The Las Vegas Massacre has got inquiring minds sleuthing and discovering that the reports from the main stream media and law officials are conflicting with real hard evidence.  More and more raw video footage is turning up and we are able to see things that took place that we have not been told.  Social media is finding these type of videos and they are going viral. One example of great raw footage below shows a shooter on the concert  grounds, in the middle of all the people, firing directly into the crowd shooting people like he is in a war zone.

Things are being exposed that actually happened and were never a part of any official news media reporting.  This all has curious minds wondering.  I took a step back and thought back of all the facts of our great President Trump and his experiences with the same ones that are now funding thug groups to kill deplorable, God loving, Trump supporters.  The Soros et. al. progressive money suppliers of organized protesting groups who pay their recruited thugs to kill, steal and destroy for $25 bucks or less an hour. (And then blame the destruction on Bernie or Trump).  We all know it’s taking place.  Which brings us to the next question…”Why aren’t the government law enforcement agencies doing anything to stop this?”


Let’s look at this like a game of  “connect the dots”.

Since President Trump won the office unto this day, the “Only Hillary” lefties and globalists who make up the ‘Never Trump” groups have been at war with all who voted our great President into office.  We have all become the enemy of their mental state.

The entire modus operandi of these miserable losers is the shared goal to unseat the elected President who won the majority vote and has the support of the majority of the American people.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhttps___arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-jerseyeveningpost-mna.s3.amazonaws.com_public_F5KZTTT  The globalist progressive left has infiltrated all arms of government during past administrations for the past generation and more. They successfully infiltrated arms of the law like the F.B.I. who has been heeding the commands of their masters by investigating “RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA”.  The head of the FBI was fired and in his place was put another globalist progressive puppet.  Placed by the incompetent referrals made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions who recused himself from taking any administrative action, which enlarged the problem in the first place.

Today the mess continues to be RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA with infiltrated power heads in charge. And a plethora of other unfortunate events, from wild fires, monster hurricanes, along with paid celebrity puppets who encourage national hatred for the United States of America and every nationalist who supports their country from the NFL knee jobs, Celebrity endorsements  to kill innocent people, and the ever present race bait card all at the same time. Not to mention Rocket Boy.

U.S. President Trump leads moment of silence in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting at the White House in Washington

With this scenario in place, and knowing the President was about to fire and replace a few more heads, the time was ripe for the oligarchy to pull a bloody false flag event and create havoc and chaos.  The event had to be huge and create division and concern across the land.  So…what does the President do now?  Does he fire the infiltrated head of the FBI and put a qualified, loyalty proven American in charge in mid stream? Is there even time for this?  Or does he allow the corrupt head of the FBI to continue to investigate this Las Vegas Massacre and create the false reports that serve the agenda masters behind this?

How will President Trump overcome the hand he has been dealt? Will he, as Commander in Chief, meet with his advisors and declare this blood bath as a terrorist attack?  Will he take charge of this directly with his key Pentagon advisors (the un-infiltrated ones)  and order his military to take charge?  After all, both ISIS and ANTIFA have claimed ownership of his evil act.  What will President Trump do to gain control of this SWAMP issue?


Meanwhile, there is a lot of saber rattling contributed to  ANTIFA  (organized terrorist group) declaring they are going to attack with intent to kill so called republican fascists who support the “Trump/Pence Regime” on November 4, 2017.  Is anyone in government agencies taking this seriously?  Is the general population or the demographics described to be attacked?


I thought this was the type of chatter we were all supposed to report to Homeland Security?  Has anyone done that?  If they have, what is Homeland Security doing to prevent this?

There is one source that holds more power than all the nations on earth and all of their armies, and every evil doer alive.  That source is God Almighty above.  Pray for our President Donald J. Trump, and all his administration and pray for the God fearing men, women and children of this great nation.  Remember all it takes is a remnant to be victorious.  Be a part of that remnant.  May the Lord’s army of angels protect you in this time of peril.





By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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