Trump Rising People United!

Kim Clement has a message for the world…

Betrayal in America! The spirit of Judas and Joseph standing together. They have made a plan…and it shall fail!

Watch: 600 Afghans huddle onto US military plane to flee Taliban. Pic goes  viral | Hindustan Times

“Can the borders of Iran and Pakistan, can the borders of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, can they stop Yeshua? No. Now hear me out, says the Lord. Mecca, how they have been fooled and cursed, that cursed stone which shall be unravelled, and broken in pieces.

“And I speak boldly today from this platform, but respectfully. Saudi Arabia, you kept the oil. You tried a deal with Russia, God says you did the wrong thing, for when you touch my church, can my ecclesia be destroyed? Never. Yes we know there shall be tribulation and so it shall be and my people shall join me, but before that time there is a global awakening! No, no, no not just one town and city, not just one country but MANY!

“LOOK how I invaded Egypt! You see, most people don’t know this but it was in Arabia that John the Baptist was beheaded. And it is in Arabia and Saudi Arabia has persecuted more Christians than you realize. But God, I said, I will now make them accountable. How shall I do this? I will prosper the very country they hate calling them the Great Satan. New energy is arising, and God says even though oil shall always be fought after they shall be burning, and burning, and burning like you have never seen.

“And there shall be fights and antagonism, but I cannot unfortunately do it now, as I am stuck with one who has decided not to fight Islam, not to fight radical Islam, but God says I will call a new one to rise up in this nation, and God said there will be a prophetic annointing that shall carry you until that year. And that prophetic annointing says the Lord will bring prosperity, to the soil of this country and to the families of this nation.

“Yes, they have sinned, America is not guiltless, but God said when I weigh the balance, when I weigh the scales, when I sit out the scales there is great inequity in Saudi Arabia and all over that region and therefore watch with your eyes as the earth shakes and watch as this prosperity comes for now I set the prophetic seal upon my house and upon my church to prosper and prosper, and prosper even more says the Lord of Hosts!”

Saudi Arabia is hiding something…and they shall be caught…

You say, what about this president? Do you understand in the scriptures when a King did not deal with the people that are its’ enemies, and if a King and a president does not deal with the enemies of God – who is it that I raise up? When Samuel told Saul you are to kill the Amalekites, every one of them, King Saul spared them. You cannot spare them Obama, you cannot spare them, they are not sparable. For God said when the king did not do it he raised up a prophet who would then overtake them. God said the prophetic annointing upon this generation shall slice down the enemies and America shall enter into a seven years of prosperity SAYS THE LORD!

While these cats and dogs are fighting, America shall bloom, America shall bring oil…..



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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