PRESIDENT TRUMP’S words all have a special meaning! Do you have ears that hear?

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From a person on social media, captioned, “Wolf spider?

“And please no ridiculous comments if I wanted to hear something snide I would just text my ex-husband.”

with trump words have meaning

I saw this on a social media site and it made me laugh because it was sooooo spot on for the day. We ask questions in all seriousness and many think we are just plain being ridiculous when in reality we are trying to figure things out.

The Marshall Report has tried to point out the facts based on all things observed and not just one channel of information flowing. For example…the President Trump speaks and fake news takes a sound byte out of context and tells the world he said something with an entirely different meaning than he intended.  They are famous for doing this to him from day one.  So how do you sift through the garbage and find the truth?

Watch the body language. 

Listen to the context of the message. (Was it sarcasm with hidden meanings? Such as  “Fauci has been around for 500 years.”  Did this mean that he was literaly 500 years old? Or that he has been installed for a very long time and he has been getting away with his stuff since he began?  Knowing what other whistle blowers have stated about their experiences and some fired for truth telling, I found he was pointing out the corruption. But, unless someone had the data bank of reference in their brain to connect it…it can go over their heads as simply a snide remark.

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Most have learned that everything President Trump says has a hidden clue within it. (Excluding the obvious good morning, or reading a report.)  We’re talking here about his “nick names, off the wall comments, and innuendos). Q followers have sought for the clues, whereas digital soldiers who have been researching long before the Q already observed and questioned everything. They would grab the clue and ask the interesting question it led to and find interesting events that led to stimulating answers.

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Now this is no different than any research for any one who is speaking.  For example George Herbert Bush’s famous…”thousand points of light”.  Listen to the entire Bush speech and he is ushering in the New World Order. Research the thousand points of light on the United Nations Web Page and it is a very real endeavor. Research where this originated and we find Lucifer and Luciferian and Secret Society roots in the entire project. All connected with a very long paper trail and facts to support the evil plots. Regardless of denial, lies, and fact checkers shouting FALSE.  They need to go fact check the United Nations and tell them their agenda for a thousand points of light, and their yearly “points of light day celebration” is false and quit calling on the world to celebrate it with them yearly.

Are you seeing how the liars work?

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We all knew when President Trump was being funny and when he was being serious.  This tweet showed his sarcasm back at the ridiculousness of the accusation by lame-stream fake news. And it also told another story. Why does Donald Trump want to buy Greenland? | Donald Trump | The Guardian

So when someone asks a question in a sincere manner…most all of us can say… “Please no ridiculous comments if I wanted to hear something snide I would just text my ex-husband;  or wife, or daughter, son, or whoever fits the bill.

Just keep on going, keep on going….we shall be triumphant if we faint not. Keep shouting the truth and the facts. Truth is easy to remember and you never have to wonder what you said last. And because we know in part and learn in part…truth can be like an onion.  The more we peel it back the more layers we discover!

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I don’t know who is worse, fact checkers or those with an “edit” fetish. The bottom line is when you force writing into a standard that an orthodoxy decided was for all to follow, you are censoring creativity and changing the entire intent of the message.  Words have power and personality which are two things the devilish world order cabal hate. They have generated punctuation and word police to keep people from having both.  Their power is handed over politely by a duped public who seem to believe that English is the only proper form of literature…when in reality….it is the proper form of censorship and replication.

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I don’t care how much the literary arts police and their red markers bleed on the truth and facts… for I will not give up freedom of speech because they have a red marker and love to censor your creative thoughts and expression!

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Social media fact checked by the Cabal were well aware of President Trump’s reason and use of social media. It bypassed a fake news who had control of the truth and spread lies and propaganda to fit a narrative that was far from facts and truth. Lies and more lies was their agenda and President Trump was calling them out at every turn.
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Key words give a new message. There is nothing by sloppy chance here – all intelligently thought out.

Did you know the Bible originally had no punctuation, no chapters, no verses? This was added later so people could reference faster.  The sad thing is people pull scriptures out of context with this and force feed false interpretations. All things must be read in context…the same as in real life.  Many have been duped with the same style of taking things out of context Biblically as the fake news uses on its’ victims. It’s all a manner of skewing the truth.   False interpretations are fake news regardless of where they are being cited and sourced.  Therefore, in all things, search the truth out for yourself and let no man interpret for you.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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