Wake Up They Said, Take The Red Pill They Said…

Good grief…open the capsule to the big UN pill – shake it out and see what’s inside it.

There are many, many, many little red pills to swallow if you are ever going to wake up… who knew there were so many? But, the good news is… we are waking up and we are winning!

When we shake it out… we find Japan is done they have said, Enough is Enough!

Dr. Fukushima is highly qualified and he is angry at the liars who have caused this COVID SCAM on Japan and on the entire world!

image 126

Well, now we know Japan is not on board. The U.N. lost that nation due to the Japanese having the integrity to put Truth first and a moral value of life for its people!

So, it appears the U.N. goal is to create more disabilities through jabs and then turn around and claim that you want to help those with disabilities? I’m sure with A.I. transhumanism technologies.

Then there are those he shes, and she hes who will beg for a chip so they can be robotic rather than live with pronoun remorse. Wasn’t that part of all the transgender push at our youth? Just asking because it seems to fit in right about now… nothing else made sense. What say you?

I doubt they will be successful with their con job to usher in phase 2. Not at this hour. The time for that was a small window and that window has shut down tight!

image 125

 Then there is the red pill that is needing more volunteers. After all, most youth are getting sick, and many are dying with their boosters and some have just lost their immune systems. But, let’s have solidarity and change the world… yep… change the world and treat the young people equal because that’s the target audience that is easiest mind controlled to get on board at this point. But, they better hurry up because that target market is waking up and deciding they want to live more than they want to spend their lives in a wheel chair or six foot under and some are committing suicide because they decided they were a he and not a she after all. And vice versa.

Enter PulseSatellite….

PulseSatellite is a tool to analyze satellite imagery assisted by neural networks that seeks to incorporate humans-in-the-loop at different stages in the model inference process to enable optimal results and expert validation.

image 127

Their plan is to open PulseSatellite up to as many UN agencies and offices as possible, and ultimately, if they are able to build a reliable toolkit, they hope to open-source some of its functionalities. 

Read: Check out our PulseSatellite microsite.

They explain it this way….

Phase 1

We opened up the beta version of the tool to UN agencies and the interest we received was overwhelming.  We’re currently evaluating submissions of UN partners whose projects we hope will yield interesting results and good lessons learned. Read: PulseSatellite: Human-AI Interaction for Satellite Analysis (unglobalpulse.org)

What do we say?

“We wanted to build a web-based tool that is tailored to the needs of UN agencies and that is easy to use. The collaborative nature of the system is what hopefully makes it invaluable, both because it allows teams across time zones and geographies to work on the same project, and because it encourages teams to upload and use their own models, as well as share them with others.”

Tomaz Logar, data engineer, UN Global Pulse and lead of the project

What does our partner say?

“PulseSatellite is an exciting example of a system combining AI and human experience to greatly improve the use of satellite imagery in the UN system. By employing artificial intelligence and a great and intuitive interface, the power of satellite imagery is much more accessible to UN colleagues.”

Lars Bromley, geospatial specialist, UNOSAT

We wish to thank our donors, the Government of The Netherlands and the Government of Sweden, for their continued support in the development of this tool. Read: PulseSatellite: A collaboration tool using human-AI interaction to analyse satellite imagery • UN Global Pulse

Sample: Refugee camp detection model. automatically identifying and counting structures in refugee settlements:

image 128
UN Global Pulse and UNOSAT have collaborated on the project since 2017 to support the work of UNOSAT.

Now isn’t that helpful for the UN program workers?

I was just telling a friend that I had new conspiracy theories as my old ones are now everyday facts. And boom… these new ones are already known and being used and expanded upon. I need to dig a bit deeper.

image 129

Check out the program and its funders. Read: UN Open GIS

image 130

Everyone that told you to get out and vote this out… take a deep breath and then laugh in their face. Or simply ignore them. Voting has its place and that is to elect the servant you want to represent you. But the first problem with that is … you have to find someone who understands they are a hired servant and you are the employer. If you can’t establish that first, there is nothing that will follow. You are a hampster on a wheel.

There are not too many Trump type candidates out there, but there are some that are similar… the qualifications for holding office are not the same as what most tend to believe they are or were. But, all of this will change soon. I have a feeling there will be a major upheaval in this overhaul process.

They are losing their disinformation war.

image 136

They are losing funding as well. Their labor force is dying in the sports arena and on the streets. They have cut off their own feet. People are leaving them in droves and the pedo fashion industry has turned many a youth very sour. They didn’t agree to endorse child rape, adrenochrome, human trafficking and child sacrifice. Someone forgot to tell them the agenda 21 was wicked. Guess many have and will continue to learn the hard way.

These guys actually believe their own rhetoric… or are they just good actors?

Whatever it is… they need called out and their sources need to be fact checked and challenged. This could be a result of reading their own disinformation.

Regarding the Video above: Did the gal from Ukraine just say that without the support of the American tax payer because of the war that started in 2015 and went full Russian in 2022 that Ukraine would not have their medicine? And they are concerned with the health and well being of the people there?

And after the war they will build a free and democratic state which can defeat pandemics and discrimination? And all with the U.S. and other nations tax payers monies. Has she seen past the green screens? Oh my head hurts.

Oh… wait… and now that the Ukraine war effort has proven to be a lost cause, she/they want to use the Ukraine war dollars (as though there are such funds??) and use those generous tax payer funds (that will continue to flow into Ukraine – like that’s gonna happen) in their big pharma studies instead. (Didn’t Putin just destroy all those big pharma biolabs?) Good grief… expose these yahoos!

Meanwhile I hope she gets the memo from her president….

image 131

The UN groups are very much disinformation which harms the public through their propaganda and lies. So while in the video above, they are searching for why the increase in HIV and blaming it on whatever lame excuse they are concocting, the truth is that early on the COVID jab was proven to cause HIV in those who took it (because some formula’s were said to contain the patented auto immune disorder (aids) virus in the vax). And the vax causes the bodies immune response system to deplete itself, which in turn causes HIV (aids). Big pharma lied about the vax. They make you sick then act like it is your fault that the disease has spread through some sort of public ignorance, while at the same time they censor the truth that reveals their poisonous lies.

image 132

But then again, there is nothing new under the sun. Trump already told us years ago that Twitter was shadow banning the users. One sided banning!!!

image 135

Just a reminder of who is behind the WHO is also behind this stuff…


How are they going to fix this truth? Fact is they can’t and they are all busted for being part of a coup. A treasonous coup and election fraud!

This includes 51 intelligence people and a list of social media fact checkers along with the UN, Google, and social media Technology and Information Operations! Even with all the tenacles of the monstrous octopus of liars at work doing their diligence to censor the truth, these have failed miserably which proves that what the Lord said is sure and that is that “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!”

JOHN 8:32: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

JOHN 16:13: “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.”

Dan Scanvino truthed this and it has some fun and eye opening tweets! And the truth behind some of the online surveys that have been taken. It is so bad it is funny.

We were never supposed to know about the Twitter Files nor the how things worked behind the curtain! Well now we know!

image 133

Disinformation was set up to allow liars to lie to your face without any questions asked and no consequences. They did their job with cocky pride and smart alec attitudes. They had a lot of fun being hateful and mean and stealing peoples first amendment rights, and ruining platforms. Well that didn’t work out the way they were told it would now did it?

Oh and then there is the inexperienced youth that think high tech has all the answers and algorithms are actually superior to the mind processes. I always thought they believed that lie because they were already mind hacked into believing the IT tech world was superior and people over 30 were old and outdated. It was a “Millennial Superiority” thing. That was a lie they were told, popularized by Gates and Silicon Valley and deeply reinforced in the minds of the Stanford University type grads so they could lure the unsuspecting to obey their tech masters (who always had money to invest in the brightest of the bunch). Sad, it worked like the mind hack it was meant to be. Fortunately not all Millennial’s suffered from that type of mind damage. But that’s why we have thousands of Millennials with literary arts degrees and few real skill sets.

Please don’t think I’m picking on millennials, the KM Oligarchs are the real culprits here, along with those who want their global order. It’s just that it was that generation that was hit in the head with the Gigga byte funders who also funded all the industries going smart alec, like the IMF, Wallstreet, UN, EU, Hollywood, Disney, Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, WEF, Big Food, Big Pharma and all the Universities. So big tech… and little tech which want to be big tech got jobs fact checking and believe in climate change, eat plant based meat and don’t drink out of plastic straws. Wait a minute… that all happened in my generation too!

Here I was thinking It’s not their fault, many just believed everything their professors told them and thought they knew more because they grew up at a time when their parents and grandparents weren’t tech savvy as a whole. But then I recall the sixties and boy was that a time of professors, Marxism, drugs, sex, and rock and roll.

That being said, the millennials in my life are really no different than any other generation and somehow we’ve all survived all the things the world has thrown at us together. It’s not like we left when they started talking about climate change or dropped off the face of the earth when computers came out or cell phones. So where are we getting these divisions? I’m sure if we follow the dots it will take us to the same source that sit in think tanks and figure out how to control the masses.

The labels were dished out on all these generations as some sort of target marketing category and theory on people in different ages and their culture values. So now that we know where that all came from… I think it’s time we start looking at people as people. After all, if you are still alive you are also experiencing the same generation as every one in every category that is alive. There are tech savvy boomers, and those who aren’t. There are skilled electricians and some people who don’t know what a circuit box is.

It’s time to move past the generation labels… we are all here at this time and in it together. Each has their own personality, their own quirks, values, morals, natural gifts, and ambitions. We all love freedom and life. It is time to come together and appreciate each others talents and skills.

After all, the millennials are tame compared to the children of the sixties… but then shusss…. don’t tell them. Let them believe you are old fashion and clueless…and maybe surprise them later that we are all living in the same show. The one where we are all mind washed into believing that if you were born at a certain twenty year gap your whole life is different because of that twenty year gap. See how easy it is to mind control the masses? It is time to be in the present. Do a roll call… all present and accounted for in 1964 say aye. All present and accounted for in 1984 say aye. All present and accounted for in 2004 say aye. Soon we will say all present and accounted for in 2024 say aye.

The time gap you were born in thing only works if everyone in that time gap disappeared when the new time gap starts. That would be the only way you would not have the new cultural influences. The said influences that were to change ones mind set and not the previous ones mind set, for it was already set or some logic as that. The fact is this world is unstable and forever changing. We all experience it, if we are alive when it is happening.

What it all boils down to is the level of mind control a person has been subjected to by the system and how much of that have they succumbed to. I find this an interesting subject and welcome your thoughts on it. I have to admit… I never saw that as a mind control thing, but now I sure do. Now that I know these lables are identification tags to put us in a category with a preconceived mindset that goes with it… I don’t like them.

So after saying all of that… instead of calling the former Twitter Safety head a millennial, like I was going to do … I will call him what he truly is which is a disinformation programmer.

When you catch them and they can misinformation their way out… they look for someone else to blame. I call it trying to squirm out of it because you are caught and you know your gaslight game won’t work.

It is looking very much like they have lied about EVERYTHING.

image 134

I agree with Benny Johnson that Twitter was a mind-control company. How many more mind control companies can you find? Grab a sheet of paper and make a list. When they get done exposing them all one by one… it will be fun to see how many you got right! And find out how many dupped you. Smile.

Then write down how many redpills you can find within the big fat RED PILL? Right now this is just an investigative list, so don’t worry about having all the proof…just write down your gut feeling. You can always add to or take away… the list is for your own research and contemplation. Consider it an active participation on God’s team in search of the truth. Knowing that the truth shall set you free. Smile and have fun exposing the truth!

The UN is turning out to be the biggest Disinformation Operation in the world, with the largest membership base of flying monkeys on earth. The entire UN needs to be dismantled. Therefore, they are the biggest red pill on my list. It has been infiltrated beyond repair from its very inception. It’s nothing but a multi headed brute beast whose final days have come.

They hide nothing anymore… and whoever thought up the idea to gaslight the world to their face… well that was a really dumb and stupid idea now wasn’t it? I wonder who thought that one up?

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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