GOP Says No Trump. Why? Whereas Donald Trump Would Derail The New World Order Plans…

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Looking at the list from the Colorado GOP and how they stole all the delegates by force is astounding.  Whereas…Donald Trump would this and that….reading them all makes me see only one thing – WHEREAS DONALD TRUMP WOULD DESTROY THE NEW WORLD ORDER PLANS!
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If you ever had any doubt what this election was all about…now it is perfectly clear. It is about placing a puppet who will allow the establishment elite to sweep ahead with their world order plans.

It is now undeniable YOUR VOTE DOES NOT COUNT IN THE ESTABLISHMENT CONTROLLED ELECTION.  So, now what can be done?  Obviously since there are no rules that can’t be changed as you go along, and to whatever the whims of some might be….isn’t it time that the American people run by the same ground rules?  It is time to know that we the people can have our own rules and adhere to our own ideals and choose our own candidate.  It is time we implement our own.we the people Burn-Constitution-e1452489903417-485x304
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

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