100 Years of Stargate to Project Looking Glass?

Are they done yet or are they just getting started? With the total Solar Eclipse of 2024 scheduled to hit April 8th, what can we expect?

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Should we get ready for something SCI FI, or just Total Solar Eclipse as usual? With the infinite universe bla, bla, bla that scientists just love to give us to fill their fear canisters. But now we hear CERN is fired up and ready to do something with their activation of their large Hadron Collider to open up a worm hole or something like that. They are on track to go to through their looking glass and beam their super master blaster at the universe as the world goes dark for a few minutes? Or is this being created by some new A.I. government cloud toys? What do you think they are doing?

Are we going to get some serious Lahaina Maui type solar winds?

Are they trying to create a black hole? Or what is the point of them turning on their collider? Something doesn’t feel like this is a good thing. It is all starting to sound man made. Even the eclipse. What do you think? I hope I’m wrong… but this sure does look like an opportunity for them to do some black hole false flag and tell us it was nature? The disturbances could give them free reign to do all sorts of scalar sky shows and blame it on the eclipse. All in all, this will be their first solar eclipse experiment that we know about. My imagination has a lot of ideas of how their script could be written. Does yours?

Are they getting ready to make some fake parallel worlds?

Five days ago, the History Channel posts this. Why do you think they did that?

What on earth could they have written in their global think tank scripts?

Meanwhile 100 Years of Nuclear Medicine… what does that tell you?

For over a Century, scientists have been working on nuclear medicine and the fact that people are both electric and magnetic makes this an interesting subject. It’s all good right?

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Did you know that the history of nuclear medicine goes way back to the 19th Century? It was Henri Becquerel’s discovery of natural radioactivity in 1896 that set the pace for where we are today. Oh, I’m sure if Henri hadn’t discovered it someone else would have. (Cough, Cough!!!) But it was through Henri finding and experimenting with phosphorescence in uranium salts that he discovered these salts emitted rays that could penetrate through solid objects and “fog photographic plates”, similar to X-Rays that were recently discovered by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen. The radioactive emission discovery set the stage for this new field of research.

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About photographic fog… Henri Becquerel discovered that a magnetic field could deflect the radiation that caused the fogging. After this, Marie and Pierre Curie investigated further. They discovered that thorium is also radioactive and discovered two new elements: radium and polonium (named for Marie’s native Poland). It was Marie who coined the term radioactivity.

Gee, and we were thought it was all the theory of Relativity? Where’s Einstein? Better yet, where’s Nikola Tesla? I’m sure one day this information was on his nightstand upon awakening, and he picked it up, and as always it was fully written out and all Tesla had to do was go into his lab and put it together. (Remember Tesla said that’s how he knew things, he would put a pad and pen on his nightstand and the next morning, on the pad of paper there would be a diagram written out for him to do. That’s what he said.)

image 243

Becquerel’s discovery was not immediately linked to medicine. Somehow, many of us were already guessing that one? Especially with Nikola Tesla beaming everything around the same time and having his electro magnetic pulsating frequency invention causing a bit of a rumble or let’s say an earthquake in the streets of New York and having to destroy his machine to stop it!!!

Tesla used the term radiations for more than 40 years and kept him busy in the later part of his life. From different statements and interviews with Tesla, some pieces of information can always be found about what he was discovering and when.

image 247

It was Tesla who mentioned 1897 as the year of discovery of the radiations. When exactly Tesla began to measure the radiations is not precisely known, but people believe it was between the years 1896-1897. What can be said for sure is that Tesla always blamed others for stealing his ideas, and at the same time, Tesla often used other people’s ideas and inventions to further his own work. (Follow the rabbit hole. He was good at taking other peoples ideas and tweaking them. Like he did Edison’s electricity that he takes credit for.) Of which if you want to believe the pad of paper and a pen story, go right ahead.

It appears more to me to be a government project and an endless supply of other peoples diagrams and data for Mr. Genius Tesla to figure out and construct. It just could be that he had lots of help. Perhaps some deep state freemason Jesuit handlers? But, that’s another rabbit hole altogether. Yet it does relate to this one.

image 246

That being said, Tesla’s death was untimely and perhaps he had outlived his usefulness to the projects? There are many who believe he was taken out by a hit man. But the point being made here is this was a big secret project and Tesla had all sorts of ideas that came to his own mind as well as the pad and paper technique.

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Read: Nikola Tesla’s Radiations and the Cosmic Rays | Tesla Universe

However, these discoveries opened a path to understanding atomic structure and radioactivity, which would later be used by Big Medicine for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in medicine. I’m guessing here that it wasn’t researched because it is so “bio friendly”, (for it is not at all), but because they wanted to see everything in the human anatomy?” (And good for bringing back “Zeus’s Thunderbolts” and causing monster storms, earthquakes and blowing up other nations with direct energy beams. As we did with the atomic bomb in Japan.)

image 248

But for lay people and their human lab rats…it’s always about the greater good of all. And of course all the new A.I. jobs it is creating for the medical field and all the A.I. biomedical devices that are monitoring you for your health? Looking through the looking glass and the view there is quite different.

When we understand that the very same research showed how light helps every cell in the body, and how high frequency creates ozone on the skin and is healing, and how the body in balance will heal itself with full spectrum light emitting diodes… well it’s a shame to know the good that could have been achieved during this past century has remained secret. Instead they gave us toxic LED bulbs, blocked out the sun with chem trails and cloud seeding, along with testing their Tesla frequencies on us to see how fast they can incinerate their targets be it a city or a crowd of attendees at a rock concert.

So while people are excited about the coming med beds to heal them, I will wait to see who releases it and want to watch the doctors get in first. I simply don’t trust anything they are telling us at this time. Even though I know the technology is there, I do not trust the ones controlling all the technology. What we continue to get is more and more experiments done with false assurances and whistle blower information about how the tests really affect the body adversely. And of course, all of the other things they can DEW with the prince of the power of the air… for the not so good of all.

image 249
Tesla’s Wardenclyffe tower – it could give free energy to the world or destroy it.

Read about the History of Nuclear Medicine: A Century of Innovation and Impact. You will be surprised how they have been using nuclear radiation testing on all of us since the 19th century.

Meanwhile, listen to the video below of a lost Tesla interview. As always use discernment as we have no way of knowing if this interview really took place or if they want us to believe it did. Also, if you would rather read it… here is a link: The Interview with Nikola Tesla in Immortality Magazine – Senselogic (wordpress.com)

If this interview did take place, the answer to the mystery of Tesla has been answered. Or at least the suspect of his deist beliefs of reasoning shine bright… the other idea is a bit more fallen? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Meanwhile, the EU Has Passed the World’s First Comprehensive AI Law

image 252

From March 13, 2024, (LONDON) — European Union lawmakers gave final approval to the 27-nation bloc’s artificial intelligence law Wednesday, putting the world-leading rules on track to take effect later this year.

Lawmakers in the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Artificial Intelligence Act, five years after regulations were first proposed. The AI Act is expected to act as a global signpost for other governments grappling with how to regulate the fast-developing technology. Read: The E.U. Has Passed the World’s First Comprehensive AI Law | TIME

Other information about the EU A.I. Act:

Although the UK is one of the global trailblazers in AI technology and policy, and a UK AI strategy was published in September 2021, there is currently no legislative framework regulating AI. In the US, one of the global leaders in AI development, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is working on a voluntary AI risk management framework as part of a wider Federal response to the growth in AI products, services and systems.

“However, the European Union that has taken a bold step to create a proposed law on artificial intelligence that would be the first-ever legal framework to govern AI and could potentially be adopted as a future global standard in the same way that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been.

“Building on the European Commission’s February 2020 white paper on AI, the proposed regulatory framework specifically seeks to:

  1. ensure that AI systems placed on the EU market and used are safe and respect existing law and the fundamental rights and EU values;
  2. ensure legal certainty to facilitate investment and innovation in AI;
  3. enhance governance and effective enforcement of existing law on fundamental rights and safety requirements applicable to AI systems; and
  4. facilitate the development of a single market for lawful, safe and trustworthy AI applications and prevent market fragmentation.

“Not only does the proposed law pull together existing EU rules and regulations on AI under a single legislative umbrella, but it also spells out the regulation’s definition of an AI system.  Read the proposed AI Act here: EU Artificial Intelligence Act – Future proof safe AI development for 2023 | Protex AI

The article in the link above will control who can and who cannot sell their A.I. programs in an effort to make sure it is safe for the people. Yes that’s right. Make sure it’s safe? It places limitations and obligations on businesses that supply AI systems into the EU and on businesses that use them, depending on the level of risk identified.  The act will impose regulations, standards and of course oversight.  

Once the EU Artificial Intelligence Act comes into force, businesses that develop or use AI applications that are defined as posing a ‘high-risk’ for safety will have to comply with specific requirements and obligations and there are compliance costs to factor-in as well.  

These are classified according to their intended purpose and meeting existing product safety legislation. They have outlined eight specific areas which also include the management and operation of critical infrastructure. So of course, this sounds like another control switch to govern the market and ensure their own profit margins as always. After all, the financial forecast on this global artificial intelligence UNICORN bot market is projected into the big fat billions.  

image 253

So run along, there’s nothing here to see until they tell you to look.

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