U.N. The Rabbit Hole That Has No Bottom…

It’s the bottomless pit! And there is a big fat, wide road that leads to it… once you are on it… you may find it is very hard to turn around and get off because it is packed like sardines in a tin can!

Not to mention it stinks just as bad! Alice in Wonderland found herself in quite a strange place, but she did hit a bottom and found a rabbit to follow. This new pit has no bottom and it is quite the show. But, alas it is starting to unravel and it appears the funds are drying up for some of their avenues. I sense those funds that are drying up are stemming from election interference of 2020 and some confiscation of said funds that belonged to some who have been caught.

Why do I say that? For one measure we haven’t seen ANTIFA out and about in a very long time and BLM is pretty quiet since the heads have been found spending funds of self lavishing desires like big houses and other things. Open society funding kinda got a kick in the seat with FTX and its election booster shots like “Mind the Gap”, and Silicon Valley and suddenly there is a slowing down if not all out removal of many MIT projects and other global Oligarch investments such as Theranos, and Holmes is now doing time. That had to be more of an adrenochrome lab and not a blood analysis project. The proof was in our face and they laughed…but Kissinger isn’t laughing any more. He not only sat on the board of Directors, he was one of their big investors that got duped by a 19 year old, along with General Mad Dog Mattis and a host of other big dem names like Bill Clinton, Biden, Feinstein, George Schultz and more… really folks…do you actually believe that one?

image 108

Diane Feinstein and Schultz met with Elizabeth together the first time. Do you really think these two would not know what was going on? Schultz ended up funding Holmes and her bright idea of a blood testing device – Theranos. George Schultz was 95, I will say that again 95 years old when his grandson told the press what he knew and blew the whistle on Theranos. Schultz went through water gate with Nixon unscathed, and the Iran Contra scandal unscathed. George Bush Senior was said to be behind it all. Add to these few things said and know there are many things not spoken, the fact that when Pres Trump took office one of his main goals was to end child and human trafficking. And shortly thereafter, Epstein didn’t kill himself and Theranos was shut down all together and Holmes was indicted and we got a mock trial, not the real one.

Why bring these things up now? Because all of this leads to the children. As I said, this rabbit hole is a bottomless pit.

So if you are ready… let’s show a piece of it….

image 109

Once upon a time there was a president who made a world tour and met with many nation leaders. In one nation a sword dance was held in May of 2017 symbolizing a brotherhood of alliance between a President and a King and his Prince. Then in October of 2017 the good Prince had an assassination attempt on his life in Las Vegas and a President thwarted that attempt and later all the wicked princes who conspired to kill the good prince were arrested and all of their assets were seized. One of those whose assets were seized owned a big chunk of Twitter and he no longer owned it. Through these princes, much needed human/drug/dark resource trafficking cash flow was seized. Just like that and all at once.

Fast forward…

It appears the ANTIFA and BLM open society strongholds are jeopardized and so now the focus for the global KM Oligarchs is on the UN funding and funneling through those channels… aimed at the A.I. skilled millennials and our youth.  How do we counter that one?  End the US affiliation with the UN system is one way for the US and if …  one by one other nations left it, that would be a game changer. Watch and see if that takes place. Can you smell it in the air? It’s Biblical. For the nations gave their crowns over to the beast for one hour. Then they turned and hated the whore and burned her with fire.

Revelation 17: 12-16

 12And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. 13These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. 14These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful. 15And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues. 16And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

Which lead us to… The UN, “Social listening initiative”!

What is this monstrous UN alliance?  Its ugly head has been rearing since its inception… but now  it has reached into your home and they who drive it want your head- at least they want inside it and do not hide that big fat fact!

image 112

Excerpts from the UN Infodemic web page:

A new UN alliance to fight the infodemic — comprising WHO, UNESCO, the International Telecommunication Union, and UN Global Pulse — recently received just over US $4.5 million from the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund to scale its community amplifier work, social listening initiative, and other projects including the creation of a centralized fact-checking and misinformation center to provide countries with tools to address the infodemic. On 29 June, WHO also organized the world’s first infodemiology conference, which brought together scientists from diverse backgrounds to focus on the issue systematically and brainstorm science-based ways to better manage it.

“We have physicists, mathematicians, sitting with epidemiologists, with social scientists to discuss evidence-based approaches to manage the infodemic,” Nguyen said. “All of these scientific fields have their own schools of thoughts, their frames, how they do research, so it’s interesting how one perspective can help fertilize the other.”

“While a vaccine and treatment for COVID-19 are not ready yet, WHO’s proactive steps are helping to neutralize the infodemic of misinformation.  

“To tackle this infodemic, we need to do things differently than we have in the past,” Nguyen said. “Thanks to the leadership of Dr Tedros, we are increasingly open to innovation and to rethink the way that we are doing things.”

And he’s correct and we should listen to Tedros for he has declared war on the truth and in so doing, all of humanity is at risk of their disinformation. Isn’t it time we have our own Truth Initiative?

Know the enemy….

image 115

Look at what Dr.Tedros said and what he has done from the onset of the plandemic.  My input is in brackets and bold/ italic print.

25 August 2020

Soon after the world started getting used to the terms coronavirus and COVID-19, WHO coined another word: “infodemic” — an overabundance of information and the rapid spread of misleading or fabricated news, images, and videos. Like the virus, it is highly contagious and grows exponentially. It also complicates COVID-19 pandemic response efforts.

(We call this what it really is which is gaslighting, propaganda and lies. The UN and WHO was always afraid of the truth and an informed public who knows what the real truth is. They can not deceive you when you know the truth. As the good Lord said, the truth shall set you free.

John 8:32 KJV: And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”)

“We’re not just battling the virus,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “We’re also battling the trolls and conspiracy theorists that push misinformation and undermine the outbreak response.”

(So those who speak truth are trolls and conspiracy theorists? And truth is now called lies by the liars. We know this and we know how their world works. Theirs is the world of lies, tyranny, murder, all manner of mass destruction, child and human sacrifice, enslavement, and down right hell the same as the masters they serve whose world they run for the fallen Lucifer and their Baal worshipping oligarchs who hide in the dark. For the light burns their eyes and seers their conscience. The Lord said the devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy. You will know them by their works, their fruits. President Trump said what they do is ancient… he was correct.)

image 116

Proliferating misinformation — even when the content is, in a best-case scenario, harmless — can have serious and even social and lethal health ramifications in the context of a global pandemic. In some countries, rumours about impending food scarcity prompted people to stockpile supplies early on in the epidemic and caused actual shortages. In the United States of America, a person passed away from ingesting a fish tank cleaning product containing chloroquine after reports mentioned hydroxychloroquine as a possible – yet unproven – remedy  for treatment of COVID-19. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, hundreds died after drinking methanol alcohol that social media messages said had cured others of the coronavirus. This is the kind of dangerous misinformation that WHO is most worried about.

(These efforts to heal came from the restrictions of the medicines that could heal were held back and denied to be purchased by the very same WHO that sought to depopulate and cull (kill) billions of people. And they would have succeeded if not for the bearers of truth and those who could see through the lies. The real death is in the false vaccines that kill and maim. The cure is to rid the world of their bioweapons, their liars, and the deceivers who have poisoned the waters, food supplies, the air, and have spread lies that breed fear. This stems from WHO and all their wicked servants who do their bidding. The lies are the real enemy we face. Liars fear the truth.)

image 117

Even as the world is laser-focused on the search for a safe, effective vaccine, misinformation continues to spread about immunization as well. Health experts in Germany are concerned that the country’s anti-vaccination movement may deter many people from getting immunized when a safe vaccine becomes available. A recent study that examined the vaccination views of 100 million Facebook users globally found that while the pro-vaccination camp (6.9 million people) outnumbered those against vaccination (4.2 million), the anti-vaccine group was less isolated and had more interaction with the individuals (by far the largest group, at 74.1 million) who are undecided about vaccination. These “swing vaxxers” are important to target and get on board with lifesaving vaccination.

(Swing vaxxers?  Anti vaxers want natural proven and known remedies which are available and the same have been forbidden to be used by the liars who push the mRNA jabs that have killed, maimed and destroyed the bodies natural immunity. We know it now and the proof has exploded world wide. Even the vaxed are shouting against the vax… that is to say…those who haven’t died from it.)

image 118

(Remember President Trump took us out of the UN’s WHO. It was to be effective July 6, 2021 as there was a one year UN clause to remove. He was against all mandates. Read: Trump officially withdraws U.S. from World Health Organization – CBS News)

To learn more about how WHO is taking on the infodemic fight, the United Nations Foundation caught up with Tim Nguyen on the sidelines of the world’s first infodemiology conference, which brought together world experts to discuss the developing science of managing infodemics. Nguyen’s team manages the Information Network for Epidemics (EPI-WIN), which is leading WHO work on managing infodemics.

(This is where the war on your mind, your lives, your freedom, liberty, and your very existence is being hashed out on how to steal, kill and destroy your free will and reduce humanity into a transhuman robotic society. These teams have sold their souls to the devil himself. Sad, but true. They are workers of destruction, many are ignorant of it and many know exactly what they are doing and who they are doing it for.)  

Combing through the web of misinformation

“Infodemics have already happened in one way or another in past epidemics, but what’s happening right now is something of a global scale, where people are connected through different means and share information more quickly,” Nguyen said. “This has created a new situation where we are rethinking and reshaping our approach to managing infodemics in emergencies.”

(This is an open admission that we are at war for our very lives, minds and souls.)

According to a recent study evaluating English-language misinformation, the largest category of posts labeled as false or misleading by fact-checkers was content that deliberately challenged or questioned policies and actions of public officials, governments, and international institutions such as the United Nations and WHO.

(This is a study evaluating those who know the truth and or those who seek truth. This is the enemy of all the liars and deceivers. The lines were drawn by this Babylon the Great and their Great merchants of the earth. They will lose their war against God’s people. It is written and it shall be done.)

One flagrant example of this is “Plandemic,” a 26-minute conspiracy theory video that falsely accuses Dr Anthony Fauci, the leading infectious disease expert in the United States, of manufacturing the virus and sending it to China. The same video falsely claims that wearing masks will lead to self-infection. More than 8 million people watched the video across social media before it was taken down.

(It has been now proven that Fauci is a liar, and helped to create the entire fake plandemic for those who paid him to do so. The masks have been proven to breed germs and bacteria, create low oxygenation and cause self -infections and lung issues. People are not stupid they know the masks are useless and do not stop a virus from being breathed in. They are no more affective than a paper towel.)

Such content can erode public trust in the very organizations leading the fight against COVID-19. To remind the public of the primacy of science, WHO first pinpoints what kind of misinformation is floating out there and then responds with its own evidence-based guidance. The wider United Nations community has been helping amplify this information through its own anti-misinformation initiative Verified. For example, the initiative’s “Pause. Take care before you share” campaign encourages people to take time to verify sources before deciding whether to share any content online.

(This is a mass censoring campaign and even in its push to get out the lies, it has failed because of the very deaths the jab has caused, the cardiac and lung issues, the variety of side effects of which crippling central nervous disorders are a big one and death is undeniable. They cannot continue to lie to the public for at this very moment the death toll is off the charts and medical doctors have taken a large and united stand against the UN death movement. Many nations are now in their parliaments shouting the truth and demanding the vaccines be banned, and even within the EU. Doctors have proven the deaths are from vaccines and not from the virus. They have proven the remedies that were removed from public use are more effective than their death jabs. The known remedies that are noninvasive and inexpensive have been banned by WHO experts who are not practicing doctors and serve Big Pharma influencers. The talk of Nuremberg trials for those who have created this planned pandemic have begun and taken serious speed forward to expose the liars in the entire COVID plot to depopulate the world. The UN have lost their disinformation war. They are no longer able to get away with their lies.)


image 119

And they have not stopped! Politico followed the UN NAZI Orders and when Trump took a stand to stop the burning of the D.C. Oldest Historic Church… they headed their June 13, 2020 article with “Trump Has Made Alternative Facts a Way of Life” and led their opening remarks with “The president has taken his degradation of the truth to new lengths, but the basic project has been the same from the start.” And that slobby general Miley was with the UN NATZIS and now with Biden and his NATZI Regime. This is not a conspiracy folks. You lived it, you saw it, you were there and videos are still available if you need reminded. ANTIFA riots and fires were considered peaceful, remember? The New York times, who is now financially hurting, was all in with the take down Trump UN program. Read: Opinion | Trump Has Made Alternative Facts a Way of Life – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Now back to Tedros and his UN WHO Infodemic garble:

WHO has also been working closely with social media and technology companies to help curb some of the misinformation spreading on their platforms. In February, officials from the health agency met at Facebook’s headquarters about how to promote accurate health information about COVID-19. Now, WHO is working with more than 50 digital companies and social media platforms including TikTok, Google, Viber, WhatsApp, and YouTube to ensure that science-based health messages from the organization or other official sources appear first when people search for information related to COVID-19. Even the dating app Tinder now features WHO health reminders, because social distancing is still appropriate during a date.

(This is an open confession as to their attempts to mindwash and spread lies to the general public and into their private lives and conversations. Not only does this confess their disinformation, it confesses their spying and data mining on all social media. This is a huge invasion of privacy, and of free speech. It is a censorship with punishments of being banned attached to silence truth. They have now lost their control over two of the largest propaganda tools they had which were Twitter, and Facebook. They can no longer hold back the truth. The truth tsunami has formed and is coming onto the shore at a rapid speed!)

Social listening with artificial intelligence 

“Countering fake news or rumors is actually only responding or mitigating when it’s too late,” said Nguyen. “What we’ve put in place in the beginning of the pandemic is what we call a social listening approach.”

WHO is working with an analytics company to incorporate social listening into its public health messaging development — a first for the Organization. (End of Tedros Message to the world).

(The entire UN needs to be dismantled. That day is on the horizon.)

image 120

It is now very clear that Truth Social was built to be a driving force against the infodemic arm of WHO and the United Nations alliance to bring about a global empire to force the world under its tyrannical fist.

Donald Jr. and his recent post about being the head of the “Ministry of Truth”… wasn’t a joke. It was a prize puzzle piece and big fat dot to connect with the other dots of the day… but most thought of it as little more than a cliché.  We now see it was a deep message and the Truth Social was built as a strong arm against the propaganda machine.  A safe place to begin a take down of propaganda and deceit that not only would be a message board for the President of the United States after being banned from Twitter by an underworld graduate who sold her soul to the machine…. But a safe house for all lovers of truth.

 Which bring us to the waters edge and the poison that has entered the sea of humanity. A poison that has trickled into every stream of media.  Be it a written script for TV, radio, print, social media, world wide internet, mandates and dictates by puppets for their puppet masters, whatever it be… the International Telecommunication Union and UN Global Pulse is a monster of gaslighting, propaganda, mis and dis information of those who follow the author of lies and declare their world order to bring that liar out into the open who is of darkness. Call it satanic, call it Baal, call it barbaric in its’ designs of torture and love of eating human flesh and drinking the blood of innocent children… it is an abomination to the Lord and to all who care about life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and God Almighty.

image 121
Trump gave the people a place to speak the truth! It was never built because of ego, it was built to take down the giants! A big fat weapon in the name of Truth!

The war is real, it is one between good and evil. The garden of Eden  is where it began with us, but jealousy and pride is where it began with the fallen, and where it will end by the Hand of God for all who rebel. The war has already been won, but the battle rages on. The call to come out of her my people is loud and strong.  The things that are yet to come, shall come as the Lord has spoken and written them. Every word… and nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.

As it was in the beginning and all throughout time… each must choose who it is that they shall follow. Choose wisely… and know this, that if the good man of the house had known what hour the thief would come… he would have watched and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.  Matthew 24:43

The UN is an illusion, a pretension of being a body of nations working together to protect and help humanity and nations, when in reality it’s driving force and desire is to depopulate and rule over the very same they pretend to care about.

The New Weapon of Choice: Technology and Information Operations Today

image 113
Institute for the Study of Diplomacy
Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
Georgetown University
Washington, DC, 20007
Copyright © 2020 Institute for the Study of Diplomacy
updated November 2020

Foreward and a Sample page from the “New Weapon of Choice” UN Sponsored Guide Book-

image 123
image 124

Sample page…

image 114

Read the full report here: The New Weapon of Choice October 2020.pdf | Powered by Box

Recommendations from the report include:

  • The next administration must prioritize information operations. The United States government, and those of other democracies, need to take the requisite steps to combat and mitigate information operations. This includes increased and high-profile staffing, and facilitating a strategic, whole-of-society approach.
  • The United States and other governments need to share best practices. There are a handful of nations who have had better success against information operations, and others need to learn from them and use what policies and tactics are transferable.
  • Democratic governments need to be more systematic in their internal and external coordination. Internally, governments at the federal, state, and local levels need to work together against information operations. Meanwhile, all affected democracies must work more closely on intelligence when permitted, and coordination efforts toward both bad actors and tech companies.
  • Governments need to do more to inform citizens and share information. Regular briefings from either the intelligence community or some other depoliticized entity can inform the press and the public of mis-/disinformation campaigns in real time.
  • Governments should do more to incentivize and enhance research into information operations. Mitigation requires the continuation and expansion of numerous avenues of research, to include rapid response mechanisms and artificial intelligence, for example.
  • Democracies should use their democratic values to shift the narrative. Democratic governments need to stop playing tactical games and shift the narrative to a strategic level that describes the protection of democratic values as a national security and foundational issue.
  • Governments need to do more to regulate technology companies. Technology companies have begun to do more, but their actions are still far short of what is needed. The time has come for governments to take a more direct role in regulating these companies.
  • Technology and social media companies must do more to confront this threat. While their actions have increased in recent months, more is needed. Facebook, for example, needs to hire more content moderators, while all platforms should label who has funded advertisements.
  • Tech companies should increase transparency and coordination across the full spectrum. As part of a more systematic approach to information sharing, social media and other tech companies need to be more proactive in providing information to governments and civil society actors on their algorithms and the information behind what profiles and accounts they take down.
  • Mitigation efforts need to take a whole-of-society approach. Whole-of-government and whole-of-tech approaches are good first steps, but to truly combat and mitigate against information operations, there needs to be an approach that has the government, tech, and civil society sectors working in unison.
  • The United States and other democracies need to build societal resilience through education and sensitization.Most citizens of democracies who spread misinformation do so unwittingly. While education and sensitization efforts will not sway the most die-hard political partisans or conspiracy theorists, it can do much to hem in information operations’ worst effects.
  • Democracies need “validators” of truth and “champions” of this issue more than ever. All sectors need to work in tandem to find new sources – whether they be groups or individuals or a combination of both—of objective truth that are outside of our respective echo chambers and news “bubbles.” Likewise, democracies are in dire need of “champions” that can rise above the political fray in order to highlight mis-/disinformation at a nonpartisan level.
  • All sectors can do more to develop new “norms” around information operations. This includes pledges from political campaigns not to spread misleading content or use manipulated content on social media, tech companies creating new norms around transparency, and journalists agreeing upon a code-of-conduct on how they handle hack-and- leaks, for example.
  • Rapid response mechanisms need to be put in place, normalized, and systematized. Responses to information operations have been scatter shot across the board. Governments, the tech sector, and civil society need to put in place a system for all players to use individually and in tandem when responding to mis- and disinformation.
image 122

Trump’s Truth Social and himself being such a master brander has to have the Khazarian Oligarchs going stark raving crazy! And now one by one their puppets are losing their key funding assets …. their bitcoin is melting as they choke on their not so smart think tanks that contain no wise ones, only A.I. millennials. They will choke on their memory sticks for they have no common sense or survival skills. The boomers are not going to help them out so these little wonders are stuck with their joy sticks when the power goes out – if they can hold out until then… either way, they are done.

It is now very clear that President Trump knew all of this and much, much more way before he ever ran for office.  He knew one day he would have to step out and lead the people into a mass awakening of all the secrets they were never told. But how?  How would he do it? We see he began in many ways and the deep state feared he may tell more, they humored him and goaded him at the same time, always hoping he would just stay in his high rise towers and be satisfied with branding his hotels, golf courses, the Apprentice, steaks, water, and wine.  Never the nation, and certainly never influencing world leaders except for golf classics and the world of wrestling. 

They never believed he would one day step out to wrestle with the world and its’ men behind the veil. But…. he did!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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