Left, right, center left, center right, what direction is the incoming coming from? It’s way out of control and all illegal.  Where is the law of the land?  Has it all gone out the window or is it being held hostage by the lawless ones?  At what point will law and order be enforced for those who follow it?


It appears that the lawless ones are the ones that can do anything illegal and uncivilized that they desire to do, be it hit you, spit on you, lie about you, blaspheme you, throw things at you, hurt you, declare for you to die or be killed by any one who will do it…while those that are civilized and can control their tempers without tantrums are the ones WITH LITTLE OR NO LEGAL RECOURSE.

The outlandish attacks are not only perpetrated by wayward citizens and bold illegals, but many of those who hold powerful seats of office are out in the streets at podiums declaring for our youth and others to go and do the abdominal acts.  Why?  These crazy loons hate President Trump and anyone who supports him. It seems if you support the President of the United States you are a target.  Well everything has its breaking point and this type of crazy outrage against others who love America, want to make her great again, and support the President is boiling over and those under attack have had enough.

All I can say is the punks and celebrity pawns who get paid to do such evil deeds have indeed been weighed and found wanting.  There is about to be a legal backlash that will put all the crazy people where they belong.  And it won’t be in the Congress halls, it will be a dimmer place with some bars on the windows.  Others will be fodder, and some just will crawl back into their basements hoping to go undetected.

Every load has a last straw and the load that has been heaped on good God fearing Americans has reached its’ final pile on!


But don’t expect a civil war, people who know how to think critically don’t make themselves targets for fools and radicals.  Watch and wait for a very well designed strategic plan…like ENFORCING THE LAWS ON THE BOOKS!  It is time and Americans are now demanding it.  Watch and see the surprised looks on the radicals who will be hauled off one by one.  That will be a joy and the day is around the corner.  There will be a few lashes here and there, but the main deal will be mass arrests and deportations where they are due, like MS 13 gangs.  Pelosi can not save herself, let alone the gangs.


Hang in there America, the Trump card is in the deck and about to be played.  Share if you agree it is time to enforce the laws of the land and stop shredding the bill of rights for everyone but the lawless ones.  It’s constitution time!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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