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Saudi King Salman names son as 1st heir- in exercise of a recent change of protocols announced some time back by King Salman that the throne of Saudi Arabia can only be held by inheritance of the Salman lineage. Saudi Arabia is now a monarchy, and the Prince in line to be King is 32 year-old Deputy Crowned Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

The newly crowned Prince heads the newly formed anti-corruption committee or what the media is calling the “Purge”. Quite simply the committee’s mission is to end the corruption that has grown rampant in receiving bribes, kickbacks, side business perks and deals which were all part of doing business in the world’s richest oil nation. Did I mention the political bribes? Many appointed to key positions in Saudi have amassed astronomical wealth, some have amassed billions of dollars – far beyond their government salaries and most of it stashed away in offshore accounts. Sound familiar? It should….the US political map is full of the same.


In fact there was quite a revolving door between Saudi and the Bush, Clinton, Obama dynasties full of happy faces, side deals and off shore accounts. But, alas, no more. The arrest of Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal the business buddy of the Bush family and 35 million dollar campaign donor to Hillary and of course mega bucks to the Clinton Foundation has sent a strong message to the globalists. In all so far, 11 Saudi Princes have been arrested along with Saudi Prince Alwaleed Billionaire Tech Investor and co owner of Fox News Arrested on Charges of Corruption! Saudi Prince Alwaleed Billionaire Arrested – Hillary 35 million dollar donor

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It looks like King Salman is draining his own swamp. The so-named “purge” is draining very rapidly. The young Saudi Prince has sent a strong signal that the old way of doing business is over and it is time to come into the 21st Century in order to survive as a successful nation.

There has been word that the Crowned Prince is seeking to seize the assets of the off shore accounts of Princes who have been purged. Totals estimated to be as much as $800 Billion dollars (£610bn). It’s not just Princes, there are also ministers and top businessmen being arrested, and some detained in a luxury hotel, who are accused of corruption, their planes grounded and their assets seized.
The Saudi attorney general has announced that “phase one” of the purge is complete. Wonder what phase two will bring? Some speculate more arrests, more cleaning out the old guard and bringing in the new. Sound familiar? Sure sounds a lot like the present administration and its’ task to stop the corruption.

The crown prince knows his 21st Century reform program may meet resistance, but he is forging ahead swiftly and strategically in removing anyone or anything that could get in his way.

It’s been quite a fast paced week and many Saudis are welcoming this purge of the rich and famous, in the hopes that jobs and assistance will find its way to the general population. Saudi Arabia has a young, fast-growing population and it needs to find meaningful jobs for the people and fund projects that will employ them.
The vastness of the ports of Dubai, along with the world’s tallest buildings, coupled with all the shining display of audacious wealth has its’ hungry, internet savvy youth very restless. It appears the Crowned Prince seeks to find a balance for this situation. The coming into the 21st Century has already allowed women to drive, something the clerics have resisted for a long time. It’s not certain how they will react when they allow cinemas and other Western-style forms of entertainment to be introduced as planned.

FILE PHOTO - Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, attends the Future Investment Initiative conference in Riyadh

It’s an understatement to say the old guard in Saudi Arabia are rattled with the elevation of the youngest Crowned Prince in the history of Saudi Arabia at the age of 32. Not to mention that the untested prince to be next in line to the throne has upset the usual line of succession. The new past ruling by King Salman is that the throne’s succession can only be achieved of inheritance of the Salman lineage. This should help stop the clamoring among thousands of royal princes and put a curb on the corruption.
Part of last Saturday’s purge included the removal of Prince Saeed Bin Miteb Bin Abdul Aziz removed from guard as head of the National Guard (Photo below). Prince Miteb was never a credible threat to the crown prince, but the National Guard has been run by former King Abdullah and then his son for 51 years. These sudden removals have taken place abruptly and it is not yet known what backlash, if any, will come from the tribal alliances that were cohesively intact.

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Crowned Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is also driving an economic development program that he intends to wean Saudi Arabia off its dependence on oil revenues.
Deputy Crowned Prince Mohammed Bin Salman runs the all-powerful Royal Court, and he has some useful allies like the United States. After a visit to Washington and President Donald Trump’s trip to Riyadh in May, there is now a close bond between the crown prince and the White House. Wonder what took place in some of the conversations? Interesting how some of the house of Clinton’s royal connections are disconnecting in their own purge???

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As the world awaits to see what Phase two brings, the question is, “How will the world and the well-connected Saudi business community react to the Crowned Prince’s anti-corruption purge? Will international trading increase or decrease? Will the Crown Prince succeed in bringing his nation into the 21st Century or will his leadership be met with collusion? What role will the US play in welcoming the new King?

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