Why The Establishment Elite Fear A Trump Presidency, And Why We Need One!


Who Controls The Party? To The Establishment Elite There Really Is No Party. There are only world goals to dominate.

During the Industrial Revolution, the great merchants of the earth were once at war with one another trying to win the title of the “Wealthiest Man in the World!”

That battle to fame was interrupted by a newly awakened congress from a President they had never imagined to emerge, but through the untimely assassination of  their puppet President McKinley (their bought Republican man) they soon faced their worst fear, a new president named – Theodore Roosevelt.

Roosevelt was the man the establishment elite had manipulated to run on their McKinley ticket as Vice President to silence him. (For the Vice Presidency was a lame status and one thought of as merely a witness program protection seat.) They sought to keep Teddy’s ideas quiet, but now here he stood unleashed and ready to implement his ideals for America. ( I can vividly imagine their surprised faces with lower jaws dropped.)


The great merchants of the earth were met with much distress when Roosevelt began the endless trials against the Titans that held the monopolies on industry. He soon ended their strong hold on controlling the markets by ending their monopolies through the Judicial Court System.

But was a victory really won? A closer look into those whose business monopolies justice tried to condemn will reveal how they merely arose as a phoenix from the ashes into the same industry giants they both were and are to this day . To cleverly explain it in a nut shell fashion, they diversified and invested. Using the case of Rockefeller ‘s Standard Oil Company as an example, he sold off as the courts demanded then bought up controlling stock in the newly formed oil companies which in the end allowed him control without the day to day headache of managing. The court’s decision actually helped the man make even more money than he had before.

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Today these very same empires are now ruled by the offspring of the same titans that sought to rule over one another in the days of the Industrial Revolution. These are the elite that make up the establishment that is so fervently pushing the Ayan Rand agenda for a 21st century global governance. And the Pope’s visit is making that quite clear.

So for those of you who think monopolies are illegal and were all ended long ago and the elites are philanthropists whose foundations make charitable contributions to institutions, research and corporations that make the world go round. Think again. Their contributions control all aspects of progress. The progress they are seeking. Be it what is taught in the Universities, what is researched by Big Pharma, what Monsanto will create, to how the weather will be modified. The great merchants of the earth are still at war but now the rules have changed. They not only want to be the wealthiest in the world, they now want to control every aspect of it, including you.

City skylines were built during the great depression for pennies on the dollar for labor, why?  Because titans had it so and men worked to feed their families for whatever they could get. Yes, this is true.  Money is always there, even in the worse of times.  It is just aggregated in a few hands and doled out in coins to hard working men. Why?  Because they can and they do.

Look and see all the smoke and mirrors. The methods of playing the game are the only things that have changed. It is merely more secretive and much more underground. But in a little while it will all be revealed on such a large scale that even the most blinded Kool-aid drinker will see their plan.

And now with the Pope’s announcement and decree for the world to come together as one….to erase their borders, and let go of their old fashion ideas on God, along with their rigid morals and values that are completely out dated for the new world of the 21st century that lies ahead…..it really should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind, that those who were called conspiracy theorists and tinfoil hat nuts were truly the ones who were right all along. (Hasn’t anyone ever wondered why Hollywood (most of it) denounces Christianity but loves the Pope?)

Who knows what this means?  Scary?

In this Western thrust to control the world headed up by the great merchants of the earth, the same ones who buy political and media puppets and tell them what to say and do, there is only one real hope for those who oppose it.  That hope lies in the election of Donald J. Trump as President, a good legislative house cleaning, and the ally of Putin and the BRICS to stand together against the aggression of greedy men who have for far too long sought to control and stifle the destiny of humanity to be anything but enslaved by their master plans.

A man like Trump doesn’t just come along. He is sent to a nation for a time such as this. Will we heed the sound of the Trumpet or surrender to the Popes’ call to give the great merchants of the earth their long sought after dream?

Written By Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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