Queen Nancy Blowout

Queen Pelosi may be able to control her minions in congress, but, she totally underestimated the power & numbers of hair dressers across America who make up a billion dollar industry! Someone should have told Nancy the story of the ants and the grasshoppers. At least she should have known on her own to never,…Continue readingQueen Nancy Blowout


Subpoenas were served up in style to all the Palm Beach County elected officials who are in violation of the constitution and federal law. No one is above the law and Palm Beach County in Florida from the Mayor on down to all the city council members just got served papers showing how that all…Continue readingPALM BEACH COUNTY SUED FOR TREASON – NO TO MASK MANDATES!


Destroy monuments = 10 yrs/jail. Murder people in nursing home = indictments. Destroy city = no money to rebuild. Defund Police = no city funding. Don’t you love our President? I sure do. What prize will Birx and Fauci win? Waiting. I’m sure President Trump is willing to negotiate. The question is…Will those allowing lawlessness…Continue readingTRUMP SAYS NO MONEY FOR LAWLESSNESS….

Biden an A.I. Chipping Gone Awry? Dementia? Or Something Else?

What the heck is wrong with Biden? That’s the question people are asking. The Biden supporters don’t seem to understand why anyone would ever be asking such questions or wondering anything may not be normal in their new normal world they are building. However, that being said, something just ain’t right here. "And so what…Continue readingBiden an A.I. Chipping Gone Awry? Dementia? Or Something Else?

Debunking CNN’s "TRUMP" Debunk

Today, in a lame attempt to once again lead the sheep further astray, CNN’s Chris Cillizza made a scathing analysis that he interpreted or shall I say translated into fake news wordage to sway public opinion or shall I say GASLIGHT those who will allow themselves to be gaslighted. Cillizza pointed out what he felt…Continue readingDebunking CNN’s "TRUMP" Debunk