Trump Will Not Bow To The World Establishment’s Agenda 21!

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Trump is aware of the sinister plans of  the Globalist Elite to bring about a North American Union that will later be conjoined at the head of the UN’s plans for a global world order.  Today they call it Global Governance.

Trump will not bow down to the establishment nor their  plans to have a prolonged border crisis. He is out to address the real issues and stop an overburdened government dependency. He sees the agenda behind all the deceptive government practices to give assistance to illegals and anchor babies, along with not securing our borders. Trump is out to end their plans to turn America into a neatly tied package ready to be handed over to the UN agenda that is totally controlled by the elite establishment.

Please watch the link below and listen to many of the –not for public knowledge – truths that have been revealed over a length of time, and not in one place. It has been purposely doled out, here a little, there a little and  tossed here and there like bread crumbs. You will hear Laura Ingraham go toe to toe arguing the issues of global population sustainability.  She brings out the facts that the Elite Establishment always deny.  Underground goals are revealed which bring the illegal immigration secret plans into focus.  (see link below)

The issue of vaccines as a means to control population is all a part of the evils the elite establishment have no qualms about implementing.  They are doing so now. Obama care has lots of mandates within it.  One of those are vaccines.

There are many devious plans that are not tinfoil hat, nor are they Sci Fi; although they do sound like a Hollywood film, they are plans that the Global Elite call goals for their 21st century.  Please watch the link below. It is long, but it is fully exposes a devious master plan. A plan full of choke holds on America  that Trump is exposing on the campaign trail and in the national debates.

After viewing the link below, you will be able to more clearly understand which candidates are pushing the establishment goals.

Trump is not for climate change.  He knows it is a man made lie.  He has presented his stance on this issue clearly.

I believe he, as I, have discovered a lot of heinous criminal actions being driven by the establishment.  Trump is not on board to destroy America, nor the rest of the world.  He is clearly out to stop the evil push to dominate and enslave all humanity.

Whereas Trump has not made the same claim that I just made, it is clear he opposes the evil agenda.  Trump will make America great again and that opposes all the establishment efforts to destroy her.

When you hear any candidate in favor of the establishments future plan which include climate change, amnesty, vaccines, global trade deals , NAFTA, bad Iran Contracts,  etc. and discard any evidence of the supporting facts that expose the lies, but instead discard them as nonsense; you can assuredly mark that candidate as one of the elite’s establishment puppets.

It is not just America that needs Trump in office, the entire world will benefit.  You can mark my words – it will not be easy to buck the establishment.  Yet, when all the people join together demanding the horrid agenda to be stopped – it is not impossible to achieve it.


Written by Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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