Insurrection Outside DNC Headquarters in Washington, DC!

But, hey… it’s mostly peaceful right?

All U.S. House buildings are now locked down after Pro-Palestine rioters tried to storm the offices of the Democratic National Committee headquarters, or so that is what is being reported. We can’t say this looks organized because that would provoke a lot of questions.

Vox Populi on Twitter noted: “While violent protesters illegally assault the DNC headquarters in Washington, not a single report of it from CNN or MSNBC.”

This looks like it’s right out of the “Rules for Radicals” organized riot playbook. It’s “Basic 101 Riots for Dummies”!

 Fox 44 Reported: “U.S. Capitol Police said about 150 people were “illegally and violently protesting” in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington. But protesters blamed police for the violence, saying officers rushed them without warning.”

“It is shameful the way that nonviolent protesters and members of our community were met with violence tonight,” said Dani Noble, who came from Philadelphia for the demonstration. “It is absolutely shameful.”

Noble said police, some of whom were wearing riot gear, started “pulling on folks that are disabled or have have chronic illnesses, pulling people to the ground.”

Oh but it’s shameful the way NONVIOLENT PROTESTERS WERE MET WITH VIOLENCE? Who writes this stuff? Good grief!

image 255

Fox 44 also reported: “Inside the Democratic headquarters, police rushed into the reception and directed lawmakers to the basement, according to Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif. Some were later evacuated in police vehicles.” Read: Police and protesters clash outside Democratic HQ during demonstration over Israel-Hamas war | KWKT – FOX 44 (

Will this be made into a documentary?

So how long will the almost peaceful protests be allowed? Where’s the dems and far left at? Why aren’t they speaking out to condem it?

Is anyone phased by this? Are these groups the same sorts in whatever outfits the organizers tell them to wear?

What are the hallmarks of staged mostly peaceful protests? Do you still believe everything you are told?

This reminds me of something? Let me think here???

Baltimore mostly peaceful riots? Ferguson mostly peaceful riots? Minnesota when they burned down the government building, mostly peacefully? Seattle’s mostly peaceful destruction under Chaz? Or was it when the Democrats were also under attack during Nancy Pelosi’s documentary or was that her daughter’s documentary? Maybe it was Nancy’s documentary filmed by her daughter?

Oh my… look what is finally out in the open. FBI Wray is he lying under oath or just didn’t know? Maybe this was another agency? Or maybe it was aliens?

Meanwhile in Ankarah Turkey…

Changing the subject here….Have you ever experienced anything like this?

Do you remember this?

Central casting 101…. you decide???

image 254

Once you know it, you can’t unknow it!

Meanwhile if you ever need to make a hole in your cup… here’s how it’s done.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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