FEAR based anything usually has a bad result unless you are using it as a natural instinct to flee from danger. The fight or flight response is given to create awareness into action. Prolonged fear is the opposite affect, it cause poor decisions, poor health, and self destruction.

So now we have those who hoarded gas based on fake news reports and just as we knew there would be some casualties of destruction from the hoarding flamable products, and transporting such in a dangerous way…sure enough there were fires.

The person who posted this photo at the scene of the crime said, “What could go wrong? Lots. But, by the grace of god, no one died. (Wed.) According to a spokesperson for Citrus County Fire Rescue, the driver of the Hummer had just filled up Four 5-Gallon” containers filled with “gasoline”at the Texaco ⛽️ Food Mart near the scene, and he survived with minor injuries. I hope these people hogging up this Gasoline put these containers somewhere safely away from people so no one gets seriously hurt, or worse.”

Other news reported by civilians…shows the thinking of those who inflict shortages on the rest of us because they are being selfish and led by FEAR FAKE NEWS.

Many people are posting common sense memes that I’m sure those who are hoarding do not find humorous.

Yet, this type of dangerous transport of flamable gas seems to be logical and needed to those basing their decisions on fear from fake news.

Who knew it would be so easy to lead people to their own self destruction and enslavement? I guess the algorithm thing does compute.

A driver carrying fuel canisters in her car flipped over, setting herself and the car on fire – another hoarding accident since the Colonial Pipeline was taken out!

  • A woman who was carrying hoarded fuel set herself and her car on fire Friday, police say.
  • She lost control of the vehicle after police gave chase and was rushed to hospital.
  • There has been another similar case since the Colonial Pipeline was hacked, causing shortages.
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A South Carolina woman who was carrying hoarded gas canisters in her car flipped over in a police chase, engulfing the car – and herself – in flames Friday, according to police.

Pickens County Sheriff’s Office reported in a Facebook post that they had set out in pursuit of Jessica Gale Patterson’s 2007 Pontiac G6 after they identified the plate as being from a stolen car.

Patterson sped up in an attempt to get away, but lost control of the car and flipped over, causing the car to burst into flames, police said. The 28-year-old then ran out of the car, on fire herself.

A local person posted the following video to Facebook, which appears to show the scene: See full story and video here:A driver carrying fuel canisters in her car flipped over, setting herself and the car on fire – another hoarding accident since the Colonial Pipeline was taken out (msn.com)



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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