First let’s start off with a bit of the back story…
Obama does not hide his firm belief  that more “global governance”  will make the world a much better place.  Throughout his time in the White House, Obama has consistently sought to strengthen international institutions such as the UN, the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO, drive American businesses to other nations overseas, north and south of the borders.  At every turn, Obama has endeavored to more fully integrate America into the “global community”.
Obama has pushed for and signed a host of new international economic agreements that advance corporations and take American jobs to other nations in the global process.  He regularly speaks of the need for “cooperation” among global religions and has hosted a number of non Christian  religious celebrations at the White House.  He has stated that “all nations must come together to build a stronger global regime”.  If you do not want to live in a “global regime” that is just too bad.  To globalists such as Obama, it is inevitable that the United States of America will be merged into the emerging global system.
In 2012 Obama  issued a new executive order that served  to “harmonize” U.S. economic regulations with the rest of the world.  This executive order was another giant step  toward a North American Union and a one world economic system.  Unfortunately, most Americans have absolutely no idea what has been  happening  nor do they realize how it has been inching forward through many past administrations.  This push has allowed both  NAFTA  and the TTP to advance and the republicans have allowed it. See more here- End of American Dream
U.S. President Obama s welcomed by House Speaker Ryan prior to delivering final State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress in Washington
Now let’s look at Congress…
Paul Ryan and the congressional republican party have proudly brought forth a new bill to redo the IRS.  At first I thought…how strange that Ryan would be smiling at something good for the people.  Then….it occurred to me that with his global agenda, this has to be another Trojan horse.  But what could be inside it?  After all, Americans want less taxes, and small businesses need less taxes.  The  IRS was a complicated mess and who wouldn’t want to have a less complicated tax system and  an easier way of filing?   They announced this and proudly acclaimed we will be able to file  everything on a form the size of a post card.  They spoke of getting rid of the export taxes for businesses and giving American businesses equal ground with other nations as a means to encourage American businesses to stay in America, etc.  They boasted that they would dismantle the present IRS and restructure it.  (NOTE: Everything this bunch dismantles gets built into a monster- like our health care system!)  I wondered why these TTP globalist sponsors now want to replace our taxation system.  (Please note – I am for a new fair tax system….just don’t trust these guys). 
That being said, I began looking into more of Obama’s policies and plans for globalizing America.  I came across what I knew was lurking in the shadows.  In 2012 after he signed his executive order to promote international regulatory cooperation, his  chamber’s top global regulatory official  Sean Heather, VP of the chamber’s Center for Global Regulatory Cooperation said the following in an email:
Today’s executive order marks a paradigm shift for U.S. regulators by directing them to take the international implications of their work into account in a consistent and comprehensive way,”
So when the goal is to globalize, we can now look at Ryan’s tax bill with 3D glasses.  As they all tout this as a way to “reduce regulation”,  the truth is that this is much more about aligning ourselves with the rest of the world than anything else.  Preparing the way for TTP.  Especially when foreign businesses will now buy up national parks land rights and other land to do their thing.  Foreign nations have already taken over most of American corporations with controlling stocks giving them access to patents and other creative intelligence  allowing them to manufacture knock off brands.  Trump has pointed this out over and over again.    brady 90
This is not new….all roads lead to Rome.  In 2012 Obama’s Information Czar, Cass Sunstein, authored a piece in the Wall Street Journal which stressed the need to eliminate “unnecessary regulatory differences across nations” so that the United States can compete more effectively in our “interdependent global economy”.  The end result of this process will be that we will now do things much more like how the rest of the world does things….and isn’t that what Ryan said?  Hymm??
“In an interdependent global economy, diverse regulations can cause trouble for companies doing business across national boundaries. Unnecessary differences in countries’ regulatory requirements can cost money, compromising economic growth and job creation. Think of divergent requirements for car headlights, or the labeling of food, or standards for container sizes.
 Recognizing this, President Obama’s Jobs Council has called for U.S. agencies to better align U.S. regulations with those of our major trading partners. And today the president is issuing an executive order, “Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation,” with a simple goal: to promote exports, growth, and job creation by eliminating unnecessary regulatory differences across nations.”
Therein lies the Trojan horse.  Where we do need to revise the IRS,  I shudder to think of what is inside their proposal that will fit on a post card and allow corporations to benefit greatly.  I smell another  Obama Care package.  Does anyone else?  Especially when Cass Sunsein also wrote the following on the White House website at the time:
“The new Executive Order will build on work that is already underway. We have started close to home, with President Obama launching Regulatory Cooperation Councils with Prime Minister Harper of Canada and President Calderon of Mexico. The Councils are implementing work plans to eliminate or prevent the creation of unnecessary regulatory differences that adversely affect cross-border trade; to streamline regulatory requirements; and to promote greater certainty for the general public and businesses, particularly small- and medium-sized enterprises, in the regulation of food, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, and other areas. The United States and Canada released the United States-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC) Joint Action Plan last December. In February, we announced the United States-Mexico High-Level Regulatory Cooperation Council (HLRCC) Work Plan.”
And to think Trump is wanting to build a wall and enforce immigration laws.  America’s sovereignty and the constitution is hanging on by a thread folks.  If  people will not listen to the plans which are out in the open….what chance do we have against the schemes planned behind closed doors?win trump 522427346
Trump is exposing the agenda and bringing facts out into the light of day.  It is time to take a close look at the new tax plan and TTP and how it fits into their globalist agenda.  Do it now or forever regret it.  You will not have a second chance here.  Please read this excerpt from a recent article involving the new tax proposal.
“Trump has been handed a sophisticated plan that would not be vulnerable to attacks by Hillary Clinton as a budget buster. The Ryan/Brady reform plan has been vetted by the independent, center-right Tax Foundation. It is a credible proposal to fulfill, in part, Trump’s core value proposition: to make America great again.
“Without resorting to threats of potentially destructive tariffs it would profoundly advantage America’s trade posture. The Ryan/Brady reform plan would obviate the need for American corporations to flee punitive taxation through inversions. Conversely, foreign corporations would be fighting to headquarter themselves in the United States. Its structure would reduce, maybe even abolish, the self-inflicted disadvantages our legacy tax structure has on our export industries.
“Trump would bring his powerful negotiating skills to the World Trade Organization to make sure the reconfigured tax structure receives fair treatment. It’s just the sort of credible prosperity plan that Larry Kudlow, who Trump trusts, could wield in the course of the campaign and as a future Trump cabinet official.”
 Specifically the line stating “FOREIGN CORPORATIONS WOULD BE FIGHTING TO HEADQUARTER THEMSELVES IN THE UNITED STATES” is the give away.  For the plan is to allow China, Dubai and other great merchants who are already heavily vested in our major corporations the ease of doing more business on our soil and profiting greater.  For you see with the new tax plan and TTP, this puts whipped cream and a cherry on top the new  global systems agenda.  And what makes it a slap in the face is that they are using it as a decoy to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”.Trump-and-2nd-Amendment_small
Time will tell what Trump will do after he goes over this plan….and if it is indeed a good thing or a Trojan horse.
Dianne Marshall
Read the proposed tax plan here:

By Dianne Marshall

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