If You Ever Get Bored On Twitter… Check Out NSF!

Ya got to hand it to A.I. UNICORN techies, they just keep on plug’in along… and they love to plug into EVERYTHING!

image 79

NSF EPSCoR has announced its 2023 EPSCoR RII Track-1 Awards. Like we should all know what NSF stands for let alone EPSCoR RII? And are these achievement awards or entertainment? Like the Oscars or Grammys?

I swear they talk another language. It’s all code. So when you dig into their articles you find out the awards are grant monies and the NSF is a government operation called the National Science Foundation and EPSCoR RII isn’t a rock group it stands for “Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research” and the RII that was not explained? It must be an inside thing that they all know, so play along like you know what it means too and don’t ask. Smile. I’m sure it’s something simple and you can call me dumb later for not knowing. That’s ok. Dumb away. Smile.

But the awards… wow $20 million dollars to each awardee! The article stated that The U.S. National Science Foundation has awarded six jurisdictions $20 million each through ESPCoR, the Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, a program that aims to build and bolster infrastructure to advance scientific progress and elevate discovery nationwide.  

They say for the United States to remain the global leader in science, engineering and technology, we must energize talent in every region and every state in our nation. This year’s EPSCoR awards will serve individual states and the country as a whole with critical research on wildfire management, climate change resilience, biomanufacturing and advanced biomedical devices, and data science in the service of all disciplines. To sum it up the awardees will pursue ambitious research that addresses the impact of climate change on energy-water systems. Read: Estab­lished Program to Stim­u­late Com­pet­i­tive Research (EPSCoR) | NSF – National Science Foundation

Where I don’t agree with their cloud seeding atmosphere destroying climate change, mind control, nano particle bio and DNA data bank bla, bla, I do admire their mega dollar start up support concept … being a mini UNICORN looks so much easier than being an entrepreneur. Imagine what the business world could be if everyone with an idea got millions of dollars to see if it would work?

What if the world was set up in a manner that anyone with an idea could have a go at making it work? Imagine that one? How would that look?  What if there was a UNICORN investor for someone with a new idea for plumbing?  Carpentry? Pipe fitting? Baking Cakes? How about for mining the Lithium? Where are the funds for that idea? I’m sure the small children in Africa digging out cobalt with their hands have some ideas on how to do that better. Where are their millions?  Heck where are their dollars…they do it now for a few coins?  And how much does a lithium battery sell for? Something just isn’t adding up in this common good for all thingy.

Why does it have to be a tech job?

Can skill trades get some millions for their brick and mortar ideas? Do you have an idea?  Where are the venture capitalists when you have a great idea?

Silicon Valley are you listening? I have an idea!!!! 

It’s hydromatic, ultramatic…. Why it’s Greased lightning!

I have a feeling these ideas are one sided and don’t pass the smell test. It’s more like a shell test and they want only a certain idea. One that can be memorized and coded, and systemized.

It just may be time to dis-CERN their inter-netting of “EVERYTHING”! For the common good that is… it would have to be for the common good.

So as I dug around to find some of their research progress for the common good to save the planet with an open mind… ok, I’ll me honest… I wanted to see what type of things they were doling out millions for in their various research projects. Here are a few of the things I found.

A 3D bioprinted tissue construct

image 80

A 3D bioprinted tissue construct. Researchers have developed a technique in which they add the contrast agent iodixanol to bioink, reducing light-scattering effects tenfold and enabling printing of high cell densities in high resolution.

AI vs Infants – Implications for Humanlike AI

image 82

They state that today’s Artificial Intelligence models are smart but lack the commonsense knowledge humans use to detect what motivates others’ actions. A new study by New York University researchers finds that infants use this commonsense psychology to understand intentions, goals, and preferences, essential for social interactions, allowing infants to think in ways even adults take for granted. Understanding how infants possess this knowledge could help build more powerful A.I. systems capable of performing complex tasks with human cognitive abilities.

And what’s this?  70 Million years ago?  Ya think? Sure…because…wait for it….

Juvenile dromaeosaurids 70 million years ago in Alaska

image 83

Juvenile dromaeosaurids on the Prince Creek Formation in northern Alaska 70 million years ago. A group of predatory dinosaurs closely related to birds, Dromaeosaurids were thought to be migratory, but the discovery of a lower jaw bone of a juvenile dromaeosaurid on the North Slope of Alaska supports a growing theory that some Cretaceous Arctic dinosaurs did not migrate with the seasons but were year-round residents.

They found a tooth to prove it!

Lower jaw bone of juvenile dromaeosaurid

image 84

One tiny tooth erupts from the lower jaw bone of the first juvenile dromaeosaurid fossil found on the North Slope of Alaska. A group of predatory dinosaurs closely related to birds. Dromaeosaurids were thought to be migratory but discovery of this jaw bone supports a growing theory that some Cretaceous Arctic dinosaurs did not migrate with the seasons, but were year round residents.

Let’s just add this to the collection of man walking on the moon, twin towers hit by planes, NASA globe earth photos and Joey Avatar’s most recent photo!

But wait!!!!  Planet Proxima b…. who knew?

Surface of the planet Proxima B orbiting the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri

image 85

An artist’s impression showing the surface of the planet Proxima B orbiting the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our solar system. The double star Alpha Centauri AB appears to the upper right of Proxima itself. Proxima b is slightly more massive than Earth and orbits in the habitable zone around Proxima Centauri. (Date image taken: unknown; date originally posted to NSF Multimedia Gallery: Sept. 21, 2020)

Yikes, I thought the said this was an artist’s impression… and now they say date image taken unknown? You can’t make this stuff up.

I swear it is more fun surfing the National Science Foundation than it is Twitter or any other social media app!  Even better than Rumble!!!  So much to see and learn here…hee, hee, hee.  A.I. Science Research is EYE OPENING!

Okay… I hate to give up my secret SOURCE, but, in all good conscious I must share who told me about this little goldmine of government data… and I won’t even ask you to go fund me so I can keep giving you all this valuable information and tease you about my private source. Here it is… my source: our own member Tammi Kay. And her source is….drum roll please: The National Science Foundation!

They cover so many things from COVID, to fungus, to nano particles and planets like Proxima Centauri… and my favorite 70 million year old jawbone, that looks like a number of other things… but is said to be from a Dromaeosaurid. Tammi was finding other neat stuff she said it was like connecting the dots and pulling together every thing we covered… but… I don’t think I have found her jackpot yet because so far… I have never seen nor told OF ANY OF THIS STUFF. I guess I don’t have 20 million dollar ideas???

I will have to ask for the specific other sites…there are so many. I got lost on the first dig… actually I kept thinking… who writes this stuff? I can make up these kind of stories and I won’t even charge them 20 million. I think I can do it for half that amount.

Searching this I have to agree, once again, with President Trump. he said, these people are very rich but they aren’t that smart.

This is an official website of the United States Government. Who’da thought?

They even have a page for those who may be thinking they might be interested in making a career move? I guess they need help to make their A.I. world go round the sun and to keep humanities feet planted firmly in operation garden plot or is that now changed to SMART cities for open air concentration camps?  They change their A.I. ideas every so often at Davos. Or am I confusing that with USA, Inc.?  It’s all a global group think thing…and build it back better with the RESET and UNICORN thingy, it’s hard to keep track?

Oh to be a youth where your mind has only learned one thing and only seen a little bit of all the historic landmarks leading up to all of this. Memorize, memorize, memorize. That is the key to A.I. tech work.

We’ll pause here and ponder that to this old, old song.

Now back to our regular blog awakening….

Auntie A.I. wants you!

image 87

They have observatories on nearly every continent, even Antarctica!  They are watching black holes, faint ripples in space time, and cosmic explosions from BILLIONS OF YEARS AGO!!!  THAT’S BILLIONS WITH a “B”!

image 88
image 89

What does this Tesla looking observatory remind you of? What else do they do in this thing?

I knew it… I just knew it in my gut! They have a Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory… just like Tesla! But, maybe that’s not exactly what Tesla called it???

image 90

And they have a Green Bank Observatory for searching out Intelligent Alien life???

image 91

And a “IceCube” Neutrino Observatory!

Every scientist needs one of these! Well maybe not every???

image 92

Look they have a National Radio Astronomy Observatory!  And we thought they were just looking at the stars?

image 93

And what is this? They have NOIRLab to study the Far and Near Infrared spectrums!

image 94

But wait…they have an observatory to study cosmic microwave background radiation to learn more about dark energy…. You know the stuff they used to call dark matter until they discovered it was sheer energy just like it said it was in the book of Enoch, when he was shown how God made the earth.

image 95

They are busy at work mind programming the next generation of little astrophysicists and A.I. techs.

image 96

And now look… they have research going on for alien comets!

image 97

‘Alien’ comet ‘Oumuamua’s weird orbit may have surprisingly simple explanation – April 24, 2023

A 2017 comet’s unusual acceleration explained by hydrogen outgassing from ice.

I’ll say they are right… they made it all up, but they say…it was merely outgassing of hydrogen as the comet was warmed up by sunlight. Aren’t you glad they finally figured that out and it wasn’t as they first thought a flying saucer headed our way? Or something like that? Read: ‘Alien’ comet ‘Oumuamua’s weird orbit may have surprisingly simple explanation | NSF – National Science Foundation

So this is just a sample of your tax dollars at work in A.I. Observatories and High Tech labs. All to help you understand the globe they have you spinning on and on and on and on. 

Meanwhile, I am going to dig for the info Tammi was telling me about. I just found all of this interesting because this is what they have and what they are really doing with these observatory labs is far more sinister than what they tell us to believe as true. Where there is some truth, the biggest truth is how much of it is so wrong and keeps people believing things that have been made up by imagination so they won’t know what it is really for or does. Some of it is sheer imagination and misworded to confuse. Such as above where it stated “this is an artist rendering, and at the end it stated there is no exact date on when the image was taken”.

Today, I find it laughable, and very sad at the same time for the reason that so many believe every word of it and students have to memorize a lot of misinformation in order to pass their tests. That is mind washing. There needs to be honest discoveries, questions, and answers. What needs to happen is for the truth of these projects to come out into the light. We live on a fantastic earth and it is so amazing how God put it all together to work in harmony. Is it to much to ask to have scientists explain it all the way it really functions?

It’s like they have turned us all into their illuminati initiates and only those at the highest level get to know the truths? Well, humanity isn’t playing that sick game any more. We are waking up and catching on fast.

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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