET in LOCKSTEP! RESET is the new name for the One World Order.

So now we are looking at General Flynn, who is leading the way to freedom and not doing much to support the truckers, but doing more to vote out something evil?

So if we are looking at Flynn, who is bad mouthing Russia, Putin bad, and allegedly helping Trump… what are we to make of it all when he is not answering any tough questions?

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In Moscow on Dec. 10, 2015, RT, a Russian TV network, paid retired US Army Lieutenant General Flynn $45,000 to speak at a fancy dinner where Flynn’s tablemate was Putin. So, what color hat is Flynn wearing?  A white one, a black one or a grey one?

So we go back to the Mueller case and the question is….”Did Flynn indirectly help Mueller with Russia, Russia, Russia….?” or is Flynn helping President Trump?

Remember, it was the original lie that fed the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative. And that was a plea bargain with Mueller in return to get Flynn off the hook of FARA violations. i.e. Flynn admitted to misleading statements to the FBI in exchange for Mueller agreeing not to prosecute Flynn for his FARA (lobbying) violations. In November of 2016 Flynn was involved in lobbying efforts on behalf of the Turkish government.  The financial constructs surrounding the payments to Flynn were not real clear, but clear enough to know it had taken place

Mueller used the financial arrangement of how Flynn maneuvered the money (FARA violations- banking and IRS issues) between Turkey and Flynn – as the leverage in the Russian conspiracy investigation. So Flynn would get a pass on his failure to register his foreign lobbying in return for saying what needed said so Mueller could move toward Russia, Russia, Russia.  This gave Flynn a free pass in his failure to register his lobbying under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), and the banking issues (possibly IRS trouble), and in return gave Mueller what he needed to create the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative.

So, how are we to look at this and how it affected the Trump Administration? However we perceive it, President Trump used the mess for good to catch them all and Flynn received mercy by being pardoned… the question remains… whose side is Flynn on?  Why has he aligned himself with Byrne who has a shady past with the “Dirty Secret Squad” who were setting up the coupe against Trump, and what is he really out to do?  Is he out to redeem himself and part of a huge psyop to help Trump? Pray to God that he is, for it gives the appearance that if he set up Trump for a Clinton betrayal, he set up America for the deep state to do its evil deeds. See: Correction: Trump Ethics-Flynn story (

What is the truth?  Will we ever know? We see Flynn has had a lot of hands in things that involve surveillance and things like Pegasus, and other spy operations. But, then again that was his job at one point…and teaching the FBI how to perform psyops was another one of his skill sets. I pray he is on the side of We The People, and in the end he is the hero many have believed him to be. Until that time, we have to watch our own backs and remember in this show… nothing is as it appears but one thing….and that is what we see and know has happened to us directly. So far, it doesn’t look good to keep asking people for money for elections when nothing rigged has been unrigged!

And now all eyes are on Russia and Ukraine. The same place where a million sins of the deep state are buried along with innocent lives! We know for a fact the truth behind the red revolution in Maidan Square and Biden was a part of the coupe to stage it. If we know, Flynn knows. So again….what hat is he wearing?

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom…PRESS, PRESS, PRESS!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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