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Do you really want to continue four more years of divisive speech?  Taking a “sell it”  approach in whispering tone is no different from taking a “buy into it” approach through loud, in your face tones like Sharpton. It’s just a different style.

It’s time to get everyone a job and go forward together.  There is no time left for cheap talk with no real results.  If it is always all about you, and applaud me for what I did, and use Al Sharpton statistics to prove points is getting very old and it hasn’t helped lift any out of ghetto dependency.  Can he ever talk about how he will actually create something that will lift someone out or will he just tell stories of himself and how bad society is and how they owe minorities more!

For those who watch him speak to  don’t see this as racial divisiveness, they never will. It’s time to look at all as one and not groups.  Dividing a people into groups and then saying they want to live together is a mixed message and what has created the division Obama has re-created.  “Of course there is racism,” Carson said,  “As long as there are people with small minds and evil forces to emulate them.” He went on to tell them what his mother always said,  “If you go into an auditorium of racist bigoted people, you don’t have a problem, they have a problem. Because you see, they’re all gonna cringe and wonder if you are going to sit next to them.  Whereas you can go sit any where you want. So that’s kinda the way I’ve begun to look at it.”

Well, America how are you looking at it?  I see a lot of subtle stirring up going on and a lot of throw back of the sixties.  Something that was proven to be gone with the rise of Oprah who was supported in white households who drove her to the top.  Something that was not thought of in the work place that I worked in.  Nor thought of in the town I lived in. Nor seen at the many of national industry conventions I attended over those years  across the country(which were a lot).  Believe me I walked into many an auditorium and didn’t worry who I sat next to as long as I had a good seat.   The only prejudice I was aware of in the last 20 years or so (until Obama took office) was that of crime and that came in all color.

The diversity Carson is speaking of is diversity of those of color. Watch the video below.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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