Written by Maureen McKnight Winans

~~~Trump is the right man at the right time! Trump’s emergence on the USA political scene is spot on, uncanny, a serendipitous phenomenon. Timing is everything in life and this is a crucial period in America’s history.

It is up to American’s, if wise, to embrace, amalgamate and be steadfast in our taking back our GREAT NATION, more so for the welfare and well being of our children and grandchildren’s future. We are facing calamitous times if drastic changes in the way business is conducted in DC is not undertaken soon.

I CAUTION that the consequences will be devastating if sound business measures are not instituted forthwith in DC. Trump recognized this dilemma and in sincere honesty he brought it to our attention. It was a true “Profile” in courage. He is able to do so because Trump is his own man, not beholden, not bought and paid for like most in DC.

Trump loves this great country, wants it to be great again and is dedicated to we the PEOPLE. He vows to do the right thing, will make amends in DC for all of US. He is our leader, our FLAG BEARER who with our support can “Make America Great Again.” But he needs our full support and we must step up, be active and back Trump to help “Make America Great Again!”

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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