Written by Geoff Ross  
Dear Douglas County Colorado GOP Republicans,
Chairman: Tanne Blackburn,
Vice Chair: Brad Wann
It has come to my attention that you allegedly removed Mr. Larry Wayne Lindsey as a delegate from the Colorado GOP delegate list because he voted for Mr. Trump.
Mr. Lindsey has been a GOP delegate in Douglas County for 15 years and a life long member of the Republican Party and now you allegedly censor and denied him access to the delegate vote and also replaced him because of his vote for Trump.

Now I am not sure what kind of Soviet style Marxist agenda you are running in Douglas County Colorado but I would say by the time my E mail leaves my home in Navarre Florida it will be in the in box of about 500,000 people across this nation after its re forwarded etc..

I used to work for Fox News Radio as a political commentator and I am going to give you the opportunity to tell us why a 15 year GOP delegate was removed from his position, in effect nullifying his vote for Mr. Trump because of his political beliefs.
He tells us that he was replaced by someone that will vote YOUR way.
Now Colorado is divided into 64 counties. Mr. Trump won looks like 37 of these counties (57.8%) and Mr. Cruz won looks like 24 counties (42.2%) . Yet Trump only got 6 delegate votes and Cruz 33.

I excluded Kasich as he was not even negligible in this state. Very interesting.
Do you have a problem with math in the Colorado GOP or are you guys running a Ponzi scheme like Hillary Clinton ? Just asking not accusing.
Perhaps you are using Jeb Bush Common Core math to add up the delegates. Maybe its called voter fraud. Who knows.

But now I will send this E mail out and copy Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and a few other folks and perhaps you would like to discuss it.
I am now headed out to eat breakfast with Mr. Gary O’Neil a world famous veteran and retired Army Ranger and Mr. Ricki DiSantis a former CEO on Wall Street and a World Trade Center Survivor from 9/11. I will bring this up with them also.

Perhaps the Sheriff in Douglas County should take a look into this so I am copying him in the E mail plus the three Republican members of the FEC in Washington DC also.

Copy to:
Director of Pubic Affairs Douglas County Colorado Wendy Mannita Holmes
Douglas County Sheriff
Douglas County County Commissioners
Mr. Trumps Chief Policy Advisor
Bill O’Reilly
Sean Hannity
Brigitte Gabrielle
Governor Rick Scott
FEC Washington DC
Senior Chief Geoff Ross
Surface Warfare Air Warfare
United States Navy retired
Navarre Florida
Former Fox News Radio Political Commentator
Senior Chief Ross USN retired discussing events with Mr. Sean Hannity
‪#‎Trumpalltheway‬!! Go ‪#‎Trump
Read full report here:

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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