By John Miranda
While the other candidates, the media and pundits laugh at Trump for bringing up China all the time, job loss and corporate inversion even O’Reilly saying with a chuckle that it’s getting a little old, something is happening and they aren’t laughing anymore. China is watching the elections, and perhaps getting a bit nervous.
Regarding China, Trump has repeatedly stated, “They’re devaluing their currency, and they’re killing our companies. We are letting them get away with it, and we can’t let them get away with it.”
Right after Trump’s big win in Nevada, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters in Beijing, “We are following with interest the U.S. presidential election.” She also stated, “The sustained, sound and steady growth of China-U.S. relations serves the fundamental and long-term interests of the two countries and benefits the world. We hope and believe that the U.S. government will pursue a positive policy toward China in a responsible manner.”
They may be getting a bit edgy about a Trump presidency for they know with Trump, the game changes. He has vowed to remove the red tape that creates corporate inversion and bring jobs back to the USA and tax future imports. No other candidate has dared to speak of this.
With Trump the “Made In The USA” label will be common to see for American consumers again.
Trump is also the only candidate talking about the Chinese military buildup on disputed islands in the South China Sea and looking at how Japan may react. During the last debate when asked what he would do about North Korea and their nuclear build up, Trump stated that he would put pressure on China to take care of that problem Especially since we are losing over 500 billion dollars a year on trade.
Now we find that Wang Yi, the Chinese foreign minister, is holding talks in Washington that include U.S. concerns about a Chinese military buildup on disputed islands in the South China Sea, and cooperation on dealing with North Korea’s nuclear and missile build up. It seems Secretary of State, John Kerry will get the tipped hat for another Trump idea.
So far all of Trump’s policies that are now popular with other candidates have first come from Trump’s written campaign policies or his mouth. Now the White House is listening, and the media still criticizes Trump for giving minuet details on his ideas. He knows thieves and liars are everywhere.
Meanwhile, the Chinese are silent upon a Cruz, Rubio, Clinton or Sanders presidency. WHY? Because they know with them, nothing changes. They will be able to continue to screw the USA.
By John Miranda

By Dianne Marshall

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