Are 501c3’s Aiding the Deep State? Nukes are coming?

Nothing is as it appears, we now see Snake Island massacre was a hoax. 82+ surrendered and there was not an “F-U” followed by a KABOOM! Once again Ukraine and fake news lied!

And now the 501c3 Prophetic are Shouting COLD WAR AND NUKES!

If there is any nuke buttons pushed it will be by the hands of the deep state, not Putin. But hey… even the 501c3 prophets are shouting nukes, nukes, nukes.

Some of these 501c3’ers want you to buy wheat from them and store it so when nukes hit, you will live. They don’t let you know that the government we are under is the communist deep state government system. Didn’t the Lord open their eyes to see this? I guess they kept them closed and shut tight. If I had a hill to sit on like Jonah, I would be watching to see when God was going to destroy the prophetic pathetic clubs. The ones with vomit on their tables. Maybe then, they would repent instead of shouting at others to do so, as they continue in their schemes to scare and merchandise while they point to their donate buttons.

Many of these have no idea that their glorious government and their world council of churches are in LOCKSTEP together committing RESET. The same UN world order that is infiltrated throughout the entire world and has always been behind the entire warring of nations, and the boogey man they have selected to blame all of this on now, is Putin. And as always, the left behind narrative is RUSSIA AND ALSO CHINA, but hey, many of them don’t care because their lukewarm arses are going to be raptured and they won’t have to deal with any of it. Oh woe to them. Woe, woe, woe.

The real culprit is the ruler of this world who is Satan and all those who do his bidding. These all wear different hats. Some of their busy bees dressed in sheep gear are called Christians, and they are the worst of all, for they come in the name of God and deceive innocent people. Oh how these do deserve to have their actions spanked.  Trust me, they won’t read you the scriptures where it tells of what God will do to those false shepherds. They are too busy directing your attention to buy their other wares. They aren’t telling you of the power of the Holy Spirit and how to stand…they are selling you survival food, flashlights, and nuclear fear. Speaking of dreams that none can interpret…and swearing by it, as they once again, point to their donate button.

All of this has to play itself out in God’s timing. I pray they pray for discernment to get the deep state concept and the beast of the earth sorted out. I am so sick of hearing these yahoos talk about America needing to repent and asking for money and selling survival food along with prosperity preaching. While making sure their government 501c3’s are up to date.

Can they not see the tyranny beyond their own towns?  The death jabs? The evil in all the land throughout the entire world?  Can they blame that on Russia?  Look at all of us…. In the entire world. Have they said to come out from her my people or are they just wanting to sell their tapes, CD’s, and Survival Food kits? Good grief these are false shepherds and sickening to even listen to anymore. Of which I have watched since my youth. This isn’t new… it is old, very old. The only thing new is their survival packages for sale.

That being said, the hoax is great and the war drums are sounding from the deep state. Russia has merely drawn the red line in the sand and now they have said enough!

Bryan McNally tweeted: This story used an old Russian parade aircraft image there’s also a video.

image 121

They are using old photos, old videos and pushing them off as “BREAKING NEWS”!

They don’t even bother to use good fake photos…their false flag ops are weak.

image 122

Their president is now a joke. Why was he pushed out in front of the cameras? If he dies, it will be by the hands of the deep state to keep him from talking. He knows far too much.

image 123

And then we have the sanctions…Go Brandon punished Putin and gave the Russians sanctions.

So these are among the imports YOU will not be receiving now.

gas station copy

Gee, I thought Russia was just a gas station. Isn’t that what McCain called it?

If I didn’t know better (cough, cough) I would say the Biden sanctions were designed to destroy America, (along with European nations) from within.

image 124

Oops…child trafficking …why aren’t the prophetic dreaming dreams about the children? Why haven’t they seen these?

Glenn Beck is now more Prophetic than all of the rest! He will show you what was, what is, and what they want to come…. he has discerned the real plan on the horizon!

The question is… will they succeed? Read your Bible…there is a lot of pain coming down the pipe … it is all written!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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