Are There Any Tears For Zelensky Now That His Money Hose Has Been Kinked?

It sure looks like the deep state money laundering facility is in need of a washer repair man. It’s almost like they thought they would live forever in their purpose driven life! What’s happening?

Biden’s deep state water hose is more than kinked, it melted in his greedy, money grabbing hands. I’m sure Uncle Sam’s Bank Man Fried it good! The next question is…”How long will Israel get funded before it’s defunded?”

Border dispute game time is over! Benny Johnson exposes the fraud and Time Magazine’s Remorse or something like that?! This is a must watch!

I’m sure, Time Mag is only telling the truth now because it looks like they have to!

But the man they hate is still on their cover??? Yet, isn’t that how they do it? Act surprised as though they were had? Poor Zelensky, it’s all but over for the “go fund me nobody”… his money laundering is over! Or at least that congress form of it is, just ask FTX- (Uncle) Sam Bankman Fried, he was just sentenced to 110 years in prison! Remember Zelensky used FTX for his money laundering with the politicals, so it looks like that game is now over!

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Wonder how Zelenskly will be dealt with? It sure looks like he’s already sat down with some serious people and had some talks. That you can take to the Bank Man! Check it out: Volodymyr Zelensky’s Struggle to Keep Ukraine in the Fight | TIME

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A FEW DAYS AGO…. Time Magazine put out another story titled: ‘Zelensky Aids Now Believe He’s Delusional’

OCTOBER 31, 2023 by News Wire

The beleaguered Ukrainian president is desperately looking for scapegoats, while making wild statements in public, still after his failed counteroffensive, the magazine reports. His aids are now suggesting that Zelensky has become borderline “messianic,” and is drifting into a very bizarre place.” 

So the very same Time Magazine that annointed the Zelensky Rat as their Person of The Year and called him the “Spirit of Ukraine”… is now wondering where he got his “messianic” big head and how he drifted off into a very bizarre place? How many covers did Time give him? Quite a few. And right out of central casting.

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April 2022

Time stated, “Zelensky remains adamant in his desire to ‘defeat’ Russia on the battlefield, but his “stubbornness” has become borderline “messianic,” one of the president’s advisers said, on condition of anonymity. “He deludes himself. We’re out of options. We’re not winning. But try telling him that.” Read: Time Magazine: ‘Zelensky Aids Now Believe He’s Delusional’ – 21st Century Wire

Between his content writers, and ready made scripts, and in between photo ops for Vogue magazine center spreads and the plywood guns handed out by fake video productions to the citizens of Ukraine in some created content production, read by every fake news reporter from the very same scripts… and they wonder why he’s looking for scapegoats and now …just now, drifting off into a very bizarre place?

Earth to Time Magazine – HE’S ALWAYS BEEN IN THAT BIZARRE PLACE! You and the rest of fake news put him there!

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Meanwhile when Time was on Zelensky’s side, Russia slammed Time Magazine after it named Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky the “Person of the Year.”

Time reported, “Speaking to journalists, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov characterized Time Magazine’s decision to pick Zelensky as “short-sighted” and “Russophobic.” He stated, “Time magazine employs its own criteria, which we can go on with or disagree, and it is their own editorial policy,” the spokesman was quoted as saying by the Russian state news agency TASS. “However, in this case, the magazine’s editorial directives remain within the boundaries of the pan-European mainstream, which is totally short-sighted, anti-Russian and vehemently Russophobic.” Read:Russia Slams Time Magazine As ‘Vehemently Russophobic’ For Choosing Zelensky As ‘Person Of The Year’ | IBTimes

That being said, the Documentary below, by John Pilger, blows the cover off the media lies told about wars.

Governments and Media roles in War Propaganda | THE WAR YOU DON’T SEE | John Pilger Documentary

Reporters are put on the hot seats and try to explain why they report the things they report and how that information machine has worked and how it has been controlled. Who gets rewarded and who gets canned. How that works and why. Deception doesn’t just start and stop with wars… it seems to cover everything to influence what the government wants us to see, feel, think and choose. It’s not new.

Every war has used propaganda to push the narrative deep state wants pushed! Or shall we say, the global beast?

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There’s nothing new under the sun. It’s all rinse and repeat!

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By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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