How Do You Gently Unmask A Wolf?

Can it even be done gently? Or is it better to do it abruptly… like ripping off a band aid?

Does anyone remember back in the day, the awareness to “child sexual abuse” that Oprah created? Even blowing the whistle on the Priests?

We loved Oprah. She was a warrior against such terrible and horrible child sex abuse. That was back then and that’s how most all saw it.

There was one particular program that was a tear jerker and had America watching with dropped jaws.

200 brave men appeared on the Oprah Show to confront their dark childhood… where as helpless children, they were molested by adults (often relatives or friends of the family). We discover from these childhood traumas, that often the abuse victims become sexually confused, or homosexual, and develop unstable emotions, problems with intimacy, and sexual dysfunction. In the worst of cases, the victims become abusers as well. Child molestation destroys society and the lives of the abused.

We learned that one in every four men have had some form of sexual violance perpetrated against them in their lifetimes. And that statistic was from the CDC and in AMERICA. The statistics also matched up with an FBI report I had researched back in the day showing both solved and unsolved cases.

The Final Oprah Show…

After 25 seasons as a very successful TV talk show host, Oprah held her final show on May 25th of 2011, which Oprah still remains the highest-rated daytime talk show in American television history. But… her personal ratings today are another matter all together.

On the final show of Oprah, the 200 brave men return for a grand finale on Oprah to once again confront their dark childhood.

In 2009, I was able to volunteer my business and writing skill sets to help a foundation supporting adult survivors and battling child abuse and abduction, I was blessed to have worked with many people, and learn so much on this hideous issue. The foundation had an interactive website and volunteer councelors from a mix of backgrounds to help survivors who needed someone to talk to. There were public and private chat rooms, with a list of categories where people could select from the list, go in to the chat room, and talk about their issues.

The foundation was blessed to have two of the male survivors that were on the Oprah show as volunteer councelors. Those two men were in the very program in the videos above.

It was through this volunteer work that I learned so much about an issue that was taboo for open discussion. And the inner workings of a system that failed most victims.

The problem of sexual abuse and human and child trafficking is not one that only affects children smuggled across the border. It is found in every town across the nation. This is a true epidemic. And one people argue about when it is discussed.

Everyone knows someone who has a story and then again… most stories are never told. There has always been a mind control shame connected to this… and that is how abusers keep it a secret.

There are many reasons people stay in abusive relationships and say nothing about the abuser committing such acts, etc., but that is not what we’re hear to discuss today, we’ll leave that alone. The point of bringing this issue forward is to show how the art of deception and truth work to divide and conquer and control public opinions and the narrative.

We have most all seen the “Me Too” movement that makes a mockery out of the serious issues of those who are raped and molested against their will. We have also seen the way children lie and cause innocent men and women to be arrested. It is all part of mind control by directing narratives to shape movements and public opinions. There are many reasons for this… and situations… but for this article… we are just pointing out that it happens.

Child and human trafficking and pedophilia has been an organized, planned and carefully orchestrated evil that has been carefully monitored by government programs and agencies. In a civilized society with all the legal services in place… there is no reason for this to have ever grown to be on such a large scale that has included clergy, priests, teachers, and government officials all the way up to the White House, participating in sex with children. It is obvious that this has been designed to destroy America from within, along with many other pushes that lead to immoral and depraved behavior accepted as normal. Or just as bad… something we never talk about.

What happened to Oprah?

Another sad part of this subject is when hero advocates seem to show their other side and fall from their hero status. As in the fall of Oprah. The once trusted and loved Oprah who fought for the abused, and talked about taboo topics that people needed to hear to make change… well all that just faded as the clock struck midnight and the beautiful carriage she had awaiting her after her show time ball… turned into a blob of squashed up pumpkin. Today when you mention Oprah people think of human trafficking and sexual abuse. But not because of her show of the 200 men and other shows exposing sex trafficking. It is because of her own involvement in it.

So as she was being exposed… it took a long while for the people to say… ok… she actually did trick us all. And the focus was on… when did she go bad and was she always deceiving us? Or did they do something to her to make her be like that?

I am bringing this out so we can see we are at a milestone of history repeating itself. We are now bringing out the old issues, and these are issues that are ancient… and looking at them. We, the same as in the case of Oprah… are trying to wrap our heads around how our little heroes could possibly do such things? And we are defending, ignoring, bantering back and forth… telling people to shut up because they don’t want to hear it. And so even in a civilized society we are resorting to I have rights and you don’t so SHUT UP.

Who stops to ask the serious questions? The question of what happened to the person we thought we knew? And how dare she…bla, bla, bla. Do we ever stop to think that the abuser is a victim of abuse themselves? And then… how can we help them? Oprah was a big influencer. Susie Nobody is nobody special. So who gets the support and help? In God’s eyes all his children do. Some find God and some never do. They find the wrong people who take them down a darker path. There are many reasons why people go to the left or the right. But God and God only judges the heart and can fix the mess in this world. And that includes the messes in our heads for this life we have experienced all of the good, the bad, the ugly and the monsters.

image 85

Link to video above:

The process of healing is a process that every one of us must travel on our own with God’s hand in our hand. The outer world process of stopping the wicked patterns and the perpetrators who plan the wickedness … this is the thing we must come together to stop. We do that by exposing the truth. God provides everything else needed to do the rest of the process. Pray unceasing that God slay the giants for revenge belongs to Him.

The cold hard truth is… the trafficking of children is an organized, ancient, and modern day evil and an abomination to God. The systems that are infiltrated and corrupt are what must be torn down. Until that happens… we continue to repeat the same patterns over and over again.

My challenge to those who say “SHUT UP” is for you to instead bring facts forth that proves your case. In a court of law you don’t get to tell the opposing attorney or the judge to just SHUT UP. That is not how you prove guilty or innocent and certainly not how you find the motives and what went wrong with who and where.

Some people can’t deal with the issue at all because of their own memories that are triggered and it is too painful. There are many reasons, so as we dismantle this ugly monstrous system, let us be patient with those who just can’t deal with this and or those who say SHUT UP.

What needs to be brought out into the light are the systems. How the systems have buried sound evidence in past trials and planted false evidence and brought false witnesses against innocent people. How false charges have been filed against innocent people and hard evidence thrown aside against clearly guilty parties.

The media is the flame fanners… and many write lies and go off scripts given to them by authorities who are told in many cases, what they are to say. We are at the precipice of the show where truth must be based on facts and corrupt systems must be charged and some – dismantled all together.

As the Bible says… all tables are full of vomit and there is no place clean.

Isaiah 28:8

“For all tables are full of vomit and filthiness, so that there is no place clean.”

Where many go wayward is when they look to man and mammon for their answers. When they see the hypocrisy in those who say they serve the Lord and are misguided in wayward churches. Many are left without direction as they search to see where God is for he wasn’t found by them in the church or churches they attended. Especially survivors, for many of them already have trust issues and triggers that certain words, and critizisms set off. Many drift off into channelers, and seers and look to false spirit guides to give them their answers. The devil shapeshifts into many forms of false spirits and false utopia bound movements ready to welcome the wayward and give them false direction in their time of need.

Where it is true and said that he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone, it is also true and said, to Come out from her my people, that ye receive not of her plagues. We are in the process of coming out of Babylon… and learning the Kingdom that we seek is within us. We shall bring truth forward and in so doing… together with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit we shall be a light for others to see clearly through the darkness. But we must unmask that which is masked and expose all truth!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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