Hillary Tells On Herself -Meanwhile, It Is Not Business As Usual Anymore!

Hillary is busted! Her entire forced legacy and stolen campaign is imploding all around her and she thinks replacing 2,000 Bernie Supporters with stand-in actors from Craig’s list will cover her corruption?  It might have covered it up in the olden days gone past….but not with millennials and the age of social media.
Half dazed Bernie delegates meandered around the convention comforting one another appearing exactly like wounded soldiers experiencing shell shock!  To make it worse the salt was poured into their wounds by Hillary promoting Wasserman to her campaign and demanding Bernie whip his supporters in place to follow Hillary after they all knew how they were screwed by the very same DNC via WikiLeaks emails surfacing!
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Well, that did not go as planned.  It backfired big time.  One Bernie Supporter is in the process of making a documentary on the political revolution Bernie ushered in (which will include the raw guts of the entire fiasco) titled, “The Trouble With Normal” directed by John-Michael Damato . See About The Documentary Here  One thing all the Bernie supporters are in agreement with is this – the movement was never about being a Bernie sheep – it was about banding together as a people’s party with one voice to be heard!  Hillary will never allow that…she will think for the masses and dole out what she believes they deserve.  So, that being said, don’t get on her bad side or…there will be consequences.  Ask all who have spoken out against her, especially women, many were permanently silenced….or so investigative reporting has stated so.
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Meanwhile, Trump gave a one hour press conference and noted that Hillary has not given one in 235 days.  Exposing the fact that Hillary is avoiding the press.  At the same time he sarcastically mentioned that if Russia was the hacker, maybe they will release the 30,000 emails.
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Immediately the Hillary camp came back accusing Trump of actively encouraging a foreign power to conduct espionage against his political opponent.  Calling it a national security issue and Obama now calling WikiLeaks a terrorist organization.  What are they afraid of?  She swore under oath that the 30,000 emails deleted were yoga and wedding related?  So, obviously the usual what difference does it make will not apply here after all.  It appears to make one big SERIOUS DIFFERENCE!  Hillary-PR-Release-Russia-Emails-01-1024x579Something seems to smell rotten here….and Hillary is not the only one sweating …. Obama is nervous too!  If you have not been paying attention to the historic movements within both political parties….wake up and watch HISTORY in the making.

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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