Is anyone surprised? Vaccine deaths and side effects are a world crisis all of its own and suicide rates are climbing as people lose hope in a fear pushing world. The frontline doctors who showed how to combat the virus with therapeutics were silenced along with the mocking of President Trump for tauting the exact same message.

President Trump was impressed with Houston based Doctor, Stella Immanuel and retweeted her testimony. It was taken down and called conspiracy. Doctor Immanuel was telling the truth, based on facts and treating hundreds of patients with the COVID-19 symptoms and those testing positive. She was stating the facts and telling the truth along with other frontline doctors who were also censored.

Now, after a long battle between facts and truth versus lies and propaganda, the British researches are calling on the government to halt vaccines. They now claim that Chinese virus vaccines produce ‘toxic’ effects! “Products in the vaccine are toxic to humans”, they claim, “This is an experimental drug and being administered without any safety protocols.” Gee, who saw that one coming?

At the same time suicides and depression are up world wide and directly linked to COVID-19 PLANDEMIC lockdown mandates and fake news fear mongering.

So what show do we watch? The COVID plandemic show, the stolen election show, the global RESET mandate show, the ANTIFA in the streets show, or the world gone crazy show? The “Nothing is as it appears show” is the one I am watching! President Trump is still the legally elected president and Joe from the CGI/Double your nightmare production is on parade for the world to throw rotten tomatoes at!

Women reporting side effects are now being told not to concentrate on those silly little things but instead focus on the immune response of protection against the Corona virus. Now isn’t that sweet? If you listen to that logic… then welcome yourself to the RESET, for it was successful in the likes of such who accept it.

HERE IS WHERE I WAS GOING TO POST A BUNCH OF VIDEOS put together by people who took the vaccine and had horrible side effects that have put them into critical debilitated health. Then, I decided not to. Why? Because there are so many and they induce fear in those who were suckered into taking the vaccine. If you took a vaccine and have listened to the future predictions of what to expect in the long term…that information is grave and mind controlling in and of itself. If you have taken a vaccine, prayer and healthy foods that build the immune system are needed now.

As we push forward and expose the side effects of vaccines, we must also look at the side effects of masks, six foot distancing, and most of all… the side effects of having your world altered and freedoms halted. Many have lost livelihoods, and children have had their worlds crushed. When child suicide increases along with adult rates soaring to even higher levels, that alone shouts that the madness of the new medical world taking orders from a Lockstep paid cabal has got to be addressed. This is not just in America, this is world wide.

Isolation and loneliness affect the body, too | |
These should be classified as Covid related deaths…especially since they are directly linked to Covid and far more true than those who were labled Covid death from an ongoing bout with cancer or ongoing chronic illness.

It is time to take back our lives and the future of our children. Those who have pushed the fake plague that was patented and manufactured in a lab must be indicted and the truth about this Bilderberg/Rockefeller Lockstep Plandemic must be exposed and shouted from the roof tops. Fake news and every government official and medical practioner who has pushed the fake narrative must be held accountable. The day has arrived when the people who make up the mass population of the world have woken up to the fact that the war is real and they and their children are the targets.

Emergency Department Visits for Suspected Suicide Attempts Among Persons Aged 12–25 Years Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic — United States, January 2019–May 2021 | MMWR

Reported studies on the effect of the covid-19 pandemic on suicide rates have shown predicted increases ranging up to 145%. Particular emphasis has been given to the effect of the pandemic on children and young people. Numerous surveys have highlighted that their mental health has been disproportionately affected, relative to older adults, and some suggest an increase in suicidal thoughts and self-harm.

So now we have another Crisis with a larger potential death rate than the virus. Brought on by government mandated lockdowns, that created risk factors exacerbated by the pandemic. These include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, hopelessness, feelings of entrapment and burdensomeness, substance misuse, loneliness, domestic violence, child neglect or abuse, unemployment, and other financial insecurity.

Suicide is preventable, and action should be taken now to protect our children and all of the people’s mental health. Do what you can to help others and give them hope. Sometimes by just listening to their fears and concerns it will help them a lot. Your input to help others find solutions and simply being there to listen can be life saving. You may never know how much your act of caring was needed by the other person to be able to hang in there and stay focused on surviving.

This strange thing is happening to people of all walks of life, even in the medical field itself.

Medical interns and families at a banner reading, 'Hospitals are killing interns, help us to live', as they pay homage to five medical interns who committed suicide, at the French health ministry in Paris, April 17, 2021.

In April 17th of this year, 2021, five medical interns committed suicide, at the French health ministry in Paris. Hospital interns in France are at a breaking point, to the extent that some of them have even committed suicide, according to a national union. Read story here: French unions sound alarm over hospital interns’ suicides, endless work amid Covid-19 (

The world is out of control and it will take the voice of the people to expose the lies. Fake news and governments are under the spell of the globalistic oligarchs who are forcing their evil order on the world stage. We must lift up the veil and expose the ugly monster inside their evil pack of lies.

In the meantime, we must all come to the aid of others in distress. We must support one another and be there to give others hope and redirect them to the truth. The truth shall set you free.

Stay strong and keep on pressing forward. God is winning! The cabal is being exposed and they shall all going down.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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