Queen Nancy Blowout

Queen Pelosi may be able to control her minions in congress, but, she totally underestimated the power & numbers of hair dressers across America who make up a billion dollar industry!

Someone should have told Nancy the story of the ants and the grasshoppers. At least she should have known on her own to never, not ever, swat a hornet in its’ nest especially when it’s been mandated to shut down & muzzle up.

queen nancy blowout

She obviously views her hair dresser as a service person who must cater to her demanding schedule, instead of one of the small business owners who help make up the back bone of America. These collectively represent a 46 billion dollar industry with over a million salons across the nation and together, they know everyone!

Now…EVERYONE knows what QUEEN NANCY did.

Hair salons, spas, barber shops, nail salons, massage and wellness centers all complied with Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx’s fear mongering mandates right along with the rest of America to shut down their businesses for two weeks which has now turned into a six month nightmare. Many states are still shut down, with others opening in phases and restrictions that cut deep into earning a livable income and have no other monies coming in.


They have complied and dealt with extreme sanitation and mask mandates and in some cities like San Francisco, they’re treated like restaurants and must cut hair outside! They’ve had their belly full of the COVID-19 power trips from democrat run power hungry hypocrites and now their voices are silent no more. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

The good thing is the world is watching as Nancy admits that washing your hair with a mask on is just plain stupid. She said in defense, “Which one of you wash your hair with a mask on? That’s ridiculous”. Yet, that is one of the COVID mandates that every one in the salon must now do. Wear a mask when getting your hair washed.

The White House opened its’ press conference on (9-3-2020) addressing the fiasco. Also pointing out state failure to get funds to business owners like the salon Pelosi got her hair done at. Watch the video below.

This Pelosi blunder is not going to disappear quickly. I suspect it is just getting started. Especially when videos of other hairdressers decorating Queen Nancy’s trees with blow dryers and curlers is going viral, and even fake news is blasting her for being so stupid.


President Trump is enjoying this gift that keeps on giving and mocking nervous Nancy at his peaceful protest in Pennsylvania as being over rated. He told the protesters that he can’t believe as speaker of the house she was that dumb to tell the press she fell for a set up. “You never do that”, he laughed. The peaceful protesters loved it. They laughed and booed her.


Meanwhile, salon owner Shelley Luther who was jailed for defying COVID-19 lockdown in Dallas, Texas (who is now running for office) was asked her opinion on what happened and among other things stated,

“My immediate reaction was the hypocrisy of it all. There are a lot of elite politicians that think that it’s okay to do whatever they want and us regular people to do as we’re told. It’s not right.”

Watch the entire interview below.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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