Gold Standard Manual?

Is a Black Swan Event coming or are we in it already?

Follow the money… Gold has always been the most sought after form of payment in both ancient and modern cultures. The paper thing was to make it easier to make exchanges… and it was backed by gold and silver, depending on what you were spending. The central banks are the ones that operated on air and had a lot of fun gathering real property in exchange for it.

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In the western world’s recent past, a specific quantity of gold and silver was alloyed into coins and stored in vaults to back the value of paper currency. But it wasn’t a new idea, it goes back to ancient days. Gold coins were the first form of money in Ancient Greece, and following them, paper currencies were backed by gold. The most powerful nations of the modern world maintain large gold reserves. As with all things Mammon, the value of gold was in what it could purchase in this world. But once other forms of creating gold out of thin air were manifested… it became one of those things that no one could buy or sell without the name, the mark or the number of the name… of whatever a governing power said it was worth, and what was legal tender to buy and sell. That never stopped, and it is still going on to this very day.

For some reason, the US Government is investing a lot of money, and lives in Ukraine. Without any visible collateral. Why is that?

And now, Sec. of Defense, Lloyd Austin is making big fat claims with a big fat mouth. Is this the way America works now? Asking for a friend.

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The same is happening in the Middle East. Intel Slava reports:

“The Houthis have warned that if Saudi Arabia and the UAE try to attack Yemen again, they will launch missile and drone strikes on oil pipelines and wells in their territories.

“The Houthis have already done this; they have the necessary means of destruction for this. Saudi Aramco infrastructure was especially hard hit.”

The question is… If people have to have collateral to borrow money … why does the government get to give money away to foreign countries like Ukraine and the dot in the middle east… without collateral? When will foreign nations give free money to the US? How do economies work well when things are turned upside down? Will the EU expect Germany to pay for everything if the US bows out of all of their programs? Will Germany do what they had the US doing?

On another matter it is reported that the EU is also secretly preparing to enter into the gold standard. Why is this such a secret?

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Excerpts from an article by Gainsville Coins titled, “Polish Central Bank Buys Gold According to Secret EU Plan”.

“According to them Poland recently purchased 300 tonnes of gold in recent years to bring its gold to GDP ratio in line with the average in the eurozone. The article states, “For those that don’t know, the idea in the European Union (EU) is that eventually all countries adopt the euro and become part of the eurozone. At the time of writing the EU counts 27 countries, of which 20 form the eurozone. When the remaining 7 countries will introduce the euro is unknown.”

So one thing is true. Nothing is as it appears, and the powers that be sure aren’t telling the mass population of the world what they are really doing. This makes for an anything goes in media reports. Upside down and inside out.

More excerpts: “Within the EU most notably Poland—but also Hungary—has been a large buyer of gold in the past years. Poland and Hungary are not yet included in the eurozone. After my publications “Europe Has Been Preparing a Global Gold Standard Since the 1970s. Part 2” and “Dutch Central Bank Admits It Has Prepared for a New Gold Standard” it’s irrefutable that there are secret agreements between nations in the eurozone to align gold reserves relative to GDP to be prepared for a new gold standard (or gold price targeting system). For Poland to be included in the euro area it has to match its gold to GDP ratio with the eurozone average.

“On one hand, the agreements I’m referring to are secretive because some central banks in the eurozone refuse to be transparent regarding gold reserve alignment on grounds of “professional secrecy” laws (Belgium). On the other hand, some of these central banks have spontaneously stated they determine the size of their bullion holdings based on the gold to GDP ratios of large economies in close proximity (the Netherlands).

“Of concern to our present study is Poland, eligible for eurozone inclusion, that is buying large volumes of gold which reaffirms the existence of the agreements. Not only are European central banks slowly revealing their gold strategy informally, all actions taken substantiate this policy.” Read full article: Polish Central Bank Buys Gold According to Secret EU Plan (

The EU Gold Standard Playbook! Yes, they have one. There’s just no gold in it. Just a standard.

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In February 2021 Lord Agnew, Minister of State at the Cabinet Office and HM Treasury, announced my appointment to lead an objective, independent review of public sector construction frameworks: government/news/launching-the-independent

[1]review-of-construction-frameworks. The Cabinet Office announcement stated that: ‘This review recognises the potential of frameworks as a powerful engine-room for implementing Construction Playbook policies that include strategic planning, integrated teams, continuous improvement and the delivery of better, safer, faster and greener project outcomes.

The Framework Review will lead to recommendations for: ■ the components of a ‘gold standard’ against which new proposed frameworks and framework contracts can be measured ■ standard contract terms that support the new gold standard ■ training packages to enable adoption of the new gold standard This will enable contracting authorities to easily identify those frameworks which meet best practices and embody the policies set out in the playbook. The Construction Playbook was launched on 8 December 2020 containing 14 key policy reforms to enable ‘faster, better, greener’ construction by transforming how we assess, procure and deliver public works projects and programmes.

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Key parts of this playbook from its own Summary excerpts:

This review is designed to help clients and suppliers to measure Gold Standard frameworks against Construction Playbook policies and to ensure that their framework strategy, procurement, contracting and management practices deliver:

■ Better, safer, faster and greener outcomes from projects and programmes of work ■ Net zero carbon and social value targets through agreed joint actions ■ Improved safety through whole life value and optimal use of digital information ■ Industry investment through aggregation, standardisation and optimal use of MMC ■ Improved efficiency and innovation through strategic use of ESI ■ Improved contributions from SMEs, including local and regional businesses ■ Efficiency savings for clients and industry through consistent, transparent documents ■ Savings for clients and industry through collaboration and dispute avoidance.

This review shows how clients and suppliers can create and implement a Gold Standard framework alliance contract which includes:

■ An outcome-based strategic brief that drives economic, social and environmental value with strategic supplier proposals for delivering that brief ■ Multi-party relationships that align objectives, success measures, targets and incentives with commitments to joint work on improving value and reducing risk ■ A timetable of strategic actions to improve integration, value and outcomes, for example using MMC, digital technologies, ESI and Supply Chain Collaboration ■ Transparent costing, call-off, performance measurement and incentives that provide a fair return for suppliers and drive value rather than a race to the bottom ■ Framework management systems that support collaboration and dispute avoidance.

This review illustrates how clients and suppliers can create and implement collaborative Gold Standard action plans under their current frameworks, for example using supplemental framework alliances to convert their improved value objectives into agreed systems and timetables that deliver better, safer, faster, greener projects and programmes of work. With the support of cross- disciplinary training, practical guidance and shared experience, Gold Standard construction frameworks will fulfil their potential as a powerful engine- room for improved value, reduced risks and excellent project outcomes. Professor David Mosey Centre of Construction Law, King’s College London

Read the entire European Union Gold Standard Playbook….Constructing the Gold Standard (

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In the EU London Gold Standard Playbook model, there is little room if any for small businesses, but lots of room for the Marxist grubby little worker. To note this playbook isn’t new, nor made out of panic of nations going on the gold standard, this was released in February of 2021, and so common sense tells us this was written before then. How much before then? I have no idea, but some of their research data has been pulled from other playbooks listing some from 2012. Just curiously pointing out what by now we all know, and that is, this appears to be a very well planned and organized effort to green up the planet and control industry or shall we say, control how the world operates? Complete with lots of little control switches. They are ignoring things like EV fires, and solar panels that can’t be recycled?? But for some reason… they just don’t seem to care. And it looks like they never thought Putin and the BRICS would have so many other nations jumping on their Gold Standard monetary system. As Green Greta says…”How Dare They!”

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It appears the climate changers have a plan to go green with or without gold? All they need is a standard to control the world by. They have been very open about this to the public. They act like nothing is happening against their global ideals, which brings curious minds to ask questions. It appears we are watching sly foxes and wolves trying to outsmart the nations who value sovereignty. This is a most interesting playground.

Before finding their little manual or playbook… I had thought that Putin and the BRICS et al, were beating them at their own gold game. For example Germany wants and needs Russian gas and oil, they shall pay in gold and thereby using up their own gold standard power, should they eventually have to trade on such a gold standard, that doesn’t fare well for them. Since they are the second largest gold reserve in the world at the moment, they are safe to spend some larger amounts… but if they continue with out being on the gold standard themselves… that would create a dwindling of sorts of their Gold supply. But, if all the nations start their own gold standard… the game changes. Surely these ones who want to control everything had thought about this or have they?

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It’s like they never thought they would lose… or still don’t think so or something like that? They have spent lots of time putting their gold standard green new deal manual together. It appears their plan B was the digital dollar and Crypto Currency. More variations of things created out of thin air. Very thin air at that, as we have watched the rise and fall of FTX, and a few big banks like Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse.

However, there are a few things up a few sovereign nations sleeves… it looks like they are not in line to be doled out loans under the same structuring of green hoops they had to jump through to get the petro dollar financing. The carbon controlled gold standard just may not work the way the KM Oligrachs think it will in theory? No one wants the air fiat dollar anymore, no matter what name they decide to call it. And their green junk is now proven to be just that…it is junk. They now have to make new giant holes to bury it all, along with family members and friends who died in their vehicles and homes when the green things caught fire.

I perceive an entire elimination of the appointed checks and balances appointed by the KM Oligarchs who hide in the shadows. This could possibly bring with it a nasty chain of events like the “black swan” many have been warning of. I’m sure it will have many aspects of tribulation with it, but most of all, it appears it may just have the great merchants of the earth weeping and wailing for no one buys their goods anymore. Now, if their little ideals are not manifested, it sure looks more and more like they will no longer have control over who gets to have what and be what.

The question is… where are the London ones who play in the groves? Are they still playing or are we about to see a turn of events that, as they say, “nothing can stop what’s coming!”?

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God. Press, Press, Press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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