Huge Exposion and Fire at Elephant and Castle Railway Station, London!

London news says the massive explosion was not terror related? Is this the new COVID varient? False flag event to take your mind off of the cabal? Or a real chemical fire that just happened to start in the tube? Didn’t General Flynn warn us of the forthcoming ‘FALSE FLAG’ EVENTS? YES HE DID!

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Should we start counting them? We have the battle ships in the black sea testing the patience of Putin and now the London Railway Explosion. What else is taking place? McAfee suicide, Miami highrise demolition, what else? So much has been taking place that it’s hard to remember recent events versus past events? All of it blends together forming a ball of mayhem designed to bounce all over the place. And it is bouncing!

What the world knows so far is what the cabal wants you to see. All articles will show you a massive fireball. People running from the explosion. Photos of belowing smoke. Before and after photos and film footage of officials baracading the street off. And nothing else. Why is that?

A huge blaze broke out at the station

Above Smoke billows….below fireball explodes. No terror attack…just a fireball out of nothing from out of no where. i.e. some huge explosion happening because of something? And we get to see pictures of a fireball, smoke, and fire fighters with no real explanation of what caused it or what is taking place. We do know they did all the obvious like evacuate surrounding businesses and homes.

We know this was either staged and set off with some inside help (false flag) or a real event that is being covered up. Why?

What they now know:

  • Six people were treated at the scene of the blaze, one of them is understood to have been a police officer, with one being taken to hospital. (Only six? Wait a while there will be more or less???)
  • The blaze is now under control almost four hours after it first started at the car garage in one of the railway arches. (Watch for more… stay distracted. Don’t look at Black Sea drills.)
  • Police urgently evacuated residents and businesses in the area. (Duh???)
  • Officers reportedly confirmed earlier that “dangerous chemicals” were involved in the blaze. (Ya think???)
  • Thick plumes of black smoke could be seen filling the air above central London at around 1.45pm this afternoon. (That’s what happens with an explosion??? Especially with chemicals.)

James Ryan, station commander for Shoreditch, said the fire is now under control. One person is being treated for smoke inhalation and there are no reports of any other injuries.

He said: “We despatched 15 fire engines and around 100 firefighters to the address. There was a significant fire in a car garage in the railway arches, which also involved several cars outside the railway arches and a telephone box. The smoke that was created by that fire also affected the main overground station of Elephant and Castle, which was subsequently closed as a precaution.

We had five people who were in the address at the time, who left before the arrival of London Fire Brigade. They’ve all been assessed, one person is being treated by London Ambulance Service for smoke inhalation, but there are no reports of any other injuries at this time.”

Mission accomplished, and script read. Now the same script will be shouted around the world on all news sites. Vaccine loving people will stay glued to their TV sets all day(s) and wait for more news on the London false flag event. Like the recent update of “”The smoke that was created by that fire also affected the main overground station of Elephant and Castle, which was subsequently closed as a precaution.” (Another duh???)

People were seen running from the huge flames
Officers cordoned off a large area of South London
A hero police officer was seen helping two young children flee the blaze

Which brings us to this curious photo. If it were staged to appear as one thing, and another thing was taking place, what could that one thing be? Why is the officer carrying two children in his arms? Where are the parents. This photo reminded me of another photo, along with several other things…

To Save the Children Why Is the Only President to Declare Human Trafficking  a National Emergency? He's the Only One Who Wants to Put Our Safoiy Firsi  and Allow Our Children Ihe

Back to photo of a hero police officer seen helping two young children flee the blaze. (What the heck does the Pasta and Pizza verbage mean here? No entry? What is this photo really telling us? Is something else taking place?)

UK News - Breaking News And Latest Headlines From The UK | LADbible

“The United Kingdom is the most prominent country of origin for trafficked children – a total of 2,874 reported cases – followed by Vietnam (246 children), Sudan (163 children), Albania (160 children), Romania (138 children) and Eritrea (132 children). Children from Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and Iran also made up significant numbers of those identified. “

Home Office, National Referral Mechanism Statistics: UK, End of Year Summary, 2020 Child trafficking statistics | ECPAT UK

elephant and castle tunnel trouble in the tube

Other odd things about Elephant and Castle

HAUNTED? The Bakerloo line starts and terminates at Elephant and Castle. Many have reported that a young girl boards the train at the station but has never been seen leaving.

The myth around her is so strong that even London Underground Tube drivers have reported seeing her enter the train, but never leave. To make matters worse, the station has been home to other spooky happenings.

Reports of sprinting footsteps on empty platforms, doors being flung open and slammed and creepy tapping noises are also aplenty. The 11 most haunted London Underground stations on the Tube network – MyLondon

See the source image

TICK TOCK…LOOK AT ALL ANGLES, LOOK AT EVERYTHING. And keep your eyes on the Black Sea. Where is Biden today?

RUSSIA has launched a highly-secretive new nuke and tested military jets carrying hypersonic missiles – as NATO nations begin war games in the Black Sea.

The mystery ballistic missile took off from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the vast country’s northwest, the TASS news agency reported earlier this morning.

The new Kedr missile is tipped to replace the Yars (above)

The Russian drills came as it was reported Putin said it will soon put on “alert” various missile systems including Sarmat ICBM, Zircon hypersonic missiles, and S-500 air defense system.

The US will today start exercises alongside more than 30 countries in the Black Sea and southern Ukraine as part of Sea Breeze 2021.

They will last for two weeks and involve around 5,000 military personnel from NATO and other allies, and around 30 ships and 40 aircraft.

The US missile destroyer USS Ross and the US Marine Corps will also take part in the manoeuvres and has been seen at the Ukrainian port of Odessa.

The war games are going ahead despite repeated calls from Russia to cancel them as it believes they a threat to its national security.

putin warns
Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin officials have called for the war games to be scrapped. Putin isn’t playing around with NATO. He’s serious about Mother Russia and protecting Crimea.

Putin’s military last week claimed it had fired warning shots and dropped bombs in the path of a UK warship to chase it out of Black Sea waters off the coast of Crimea.

HMS Defender was accused of making a “deliberate provocation” by the Kremlin as it entered waters deemed to be Russian territory.

The 8,500-tonne ship had been placed on red alert when, according to Putin’s defence ministry, as it crossed Russia’s maritime border near Cape Fiolent.

In the meantime, back in the USA, the show continues and as always they have bloopers that are actually clues to the truth.




By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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