Trump Art of War and Some Lions

Oh how the enemy seems to be losing on all fronts against President Trump. The more they blame him the more they get exposed. Those that try to deceive are getting called out to the left, to the right and smack down the middle.

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And then you have what some are now calling a cult presenting some sort of odd white board voodoo… or something? No one is sure what it is intended to truly be doing…but it was explained as a goal board…where those in the camp keep adding things and changing things around to send some sort of Ouija or spirit board signals out to Trump. Who knows? Most who see it are not as impressed with it as those who made it and keep redoing it.

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It does rather conjure up feelings of Saul on his way to Endor to see if the witch can conjure up the old Prophet Samuel. But, hey… I’m sure this just gives me the creeps and there’s nothing much to it. Not sure who is on the head of Trump… does anyone know? Is that a mini-Trump or something else? Is this some sort of crowning of a king thing? Lots of names on this and many fiery darts…I mean arrows.

The Daily Mail was intrigued with this strange thing and did an article on it. They show the full white board pictured below.

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“Mission Over Ego,” it says in the upper left corner citing Gen. Flynn. That’s odd, or is it? What does that mean?

image 207

You can see this has been quite a journey for the Clark bunch. We talked about the old white board back some time ago… placed in front of the pyramids and all seeing eyes in Clarks place that he doesn’t know what any of that means other than it’s cool, even though he has 17 books with the names of those who are in the Global RESET bunch all in them. But, he also says he doesn’t know anything about them…he just put them in his book because they are big names. I guess like name dropping to make oneself sound important or something??? Not sure he really doesn’t answer the hard questions because he doesn’t know anything about what or why he writes what he does…that’s pretty much what he has said. He is all about marketing and showing other 501c3’s how to make money. He has almost all his podcaster guests signed on to his thrive business programs. That’s what he does best.

So that’s what he says.

Now here is an interesting enlargement of it all. Jesus is King with a crown and the black marker goes down through Charleen Bollinger (Whoever that is…never heard of Charleen unless they misspelled the name. Funny how the word mis-spelled just jumped out at me right now?? )Then we have a black marker that says Charlotte Save Trump… like she is needed to save him…but from what?) And the black arrow continues down to an image on top of the words President Trump… and not sure what the image is of. Does anyone know? Has anyone made that out yet?

image 205

The more I ponder this white board, the more the story given makes little sense. It may have started out with Mike Lindell’s idea…but it doesn’t feel like a good way to get the President’s attention. I mean…think about this…we have all sorts of names of those who claim to be close to the President yet none of them can get a message to him? Even though they sit at dinner tables, pose for photos and already have his ear? I’m not buying it. Something is not on the up and up here. I think I’m discerning more in the direction of Mark Taylor (“Watch video below Prophetic Panel 4 Rescue Mentality“). But, there is much more to ponder and I’m still discerning.

image 206

Now the Daily Mail is not the only one clamoring about this, back in April, Newsweek was curious and not entertained by it…especially with the illuminati symbols… behind the prominent men posed by the White board.

About the video Newsweek wrote, “With Clark evidently filming, the unidentified man says: ‘The thing is, is that I think, Clay, almost every single one of these people that is on this board, almost every single one we’ve had on the podcast, we called them, we’ve talked to them because we’re trying to get the message to Trump.’ Said Clark: ‘We’re trying to ignite a revival.’ 

Newsweek also wrote, “We’re trying to ignite a revival,” Clark said. He proceeded to point out red asterisks next to many names on the board, which he said indicate they have “talked to them personally” and “kind of lit them up.”

Michael Flynn, Lin Wood and Mike Lindell Pose in Front of ‘Path to Trump’ Board (

The whiteboard also drew some mockery online, which RawStory compiled.  Read: Mike Lindell made an insane election conspiracy diagram that has to be seen to be believed – Raw Story – Celebrating 18 Years of Independent Journalism

Mark Taylor points out a few words said by those trying to “ignite a revival”… and not to harm them, but to warn them of the things they do so they can turn and repent and set out straight to do what is right at such a time as this. They’ve actually been shouting out a few curses to those who have questions. Listen to the video and you decide what is going on… Mark and the others are trying to figure it all out too… they have a pretty good idea.

Infiltrators are scrambling and grifters are rearranging their outward stances. Some are in the limelight, but not for their successes. Some are being called out and others are just stepping out into the open shouting curses at whoever doesn’t believe, applaud, stand in awe of, or follow what they say.

How dare people critically think and seek the Holy Spirit to discern for themselves. That sort of thing can be downright maddening to folks losing their new found fame. Some have simply built their castles on sand, and someone else’s sand at that.

Others are in so deep by their own allegiance to other factions that they will go down with their own sand shovel clutched tightly in their grubby little hands.

Meanwhile President Trump is busy taking down and waking up people to the truth. He isn’t bothering with a revival for he knows a revival is returning to what was…WHAT IS NEEDED IS A WAKING UP TO WHAT HAS BEEN AND WHAT IS STILL TAKING PLACE AND OPENING UP THE EYES TO SEE JUST HOW LONG THIS FAKE REVIVAL MODE OF DEMON-CRACY AND ITS 501C3 GOVERNMENT OWNERSHIP HAS BEEN TAKING PLACE!

image 384

President Trump is asking at his rallys… have you seen enough yet? Donald Trump Jr. keeps throwing out posts saying…what will it take for people to wake up and see what’s going on?

Yesterday, President Trump retruthed this with the comment…”So True.”

image 385

I recently ran across a video of what Kim Clement said in 2013! And it shouted a message of what we have been speaking of in the blogs and our conversations.

“… we see, we understand that the heaven is open in fact, or the basis of revelation is, or of the massive revelation we have, or the lack of it, it is reliant on the spiritual leaders. So if a spiritual leader in a certain church, or a certain community is corrupt in any way, and has corruption going on and is not a good priest then it affects your prophetic insight and your prophetic knowlege. This is very important…”

Watch the video and you will see the way he speaks on this topic is that of the teachings of Jesus. It is what we all have within us as each are a stone that make up the Temple…the living Temple of God.

Clement speaks of corruption within the church and how God’s presence is not there and the windows of heaven are closed to it because of corruption. “When I say corruption, it’s not necessarily that you are sinning or perhaps make mistakes or whatever, it speaks about a misrepresentation of Christ. A corruption within religion where there is absolutely no communication with God and you are doing it for the money, or you’re doing it for whatever …”

He goes on to say that – “When you REMOVE VISION, WHEN YOU REMOVE THE FUTURE FROM A GENERATION….what do they do? According to Proverbs 29 it says, where there is no open heaven, where there is no prophetic revelation, the people regress, go backwards, look behind, trust in the past; and the other word is dwell carelessly, they have no restraint so they sin openly.

“And that’s what happened if you think about what’s taking place with our young people with the internet and all that’s happening, and how they’re so prone to sin, to do all these things and it’s more, and it’s really bad. But I’m telling you that we can blame the internet, we can blame sin, we can blame whatever you want, you can blame Hollywood if you wish.

“But I’ll tell you who really is to blame are the leaders of the Ecclesia, the leaders of the house, the spiritual leaders that are removing future, taking away prophetic revelation and therefore, there’s no reason for them to live, because we are suffocated when destiny is removed from us.

“We suffocate when vision is taken away from us. You say, well Kim how can you possibly suffocate? You can suffocate. I’ve told you about the soul suffocating because there is no life being offered to them and that’s why it’s important that you always insert the prophetic into everything in your life.”

“Well don’t think about now, think about the future!”


Pray for all of our white board friends that they have eyes to see and ears to hear. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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