Things Are Sinking In & Out!

This can’t be real…it has to be a movie…live theater at its’ worst!

Now let this sink in…!

I wrote in 2008 in Sly Foxes, Wolves and Men – Is Marxism Growing In America…about how a hand full of companies own everything we have. I challenged people to take their tooth brush and follow it up to the top to see who owned it, who we buy it from really. We have people going on strike from Nov. 8th to the 11th to hit these guys hard. I say if you want to hit them hard….you take out all your investments out of their companies…your IRA’s and your stock investments. They get rich off every dollar you let them invest. It is the investment companies you need to weaken. That is the real way to have them fall. That with the strike back would do them in. But it would have to be more than 4 days and too many innocent would suffer. Therefore, I trust in God’s plan, for He has a big one. I believe it is in motion as we speak. He has people in place doing the work we cannot see. Trust in God and know the Lord will be the one to do all that He has promised He will do. Fear not and behold the most awesome moves that are coming upon Babylon the Great who is not to big to fall! Fear not and stand strong.


Free will and choices…you can choose like Karla or like the person below her….

Caved so she could work, and now she can’t for her heart and lung issues!

Meanwhile in NYPD these officers are lined up to go out sick tomorrow….that’s the deadline. They made a good choice. Think not, look at the link above again.


I predict the vax mandate will get most the remaining force who get their second shot….if not the second the booster….will be too sick or disabled or some will die and not return to work. Then the RESET plan is to bring in Nuremberg Cops…to do the dirty work…the plan all along.

DeSantis offered them a life line…with a sign on bonus of $5,000 to help them relocate to Florida and work there. They should have taken that instead. But… that was not in the reality show….what will happen next? Stay tuned for part 2 of jab remorse….for those who live.

How long do you think this will continue before something goes boom?


She says, Happy #WorldVeganDay to all the hunters who enjoy harvesting vegan pheasant, deer, and elk!


So how many have planned what state they will escape to when they flee New York?

In Northshore Chicago…. A Federal Judge blocks hospital system from placing unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave

Click link for full story: Federal judge blocks hospital system from placing unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave | Just The News

Virginia is fired up for a new governor!!

 Investigative Reporter, Edward Szall, revealed the horrific reality facing military personnel, highlighting personal stories about cadets being medically raped at West Point.

Keep pressing forward….this season will come to a close and when it does….the evil ones will weep and wail!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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