How Long Did They Plan?

Whereas the picture(s) floating around being fact checked appear to look like it could be from the Denver Airport as it certainly fits, it is actually a painting titled, ′′ MASKCOMMUNICATION ′′. A work described as “PAINTINGS OF A FLOWER ARTIST” by CJ TRINIDAD. Painted in 2020 for COVID-19 AWARENESS. It is also said to be a painting by Neha Kumari submitted in 1995 Titled Suffering and Fighting against corona virus. By a non professional artist, of which fact checkers say the date was labled wrong and it should read 2020. Frankly I find that rather far fetched as that is a major mistake in 2020 to confuse a date to be 1995 by who ever is entering it???

The arguement is who is the original artist and was it originally submitted to be part of the Denver Airport murals or was it for something else? The major difference(s) between the two pieces are the size and where the artist has placed their signature. Neha has the signature in the top left corner and is 12″x24″. The other artist CJ Trinidad signed their work at the bottom, and is shown below in the picture to be much larger than the 12″ x 24″ image by Neha.

Painting of Children in Masks Isn't a 1994 Airport Mural -
Does a 1994 Denver Airport Mural Show a Masked Global Population? |

The fact the we have two artists with the same picture, identical who both allegedly chose to illustrate masked children is a red flag for a distraction of some sort. It is definitely questionable considering all that is taking place. What did the artist know and what were they trying to tell us? Was this the artist’s idea? Or was the artist commissioned to paint this idea? Or is the entire thing a set up? If a set up…for who? It’s your call to discern what the real deal on this issue is? What are your thoughts? Remember question everything…but don’t dally over obvious distractions…what else is it that we need to be looking at instead?

Where are the fact checkers when it comes to the things planned in the shadows and then put right in our faces? When people asked and raved about the Denver Airport Murals, they were laughed at and called nut cases, bat stuff crazy, tin foil hats and down right lunatics.

Denver Airport Mural | One of the controversial paintings at… | Flickr

Today, after a year and a half of all the nations in the world being locked down, mandated with every crazy idea and thousands killed by the jab, hundreds of thousands disabled and the real numbers of anyone actually suffering from a thing called Covid-19 are no where to be found. Another thing hidden is the real numbers of those suffering side affects from masks, jabs and mandates and all the business and job losses due to another crazy idea of essential and non essential businesses.

Why Denver International Airport is embracing its bizarre conspiracy  theories - NZ Herald

We all watched as 100 to 500 people were herded into big chain stores and drive through windows but smaller businesses were mandated to close along with restaurants and service providers. All of it was part of the Lockstep RESET program designed for the globalists by their think tanks. And we all watched as every comrade in Babylon the Great was following along with their marching orders to do this new world disorder, bribes, extra wallet padding, promises and whatever it took to get the propaganda pushed and the hospitals in line to do the bidding of the puppet masters who owned it all in stocks, locks and barrells.

If Pictures Tell Stories…what are these people telling us?

Denver Airport Conspiracy: Theories, Rumors & Facts - Thrillist

Whatever it is, it doesn’t look Good. If it’s not Good, it’s not of God. That means it’s from someone else and just who can that be?

I Tip My Tinfoil Hat To You | RegenAxe

If you can remember, just prior to COVID-19 we had the cannabalism tour in San Diego and other places. It was in to eat your fellow man if you had to. And before that there was the notorious, masquarade balls where spirit cooking is delicious. But, hey…no one was really eating flesh or drinking blood. It was just all for fun. Can you imagine God saying any of that was good? If you can’t, and if it isn’t in the Bible as something we should all do, then it is not good. It is bad, very bad.


image 54

An easy way to discern things…for those who have a hard time discerning…may I suggest this rule of thumb…..


If anyone believes the ones who plan such nightmarish things are good people, then there is little hope of them living to make it to the other side of this mess.

Check out the open in your face conspiracy from the History Channel. Fact or fiction, real of fake?

Keep pressing into the kingdom…it’s a crazy hard press but keep on pressing!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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