Beck has totally been around Cruz too long. Or is it that Cruz has been around Beck too long? I’m not sure …but, let me see if I understand this? First of all Beck who preaches the stock piling for the end when the market crashes and especially stock piling lots of Gold, who has millions of his own greedy wealth in the bank, has the nerve to say Trump is wrong in wanting to make America Great Again by reclaiming jobs and dollars that have left to foreign markets – calling that part of the concept of the American dream bad, wrong, and downright distorted? I mean why should America be wealthy again? Why should America not have 20 trillion dollars or so to get out of debt?
cruz-theThen Cruz comes along with his father (the other) Rafael preaching on the 7 mountain tops that the wealth of the world will be given to those who are of the Dominion for that is what God wants, and his son the other Rafael, will be the one to lead society to it! Oh my head hurts.
So Glenn does a show on Trump first mocking that Trump loves the poorly educated. As though he was the establishment that wrote up all those classifications. I recall Trump ridiculing the labels recently  at a rally saying they have so many categories and listed them all, at the end he shouted fat people and skinny people too! Who isn’t sick of all that ridiculous labeling? Trump sure is. He got a good laugh and applause from the crowd when they heard him. But what I heard Trump say  in the very same words that Beck heard, was different. I heard him throw the labels right back in the face of all the establishment elite who have been calling all his supporters poorly educated. What Trump did was shout out “he loved them!” Because he does and the jab was at the establishment elite who love to put them down.
glenn_beckSo, next Glenn is worried because Trump said, “You know, I get greedy. I want money, money. Now, I’m going to — I’ll tell you what we’re going to do, right? We get greedy, right? Now we’re going to get greedy for the United States. We’re going to grab and grab and grab.”   
Oh….Beck is horrified and depressed over what we have become. “The American dream has been distorted over the years, but Donald Trump is completely rewriting the script.” Really Beck? People came to America to make their fortunes, to start businesses, to reap the rewards of their labor. To be free to make a good living and open up their own business.  They did not come here to fail.  Nor to be poor and on the streets.  The goals of the establishment elite are sucking that dream dry.BeckCrying_1f6ab
Beck went on in his somber I’m going to cry mode and sadly said, “What has made this nation great is our generosity, kindness and faith that things will get better. Trump’s vision for the future is all about winning — and with winners there are losers. I’m sorry. I don’t want to be a greedy nation that grabs and grabs and grabs. He cannot make America great again . . . because no man makes America great. What makes America great is we, the people. No, I’m sorry. I go back to de Tocqueville. What makes America great is that America is good. And that is not good.”
First of all Glenn, the poor and needy need the generosity and don’t have much to give out. Even scripture tells us not to be a burden on the church’s charity when you are able to work. A poor nation can’t give unless it borrows money and/or let’s its’ own people suffer without while they give to others, of which that is exactly what America is doing right now. Glenn, that is why we are reaching 20 trillion in debt. I would love to grab those dollars back with Trump and make America great again! I don’t want to follow you to a FEMA camp for the homeless. They have those too Mr. Beck!  Mercy- you make it sound like Trump is asking us all to go rob a bank! goldrush 1639488
Well, in the early days when they opened up Oklahoma and told everyone to go grab the land and put in their stake to claim it….that was the ultimate American dream….their were winners and their were losers then too. Or how about during the California gold rush when everyone who wanted went out west to grab all they could of that golden part of the American dream?
I’ll tell you where the greed and corruption was. It was in the tycoons who weren’t happy with just controlling a railroad, they wanted a monopoly on all of them. Then they wanted the steel mills too, and on and on. Yes, America was built on the backs of the laborers.  Then the tycoons decided they wanted the industrial revolution all to themselves so they went about plotting how to foil the American dreams of other hard working people and drove them out of business. Next they wanted the oil and grabbed all of that up creating another monopoly, and on and on.
Today America is the result of the establishment elite who took over the American dream process and left a carrot dangling on a stick for the people to believe in and grab at. What Trump will do is break that stick and actually return the American dream back to the people!
But, Beck being Beck…put a spin on what Trump said and applied Karl Marx to it. Somehow Beck pretzel twisted Trump and Trump supporters into a fulfillment of Marx predictions of our capitalist nation, turning into one of communism? Why? Glenn woefully explained, “Because in the end, there will be a horrible capitalist that will step up, and the greed and the ugliness of capitalism will be exposed. ” Really Glenn?
Glenn went on to talk about a book written by an economist and philosopher written in 1776 by Adam Smith titled ‘The Wealth of Nations’. He somehow made a connection to support his new theory that Trump and his supporters were some awful souls with no moral sentiment.beck imagesM236CMBR
In another of his “Glenn got hit on the head moments” Beck went on to jabber that America and capitalism have long relied on Adam Smith’s book The Wealth of Nations, but to do that you also need his other book ‘Moral Sentiments’ stating that, “You can’t have wealth of nations, unless you have moral sentiments.” But then added a quote from a book by Alexis de Tocqueville’s classic ‘Democracy in the United States’ – “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”
Lastly Beck tied his wisdom into a low blow as mind twisting as anything Marx ever wrote, stating, “If Americans follow the path Trump has laid out — full of greed and grabbing whatever we can — we will lose our morality and along with it all the rights and privileges associated with being the greatest nation the world has ever seen.” Does Beck even know America is broke, torn from within, and has a corrupt government leading her to a U.N. new world order?
Does Beck even know what is going on in this nation? Does he even know history? Or does he just sit and daydream on how he believes it must have been?

Where do I begin with the enemies of America – the true culprits of greed? Do I start with the East India Company, the bank of England and the Rothschild dynasty? Do I go on to the Tycoons who always ousted the poorly educated and took advantage of those who couldn’t read the fine print? You know, those that only were toldtycoon images what was in a contract before they said it sounded good and marked the document with their X? Or do I just start with the industrial revolution and all the tycoons who made sure they were the ones who controlled everything that could turn into the gold that Beck now promotes for the family’s of the same tycoons. The Rockefellers, the Dupont’s, the Morgan’s, Peabody’s, Vanderbilt’s and Carnegie’s?
One of the things I dislike about Beck is that he uses selective sound –bytes of history to make his own bazaar points and hopes no one knows any better. Shame on you Beck.  The great merchants of the earth today are the descendants of the tycoons of old. They are still grabbing everything.
As I recall, there was one president, none of the tycoons of old wanted to see, that president was Theodore Roosevelt. Why? Because even though he had been born into a tycoons f3d3a895b1077ad7ebe45e3c903fd93bfamily of privilege and power, he was raised to respect hard work and ‘fair play’.  He is the one that began the bust up of the tycoon’s monopolies. And If I do recall, there have been a lot of people saying Trump is the new Teddy Roosevelt. I agree. Maybe that is exactly why the establishment is all fired up against him? See more at:
Trump is truly going to give the poorly educated and all Americans a real chance at the American dream. Of which Trump has stated many times- that dream is different to different people. He has also stated at many rallies that some of the wealthiest people he knows are not happy people. Wealth won’t buy that. Trump is for equal opportunity for all Americans. He’s not promising a rainbow, he is promising to roll up his sleeves and with the help of we the people make America great again!
Dianne Marshall
Please read who the real wealth grabbers were:

By Dianne Marshall

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