Debunking CNN’s "TRUMP" Debunk

Today, in a lame attempt to once again lead the sheep further astray, CNN’s Chris Cillizza made a scathing analysis that he interpreted or shall I say translated into fake news wordage to sway public opinion or shall I say GASLIGHT those who will allow themselves to be gaslighted.
Gaslighting: A Type Of Psychological Abuse In Which The Abuser Denies The  Victim's Reality
Cillizza pointed out what he felt were reckless words used by President Trump during his interview with Laura Ingraham. I felt the need to debunk his debunk with some facts that are now common knowledge for anyone who cares to google it for themselves.  He starts out with denying Trump got a bump in the polls instead of Biden.
He starts out with…
“President Donald Trump called into Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham’s show on Monday night, searching for friendly ground amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and swing state and national polling that suggests he didn’t get the bounce he wanted — or needed — from last week’s Republican National Convention.”
The Fact is, Biden did not get a bump. He got bumped and new enthusiasm for Trump went through the roof with democrat voters walk away call ins on C-Span. 
He decided to cherry pick different lines out of context so you don’t have to think about what Trump was actually saying to you. Below his idea of reckless lines, and his fake news facts are in italics.
The real facts are in bold print below. Please compare what he is saying with the facts he isn’t telling you.
CNN’s Chris Cillizza, “I went through the full transcript of the interview and picked out the lines you need to see. They’re below.”

  1. “Portland has been burning for many years. For decades, it’s been burning, but now it’s gotten to a point they don’t want to do — I watched the mayor try and get in with these people.”

Portland has, um, NOT been “burning for many years.” The protests — some peaceful, some violent — began just over 90 days ago following the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. And away we go!
Fact: Portland has been burning in the sense of going downhill for many years. Street drugs and homeless problems have been rampant.  Portland’s answer to drug addiction and homelessness was to supply the drugs, needles and ignore homeless people living without shelter making it the new normal. Read fact check here.

  1. “We have a $300 million courthouse, and they wanted to blow up our courthouse or burn it down. Take your choice, blow it up or burn it down, they said.”

I couldn’t find any specific threats to burn down or blow up the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse building that has become the epicenter of protests in Portland. The closest I came was a quote in July from Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec in which she said they were investigating “suspicious devices” outside the building.
Fact: There are many videos on social media showing attempts to set the courthouse on fire, bust down its’ doors, going as far as cementing the entrances and trapping the people inside. These attempts of destruction coupled with shouts of “ blow it up/ tear it down” along with other threats,  have gone viral on social media.

  1. “But no, it’s been going on for many — it’s been going on for many, many years. It’s like you’re in — I won’t name the city, but it’s a city someplace in the world that’s not so good. OK?”

Again, there is no evidence that Portland has been burning for years. (I can’t even believe I have to write that.) As for Trump’s unnamed city? Maybe Baltimore, which he has referred to as a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess” last September? But who knows.
Fact: Portland has had a humanitarian crisis for years. Crime was high due to drugs and gang related issues, their answer was supply the drugs. That didn’t work out so well. It made Portland worse. Dirty needles on the street, desperation and despair to those who needed help.  Baltimore, as CNN suggests compares, is another democrat run city that has ignored the people and allowed crime to destroy it from within. (Personally, I think the funded anarchy resembles the political upheaval we watched take place in Venezuela, but that is my personal opinion as he never said what city.”  Portland Crime Data Here 

  1. “I think it’s a sickness.”

This is Trump’s explanation for why Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown allegedly won’t accept his offer of National Guard troops to quell the protests in the city. What sort of sickness? Oh, he didn’t say.
Fact: The President was being honest that those who allow, participate in and defend such destruction on humanity have been deemed by behavioral experts as having a mental Illness.  Sociopathic behavior is one name that has been given to it and it is deemed a mental disorder.  Drug and alcohol addiction is classified as a disease and can lead to chemical imbalances in the brain that alter ones emotional responses.  Drugs especially can create hallucination, paranoia, and violent behavior.

  1. “Look, he’s a weak person. He’s been weak all his life, but now he’s really weak. He shouldn’t be running for president. He should not be there.”

This is Trump on former Vice President Joe Biden. Being “weak” is simultaneously Trump’s greatest putdown and greatest fear. He is obsessed with appearing strong but, in truth, doesn’t really grasp what strength and toughness actually mean.
Fact: Trump used the word weak to describe  Biden all his life in the sense that he believed him to be a man who  allowed himself to be controlled by others, doing their bidding. Recently, it is obvious Joe is not able to remember things, nor physically able to move about on his own without someone attending to him of where he is and what he is supposed to do next.

  1. “Well, that — it’s a peaceful protest. I mean, they were protesting. They weren’t — you know it’s amazing. They want to protest, and they get criticized.”

Trump is referring to a large group of pro-Trump protesters who caravaned into Portland on Saturday night. According to video footage: “A man riding in the bed of a passing black pickup displaying a blue ‘Oregon for Trump’ flag and an American flag can be seen pointing and firing a paintball gun at the protesters standing on the corner. … And as a green pickup passes, someone riding in its bed can be seen spraying something toward protesters.” (A man affiliated with a far-right group called “Patriot Prayer” was killed in the violence on Saturday night.)
Fact: There is video footage that went viral showing ANTIFA and BLM shouting vulgar language and hurling air borne objects at the Patriots trucks. BLM kicking and banging patriot vehicles with rods trying to rip the American flags from their trucks. Patriot Prayer is a peaceful conservative group, not a far right radical. Meanwhile ANTIFA has been declared a domestic terrorist organization and BLM is now under investigation for the same.

  1. “At some point, I will not be President. Hopefully, that will be in five years from now, but I will not be President. And they’re going to die, they’re all going to die.”

It’s not at all clear from the context who the “they” who are “going to die” when he is no longer in office actually are. I think he is referring to the media, as in, the press will wither and expire when they don’t have him to cover anymore. I think.
FACT: It wasn’t clear who he was referring to but he had just completed speaking of those whose ideology was dark and controlled from the dark shadows. The media is a pawn in the open, however, controlled by those in the dark shadows. Who Trump referred to as wealthy people, but stupid. But, it could be as simple as “we are all going to die one day. Then what? What are they going to achieve in their death for what they have done with their life?”

  1. “I leave early in the morning, I get home late at night.”

Fact: The President was referring to low energy Biden who is in the basement, or somewhere sheltered and away from the public who could never keep up with world and domestic issues or get anything accomplished. *One of the main reasons he calls Biden a Trojan Horse – what you will be getting as president are all the deep state swimming in the swamp, not Biden.

  1. “Joe doesn’t have energy.”

This feels like a good place to remind everyone that Trump ascribes to the battery theory of life. As in, you start life with a full battery and things like, say, exercise, unnecessarily drain that battery — making you more likely to die young. And no, I am not kidding.
Fact: Trump values life and wants every person to have it with liberty, dignity, and freedom. Joe doesn’t have energy is a fact. His movements are of a feeble man. His words are hard for him to gather in order to speak coherently.  He forgets where he is. A recent video went viral showing him asleep, snoring on a microphone while he was waiting to be interviewed – it was televised live.

  1. “That was — first time I ever heard of Black Lives Matter, I said that’s a terrible name. It’s so discriminatory. It’s bad for Black people. It’s bad for everybody.”

This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the BLM movement. The phrase “Black Lives Matter” is not meant to suggest that all lives don’t matter, but rather that historically, White lives have seemed to unfairly matter more — particularly in regard to how the two races are treated by law enforcement — than Black lives.
Fact: Segregating black lives from all other ethnic minorities who have ever suffered from injustice (which would include every race, including Caucasian) made it a racial statement and not a statement for justice for all. It created a big divide among the human race itself, including the black race who many oppose the violence BLM activists proactively endorse and demonstrate.

  1. “If Biden gets in, they will have won. He’s a weak person. He’s controlled like a puppet. So it’s not going to be calm things down. It’s going to be they will have won.”

This is straight up fear-mongering by the President. He is arguing that if Biden wins, the protests, fires and violence that we’ve seen in Portland and Kenosha will be the standard operating procedure in every city — large and small — in America. As in, if you don’t want violet anarchists on your doorstep, you better vote Trump.
Fact: The democratic party and the VP elect have all stated the riots will continue even after the elections. ANTIFA and BLM activists have declared their movement is a revolution declaring death to America, death to President Trump, death to Senators, congress persons and all who support Trump.
Violent anarchists have already vandalized the doorsteps of Democrat Mayors, Governors causing some to declare these people as terrorists. Other Mayors have just used the police they want to defund to block off entrance to the streets of their homes. Fear-mongering? It is a fact, the anarchy is out of control now, and will only get worse when those who support such lawless come to power.

  1. “People that you’ve never heard of, people that are in the dark shadows.”

This is Trump’s response to an Ingraham question about who controls Biden. (Not a loaded question at all, Laura!) Who are these “people that are in the dark shadows,” you ask? Who knows. Trump never explained.
Fact: CNN dared not answer this because they don’t want to go there. Fact is there is a group of wealthy merchants who control the political machines for their own gain. These people are in the shadows and control the wealth at the very tippy top of the pyramid of power.  Follow your toothbrush all the way up the ladder and you will eventually find that the same people who financed your toothbrush finance EVERYTHING! A handful of people in the dark shadows control it all. But, Trump was revealing many of these people’s days are numbered.

  1. “We had somebody get on a plane from a certain city this weekend. And in the plane, it was almost completely loaded with thugs wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms with gear and this and that. They’re on a plane.”

This appears to be Trump channeling a debunked conspiracy theory that bounced around Facebook claiming ANTIFA members were coming to DC to disrupt the Republican National Convention. And yes, just as a reminder, this is the President of the United States pushing this junk.
Fact: It is a known fact that the BLM and ANTIFA groups are financed and sent from city to city with a to do list. They have been seen staying at expensive hotels and dining in expensive restaurants. They travel by land and air. They are equipped with what they need. Mysteriously having stacks of bricks at locations they are to riot at next. BLM food vans have been confiscated filled with objects used for destruction and arson at the protests. Rand Paul also spoke of this very same issue.  It is also a fact that ANTIFA bragged about what they were going to do in DC in social media posts.

  1. “I’ll tell you sometime, but it’s under investigation right now. But they came from a certain city, and this person was coming to the Republican National Convention. And there were like seven people on the plane like this person and then a lot of people were on the plane to do big damage.”

Oh, it’s under investigation? Why haven’t we heard about that prior to right now? Wouldn’t you think that a group of Antifa members coming to DC to “do big damage” during the RNC might be the sort of thing law enforcement would want people to know about?
Fact: ANTIFA and BLM have been under investigation for a long time now. AG Barr announced this at a news pressor.  ANTIFA was officially declared a terrorist group in July 2020. ANTIFA officially declared terrorist organization by Homeland Security
It has been the lawless D.C. Mayor who has ordered D.C. Police to stand down.

  1. “I have to be aggressive because I’m like standing here in a sea of incompetent people, stupid people and violent people. Very violent people.”

This is Trump’s message to women. Not kidding. Ingraham’s question that led to this answer was this: “What do you say to [women] directly about what you’ll do in a second term?”
Fact: Trump was referring to the people who are behind the anarchy in America and how that anarchy is affecting women, children their very families and livelihoods.

  1. “It’s also like — well, where are we? Oh, we are in the White House, I see. See. OK.”

Trump’s answer to almost any question about issues he is having in the 2020 race — or with some specific group of voters like women — amounts to this: I won last time. And I live in the White House now. Both of those things are true! But they have little bearing on whether he win again.
Fact: President Trump was telling the fact that when the fake news reports low numbers, in reality his numbers are very high with women. Anyone who has ever been to a Trump rally knows the sea of women is big, beautiful and includes all colors.

  1. “They were trying to destroy the suburban, beautiful — the American dream, really. They want low-income housing, and with that comes a lot of other problems, including crime. May not be nice to say it, but I’ll say it.”

I was going to say that this is a racial dog-whistle, but it’s not. It’s a flat-out weaponizing of race to suggest that Black people are going to invade the White suburbs if Biden wins.
Fact: Legislators in big cities have been pushing for low income affordable housing in suburbs where residents have had to work hard to achieve and pay high taxes to live there.  It is a fact that setting up attainable housing will lower property values but keep taxes high will jeopardize the safety and property values of those worked hard and saved to live there.

  1. “So you have this beautiful community in the suburbs, including women, right? Women. They want security. I ended where they build low-income housing project right in the middle of your neighborhood.”

Just in case you missed the race message the first time …
Fact: Attainable housing is not like school choice where a parent can send their child to a better school in a district they do not live in, nor does it give rights to a person to live where ever they want even if they have no job and can’t afford it.  Attainable housing is a necessity for low income families and should be available for people in safe environments but to disrupt an established development is not the answer to the problem. Perhaps creating a new suburb that has attainable housing choices is a better answer. This is a subject no one wants to talk about because the truth must represent both sides and it does not support free stuff for people who don’t have stuff. President Trump is not afraid to address this issue representing both sides in order to come to a wise solution for both those who worked hard and invested to live in the suburbs and those who fell through the cracks and need affordable homes. It is not about race, it is about what is right and just for both sides.  Many people of color live in the suburbs.

  1. “Let’s rip down a building and build a new one with no windows.”

This is one of Trump’s favorite talking points about the Green New Deal. It’s also not true. The proposal doesn’t call for tearing down buildings with windows. Instead, it calls for replacing windows with more energy-efficient ones.
Fact: Many of the development plans call for building high rises with small square footage mini efficiency units within walking distances to what you need, have less windows. A unit will be lucky to have one window. California is already building these Agenda 21 units and calling them Smart homes, and other clever names.
It is a fact that many offices in the new smart model for commercial use and businesses will have NO WINDOWS.

  1. “I saved the Historically Black Colleges and Universities.”

Uh …Trump signed the FUTURE Act in January, which ensures millions for STEM learning continues to flow to Historically Black Colleges and Universities. It’s a considerable exaggeration to equate that action with having “saved” HBCUs.
Fact: According to those coming each year to beg for financing for Black Colleges and Universities, Trump did sign into law  guaranteed financing.  Something they never had and always worried about not getting so they could continue operating. 

  1. “I’ve done more than any president in the history of our country except for maybe — and I say maybe — maybe Abraham Lincoln. The reason I say maybe is – I’ll explain that to you later. OK?”

[takes off hat, scratches head confusedly]
Fact: The truth is he has.   

  1. “What the Black community wants in this country is they want police and they want law and order.”

How does Trump know what the Black community wants? He didn’t say.
Fact: President Trump has had leaders of the Black community in the Oval Office to ask them what they want. They want law and order and they want to end black on black crime, and they want to have run down cities such as Baltimore to thrive. Ben Carson has been appointed to help urban development and he is in touch with what the black community needs and wants. Carson Urban Development

  1. “The police are under siege because of things — they can do 10,000 great acts, which is what they do, and one bad apple, or a choker — you know a choker, they choke — shooting the guy in the back many times. Couldn’t you have done something different? Couldn’t you have wrestled him? In the meantime, he might’ve been going for a weapon. And there’s a whole big thing there. But they choke. Just like in a golf tournament, they miss a three-foot…”

In which the President of the United States compared a police officer shooting a man in the back — a la what happened to Jacob Blake in Kenosha — with a golfer missing a three-foot putt. No words.
Fact: Media focuses on black shootings and fails to give all the facts making the criminal look like a saint. White and other races also get arrested and when they resist arrest face the same results. Reach for a weapon and you pay the price. Courts are where the battles are to be fought, not on the streets. Police being shot by criminals resisting arrest is a very good example of why officers take reaching for a weapon as them or me type of threat, is what Trump calls choking.  Relating it to golf was probably said so the media would pay attention to the issue. It worked.

  1. “People choke. And people are bad people. You have both. You have some bad people, and they choke.”

So, according to Trump, cops who shoot someone in the back are either a) “bad people” or b) chokers who can’t perform in critical moments. OK.
Fact: People choke, Trump was clear that the person was scared for their life and over reacted out of fear.  Bad people means just that, bad people. Some make mistakes out of fear of losing their own life and some are bullies on power trips.. . bad people.

  1. “I’ve seen bad decisions of people that it looked bad but probably it was a choke.”

Again just to follow this logic: People who make bad decisions might be bad. But they also might not be bad, but simply chokers.
Fact: President Trump does not jump to conclusions without all the facts. Unlike fake news he investigates the situation fully first.

  1. “So I’m going to give it a very good shot. I’m going to give New York a very good shot, because the same people that voted against me like me now.”

Trump lost New York by 22 points in 2016. A Siena College poll in June had his favorable rating in the state at 33% and his unfavorable rating at 62%. So …
Fact: Why is this statement even on the reckless line list? Obviously, Trump is pointing out that he is rising in likeness in New York and he just may have a chance to turn NY around. Especially since the NY destruction and lawlessness is not being well received at this time.

  1. “[Cuomo] killed 11,000 people with bad decisions on nursing homes. He’s the number one state in the country by far for death. Probably in the whole world for death.”

There’s no question that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) decision to make nursing homes accept patients who were positive for Covid-19 deserves more scrutiny. But it’s deeply irresponsible to use language like Cuomo “killed” 11,000 people. As irresponsible as it would be to suggest that Trump “killed” 183,000-plus Americans due to his questionable decisions in dealing with the nationwide coronavirus pandemic.
Fact: Nursing home deaths in those high numbers are not mere SCRUTINY.  It was direct orders under Cuomo to accept them or forfeit their license to operate a nursing home. He announced it on live TV to the world over and over. He also allowed dead bodies to stay in dumpsters and no funerals. There are more things to this story and CNN is not going to get away with acting like this was not death by  forced mandates which is some degree of homicide.

  1. “[New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio] wanted me to send doctors and nurses to a hospital that was having a lot — I got it. I did so much, and then what happens? He does a Black Lives Matter sign in front of Trump Tower.”

“I got it. I did so much.”
Fact: Chris Cillizza – I don’t think you got it. Trump jumped through all the stupid made up hoops that New York hollered for him to jump through, from respirators to sending nursing help,  a navy hospital ship USS Comfort, and setting up emergency requested hospital in Jacob Javits Convention Center- it was New York that was unprepared. The fact that the respirators, the ship, the extra hospitals that arrived in record time went either unused or barely used raises huge questions.   Trump has been highly disrespected by Mayor Blasio putting the sign of the BLM declared REVOLUTION in front of TWIN TOWERS at a time when people are rioting, burning, looting and demanding to defund the police, harming and killing innocent people is a fact. Are you getting it yet?

  1. “We’ve done a great job in Covid but we don’t get the credit.”

Six million Americans have tested positive for Covid-19. More than 183,000 have died. The US leads the world in both of those categories.
Fact: A little over 9,000 have died from COVID-19  (6% of those who had it). Most of the deaths  were elderly  in nursing homes in Blue run states. The largest death count was Cuomo’s New York. Testing positive does not mean you are sick. Most of the positive tests were false positives. ONLY 6% of all COVID-19 cases died of COVID

  1. “I never had the flu, but I never had a shot. I never had the vaccine. I come the first day — ‘Sir, you have to have a flu shot.’ I said, ‘Why?’ ‘Because you have to have it.’ I say, ‘What’s the percentage?’ And I wasn’t thrilled with the percentage. It’s like 50%, 52%.”

Just the President of the United States suggesting that the flu vaccine is ineffective and unnecessary. Totally normal stuff! Nothing to see here!
Fact: The flu shot does not stop people from getting the flu. It gives them a mild form of the flu and they get sick to build an immunity that may or may not last a season.  Next season they will need another flu shot. Why? They have no cure for a cold and cannot cure a virus. Flu shots are a 50/52 ratio of success and without the flu shot you have a 50/52 ratio of catching the flu. Building the immune system through diet is a better option.

  1. “If you add 35 to the people that have had it and to all the other things, people that have had it where in theory you can’t get it, although they found one person and they are making a big deal. One person got it twice. But if you add it all up, it gives a very good protection.”

This is Trump’s response to Ingraham citing data that suggests roughly one-third of the country says they won’t take the coronavirus vaccine when it becomes available. What is he talking about? Honestly, I have no idea.
Fact: He is stating that it is now known that there was no real pandemic at the level CDC and WHO scientists reported and warned of. The majority of the people know this and do not want to put toxic vaccines in their bodies that will make them sick. They are not going to be lied to, masked up, and shut down any longer.

  1. “It wasn’t the people’s fault that China give us the virus. China gave us the virus, whether it was through incompetence or on purpose.”

There continues to be no actual evidence that China purposely created the coronavirus or unleashed it on the world purposely.
Fact: COVID-19  first began in Wuhan China. Unless the Chinese want to explain the coordination with the virus and the release of their  Huawei 5G and the sudden deaths and outbreak at the same time, even  debuting 5G on the Princess Cruise ship, Italy, Great Britain, and other European nations, they would do best to leave it alone right there. There is also evidence the pandemic has been planned by globalists for a very long time and released during this election year by design. There is evidence it was made in a Chinese Lab in Wuhan and unleashed purposely. Wuhan rolls out 5G then hit with CORONA-19 virus
Perhaps COVID-19 was created to blame the sickness from 5G waves that create flu like symptoms on the people in Wuhan, the province where 5G was rolled out. The same province that contains over 10,000 5G base stations and is now blamed as the center of  the deadly virus. Maybe that is why Wuhan was hit the hardest  and the people were quarantined quickly, and the hospital care workers walked around in hazmat suits?
Maybe that is why the nations who rolled it out got sick first along with those on the cruise ships with 5G, and why the people throughout Europe shouted “NO 5 G” in the midst of a COVID-19 Pandemic! Maybe that is another good reason, among others, why President Trump has outlawed Huawei 5G from USA? Corona Virus Death Toll Revised

  1. “I inherited him, he was here, he was a part of this huge piece of machinery — I didn’t put anybody in charge. He was here. He’s been here for 40 years.”

Donald Trump on Anthony Fauci. What an endorsement!
Fact: Donald Trump is stating the truth that Fauci is part of the Deep State Swamp and he has been there for 40 years. He is deep in the machine and had been doing the work of the new world agenda 21 for years.

  1. “I don’t agree with him that often, but I like him.”

Just to be clear: Fauci is one of the world’s foremost experts in infectious disease. He is also a medical doctor. Trump is, um, neither of those things.
Fact: Trump is making it clear that as a person he likes Fauci. As far as his science goes he does not agree with it.  He sees discrepancies and inaccuracies. So do all who have been watching with eyes wide open and listening. Thank God Trump is not a part of the new world order globalist regime. Thank you for making that well known and clear to America and the world.

  1. “It’s been different for a lot of different reasons, I think primarily because I’ve accomplished so much.”

In which Trump says he is treated differently by lawmakers in Congress because he has just done so many things. This feels like a good place to end.
Fact: It is a good place to end because to go any further would expose the globalist plans to depopulate the earth through a deadly vaccine and contact trace whoever is left  or they can’t buy or sell (survive) without your trans-human A.I. mind control chips. Actually you ended at a good place to begin a new conversation.
Dianne Marshall
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