Cruz Insults Iowa Voters! Unthinkable!

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It’s official….Cruz has a suicide campaign. So much for all of his high tech spy data that seems to make his staffers believe you can shame a voter like a preacher can shame a congregation….I mean that had to be what the data said? Or was it just a bitter remorse because he and his staff know the writing is on the wall and Cruz has been weighed in the balance and found wanting? The old – up yours to Iowa voters in a polite way? If there is a polite way to say screw you Iowa….Cruz has found it….or was it Beck’s grand idea? Either way it goes like this…..”I’m Ted Cruz and I endorse this message.”
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Political suicide and good riddance is the translation of this new campaign attack of sending out Flunking Voter Report Cards to all the people who failed to Caucus last year and all years past. Can you even imagine what a Ted Cruz administration would look like….can you feel the lashes on your back every time you turn around America? Well, can you?
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Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

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