United States Of Secrets

Once upon a time in America, not that long ago…

…it was a time when most all were sleeping and only a few were wide awake. It was a time when only a few had understanding of what was taking place in America. The invisible ones stayed behind the veil and laughed as they watched the blind sheep run from the rams who had eyes to see. They wanted nothing to do with the rams tall tales and pointed their fingers and called them crazy. “Shut up with your made up lies you crazy rams!” they shouted at every turn, “Be quiet with your made up stories, no one here wants to hear it!”

Who Are The Illuminati? How To Join, All-Seeing Eye & World Domination - HistoryExtra
The same evil that we face today, is the same evil that has been sent out to kill, steal and destroy from the very beginnings. President Kennedy publicly called them out for their secret societies and wickedness ordered by the invisible ones who hide behind the veil. They poisoned the elderly in our face and now they are coming for the work force, the military, the first responders, the police and fire fighters, they want you to jab and disable yourselves and some will die fast, others within a few years or so they say. They are coming for you to take their scorpion poision but first they want to savor the pain and torture they put you through as they poison your children first. Enough is enough. Their time shall be no more!

And after 911 the rams began to point out that plane fuel can’t melt steel, and building 7 was up when the news announced it had fallen. But, oh those blind sheep shouted again and even louder….”How dare you say such evil things, it’s the government you talk about, the one we elected to protect us! I will not listen to another word of this, be gone you foolish one! Be gone!”

And then the invisible ones behind the veil had such fun and sport in poking the rams with hints that only they could see and they laughed and laughed as the blind sheep bleeted how stupid are the rams and every word they say to me.”

Oh how much fun they had behind the veil, delighting in all their hell. But, now the day has come when many more can see, and now the laughter has turned to anger, HOW DARE THEY BEGIN TO SEE!

Evil is a very sore loser when they send out commands to make you die.and you dare to stand up and defend yourself. You are supposed to be frightened and cower in the corner. Take a jab even if it means you may die. They get very angry when they don’t get their way. In their world you have no right to defend yourself, and when you do and live, they send out double the minions and double the ways to strike you down.


And so now, maybe this older documentary will make more sense to you. Perhaps now people will see a few things the way they were and not the way the fake news said?

FRONTLINE tells the inside story of the U.S. government’s massive and controversial secret surveillance program that began in the wake of September 11 — and the lengths they went to trying to keep it hidden from the public. (Aired 2014)

From the investigative team behind FRONTLINE’s award-winning “Money, Power & Wall Street,” comes the definitive history of domestic surveillance in a post-9/11 world. In part one of this two part series, FRONTLINE filmmaker Michael Kirk pieces together the secret political history of “The Program,” which began in the wake of Sept. 11 and continues today — even after the revelations of its existence by Edward Snowden. Remember how they hated him and many still do. What would you have done if you had known what he knew?

In part two of this two part series, FRONTLINE explores the secret relationship between Silicon Valley and the National Security Agency, investigating how the U.S. government and tech companies worked together to gather and warehouse personal data. (Aired 2014)

How did big tech companies react when the government asked them to turn over data on millions of ordinary American citizens? And what do companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo! really know about you? FRONTLINE Producer Martin Smith (“Money, Power and Wall Street” and “Obama’s War”) investigates the ways Silicon Valley has played a role in the NSA’s dragnet, and blurred the boundaries of privacy for us all.

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Secrecy is the practice of hiding information from certain individuals or groups who do not have the “need to know”, perhaps while sharing it with other individuals. That which is kept hidden is known as the secret.

John F. Kennedy spoke of secret societies.

John F. Kennedy speech given [1961] that allegedly set him up to be assassinated. The entire original speech lasted approximately 14 minutes.

The invisible ones behind the veil made sure he didn’t get to do the things he set out to do to clean up America and return the nation to the Republic. He knew of the corporation and its’ evil arms of destruction. President Trump is said to set out to finish what needed to be finished at the time when America was hanging by a thread. We had no idea we were at that time until he woke us up.

Never forget!

Warning graphic images.

And the smirk…what was so funny George?

I know these dark ones are now in a hot, horrid place where God has judged those so deserving to be, yet, the evil they did with their lives to humanity and others, even those they pretended to respect is appalling, even to this day.

Robert Kennedy called out Johnson for being a part of a coupe to kill his brother John.

What are we about to learn? Will we ever? Will it even matter 30 years from now? If not now…when?

Now that the remnant is awake….what shall we do? Press forward and keep on pressing! To rid the earth of such wicked fallen ones is the only way forward and we do that by exposing the truth.

Remember, none of the fallen enemy have the super power of the Holy Spirit and none of them have the entire host of heaven to help them. Know that. And know you are not standing against these evil ones alone. You have the Lord in you and you in Him and the power of the Holy Spirit. The same power that casts out devils and sends them back to hell. That being said….stand and press forward into the Kingdom, keep on pressing, and pressing and pressing! God will do the rest!

In Closing…remember what a real President looks like taking care of American Workers at a time where the invisible ones were attacking him left and right. He never flinched and stayed focused on the task at hand. That being said…. keep on pressing – we have been shown the best example…press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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