Where Have They Taken The Homeless?

People are asking if the people were taken to a place where they are being helped or it they have been…. taken to a place where something bad takes place?

The only thing known for certain is they are gone. Why is that?

Today we hear about Cyrex Laboratories LLC, in Phoenix, Arizona. What is going on here?

Where are they taking the homeless people?

Since 2020 we have seen a steady growth in working families now forced onto the streets while illegal border crossers are given assistance and put up in hotels. What is taking place in America? Is this the “gone to hell” President Trump has spoken about? Or is this just the tip of the iceberg?

The disappearance is taking place across the nation. Atlanta homeless encampments are also being shut down and cleared! Where did they go?

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In San Francisco there are planters where the homeless used to be. I am all for giving the homeless housing so they don’t live on the street, but, it would be nice to have some transparency on where they took these unfortunate ones and to show how they were benefited. Instead we have secrecy and human size planters where they once were. Are we supposed to read something into this? One’s imagination can start to get carried away… or perhaps hit the nail on the head? What are your thoughts?

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If South Park is any barometer of future “PLANNED EVENTS”…then we need to look a little closer at this clip that was shared on Twitter by Payton @PewpyBear…

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Only because the transparency of preplanned events seems to be inside a sick, South Park roll out playbook of coincidences, along with other mind control film industry programming or shall we say predestined events?

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Many are hoping that the homeless have been taken to places they will get the care they need. In April 2023, President Trump spoke of plans to help all the categories of homeless and especially the dislocated families.

No one knows where the homeless went, but some are hoping the military has stepped in to help those with drug addictions, and veterans who have been forgotten, along with those who lost everything and have no place to go. While others are shouting “Soylent Green”…. where ever they are, and what ever was done, God is watching all things. Pray for their safety and keep asking where they were taken and by who?

In 2017 Reuters put out part 7 of a series of stories on a “Chop Shop” that was raided and how it was cashing in on the donated dead.

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A business where human bodies were butchered, packaged and sold

Excerpts from Part 7: For a decade, Arizona-based Biological Resource Center persuaded dying Americans to donate their bodies to science. More than 5,000 did. Here’s what happened to thousands of them.

For more than a year, Reuters has examined America’s body trade, a little-known and virtually unregulated industry. These businesses, which call themselves non-transplant tissue banks, are also known as body brokers.

The operations can resemble meat-packing plants. At BRC, body parts from heads to fingernails were harvested and sold. On Saturday mornings, Kazemi taught college students how to dismember cadavers in the company lab. He also starred in a grisly training video, demonstrating how to carve out a man’s spine using a motorized saw.

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‘CHOP SHOP’: Matthew Parker, a former agent for the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, stands in front of the former headquarters of BRC. “It looked like a junkyard chop shop where they are just ripping things apart,” he said of a company-made video that shows a body being dismembered. REUTERS/John Shiffman

“It’s not how you treat human beings … You don’t throw them in a bunch of body bags and then throw them into a freezer like a pile of garbage.”

Matthew Parker, former investigator with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office said:

“I couldn’t sleep at night after seeing that,” said Matthew Parker, another former agent who says he retired with a disability – post-traumatic stress disorder – related to his work on the case. “It looked like a junkyard chop shop where they are just ripping things apart.”

According to former agents, Loftus and Parker, funeral homes could refrigerate but not freeze the body parts, and the mortuaries began to complain that some of the parts were starting to thaw. As a solution, authorities obtained three walk-in industrial freezers and installed them at a military base used by the Arizona National Guard. Then, body bag by body bag, the mortuaries delivered the parts, and Loftus and Parker helped carry them into the freezers.

In an interview, Parker recalled feeling body parts sloshing around inside the bags as he moved them. Some bags leaked blood that stained his pants and shoes. The experience led to his PTSD diagnosis, he said.

“It’s not how you treat human beings, human remains,” Parker testified in a deposition as part of his PTSD claim. “You don’t throw them in a bunch of body bags and then throw them into a freezer like a pile of garbage.”

When they went in to seize the body parts, former agent Loftus stated, “We expected two freezers and a few hundred pounds of body parts, instead, we found 40 freezers with 10 tons of bodies and parts.”

image 309
CARVING TOOL: As part of an instructional video he did for employer BRC, lab technician Sam Kazemi and an assistant used this construction saw to help cut up a corpse. BRC photo via REUTERS

Agents entered in hazmat gear and took biopsies from each body part to preserve as evidence. Records show the agents then placed the 1,755 parts into 142 body bags.

The bags were sent to 10 local funeral homes so the remains could be cremated. But records and interviews show that BRC and others for whom it was storing body parts objected to their destruction. They argued that the parts had a value of more than $1 million.


Gore housed his business in a 9,000-square-foot building once occupied by an insurance agency – a one-story facility near two interstate highways and the Phoenix airport. From 2005 until early 2014, court records show, BRC received about 5,000 human bodies and distributed more than 20,000 body parts.

As Reuters reported last yearBRC also sold body parts to U.S. Army contractors for military experiments. A Pentagon spokeswoman said BRC provided the body parts “under false pretenses,” misleading the Army that consent had been secured for donors  to be used in destructive tests.

Among the parts BRC sold for the Army experiments were the heads and spines of Conrad Patrick and Leon Small, a 71-year-old retiree who had once managed a furniture factory.

On the consent forms Patrick and Small signed, each man checked a box stating that he did not wish to be used in military or destructive tests, records show.

(Audio) In this BRC recording, a company representative gets widow Dona Patrick to amend her husband’s donor agreement so his body can be used in military blast tests.

But just days after Patrick and Small died, a BRC employee called their widows and persuaded them to amend the forms so their husbands could be used by the military, according to recordings of the calls reviewed by Reuters. The widows said the calls came during a traumatic time.

“I didn’t understand what they were talking about,” Dona Patrick said. “But I said ‘OK.’”

Bodies or parts from at least 20 BRC donors were used without their consent in Army experiments, Reuters found. Parts from Small and Patrick, however, were not. The military halted testing when it learned of the raid at BRC.

The shoulders of both men were sent to a for-profit surgical training company in Nevada.

The widows, Karen Small and Dona Patrick, are among two dozen next of kin who said they were surprised to learn that BRC profited from a relative’s donated body.

“They prey on people that have no money, that are poor, that have no insurance – like us,” said Dona Patrick, whose husband donated his body to BRC

Karen Small said, “It’s a horrible thing, Sick.”

Family members of some donors said BRC employees led them to believe body donation was regulated by federal and state authorities, and that selling body parts is illegal. Based on those pitches, the relatives said they believed the remains wouldn’t be sold. In truth, there are virtually no regulations on the body trade. Read full article: Inside a business where human bodies were butchered, packaged and sold (reuters.com)

Which bring us to… a bit of history on human dissection…

Whereas it is shocking to hear that these things take place, it is not new. It has just always been kept secret, and or told to the public that it is for the good of all humanity, science and medicine. When looking at it in reality, the operations look more like legalized grave robbing bypassing midnight digs in secret. How so? By simply getting the poor and distrought to sign the deceased body over while it’s hot to an organization that Dr. Frankenstein would have lusted to own.

We are truly in a Beast Kingdom where nothing is good or clean. Now that we know at least a piece of this thing… imagine if you will how God knows everything. If we, being sinners are appalled… imagine how our Father in Heaven who sees everything feels about it.

The question yet remains… where did they send the homeless? In digging into this subject, just a little bit… it raised a second question… where do they take the homeless who die?



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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