“I can do it all in four years, but if I’m doing well, let me have four more years… Okay? Let me have four easy years.” Donald J. Trump. Following those great words, the Trump crowd in Louisiana roared – those with good real estate that is, 5,000 or more were outside and didn’t make it in before the arena was full. Which leaves one more yuge point to make, The government didn’t build that – YOU THE PEOPLE BUILT THAT!
Against all the negative super PAC ads, and all the media lies, Trump has a YUGE support base who all want to make America great again! The train has left the station and all aboard are shouting TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!
Meanwhile the alternative GOP candidate TV ads are looking like the skankiest ads ever written and Trump supporters aren’t even watching. So who is left to pay attention to them? The few hundred that fill up establishment candidate town halls? Are they even watching? Or are they channel surfing for their next show while the commercials are on? Maybe they are taking a potty break? Maybe they’re grabbing some more Cheetos and a glass of milk or something?
I know one thing, they sure aren’t watching events live on you tube. Why? They aren’t having any big crowds and none are filling up stadiums. So….who’s watching the ads? It must be Hillary and Bernie supporters and those who always have an opinion but never vote. Believe me, there are a lot of those.
Imagine if they gave the money to a good cause instead of throwing it down the propaganda boob tube?
“It’s not about me, I’m a messenger. I’m a very good messenger. It’s about common sense” said Trump, “Sometimes when you’re dealing with incompetent leadership there’s no better word than stupid, right?” asked Trump as he went into remarking on the Iran deal and a laundry list of other issues. Of course, once again the crowd went wild.
Watch it all here:

Dianne Marshall
“I DON’T LIKE LABELS….Jeb keeps saying, he’s into labels, He’s not a true conservative, he’s not a true conservative. I hate the labels and so “I’M A GUY THAT’S GONNA MAKE US A FORTUNE WE’RE GONNA GET RID OF THE NATIONAL DEBT!”  Donald J. Trump

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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