The treasonous thieves will not keep what they stole! They will be caught, they will be tried, and they will reap all they have sown! For it is Biblical!

The truth and facts destroy propaganda…so let the fake news shout, scream, scare and lie, lie, lie….the TRUTH WILL CRUSH THEM! We have been discussing this and learning about the propaganda war, the real war against the people and the wrap up smears and every form of bearing false witness against every person and thing! We know their fake CGI’s, their doubles, and how they gaslight us. And X22 Report gives a good back up to our push by expressing the same facts about truth is the way to win! Give him a listen.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene pushing America First Act to secure our borders!!

She’s a fighter for the Republic and is not backing down. She has the guts to speak the truth! Based on facts! Call them out is what we can do. The evil cabal thought that they could censor 100 million people and now they are finding bold, strong, God wielding people standing up against them by calling them out! Together we are strong!

Lin Wood, Mike Adams and Leigh Dundas share their latest updates full of truth, facts, and progress! Once they know that we know everything…it’s over! They will run!

WOW ….I see the Lord moving his truth seekers in the same direction and that is to show the people how to find the truth, the facts and expose the lies in the propaganda. Expose their doubles, CGI, their lies, and wrap up smears. For every lie….we shout the truth louder!

We are WINNING JUST KEEP PUSHING! Push through the lies and shout the truth. There are many rising up to join in finding and sharing the truth based on facts. Stop the lies in the air! Everyone – put on the full armor of God! Wear the belt of truth with pride 24/7! Raise up the sword of the spirit! Hold up your shield to protect against their firy darts and arrows of lies and hate. Your helmet of salvation will not fail you. Put on the breast plate of righteousness and shod every step you take with the Word of God!




By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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