If You Like Obama, You Can Keep Him.

If you liked Obama you can keep him, just vote for Cruz.  They have a lot in common.
*Both went to Harvard
*Both were constitutional law experts (supposedly)
*Both have yet to prove their eligibility to run for office (14th Amendment issue)
*Both avoid using their real names- Rafael Eduardo Cruz goes by Ted (never Rafael) …   Barack Hussein Obama went by Barry, now Obama (never Hussein).
*Both guard their records (giving out only what they want you to see)
*Both proud of the foreign countries they lived in – Ted, Canada …Obama, Indonesia.
*Both had birth fathers from countries they didn’t grow up in (Ted’s father, Cuba) … (Obama’s father, Kenya)
*Both avoid answering national born questions, they laugh it off or say that’s absurd or a conspiracy.
*Both are supposedly good speech givers (depending on whether you like Shakespeare (Cruz) or teleprompter (Obama).
*Both have two daughters
*Both stutter when caught being deceptive
*Both families worked in oil industry   (Obama’s gramps and Cruz’s father and mother)
*Both have radical religious influences (Cruz, Seven Mountains Dominionism – Obama, Black Theology Church)
*Both are advised by Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg members and Kissinger.
*Both have been noted for saying one thing and doing another.
*Both love America and want to unite her.

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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