There’s A Different RESET Coming!


When healthy people and children are disabled and die from the jab, GUESS WHAT CABAL…the world gets ANGRY! How long did the deep state Cabal think they could do all manner of evil to humanity before they rose up to take back their lives?

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth - song by Alpha Leo | Spotify

Around the world people have taken to the streets in protest to take back their lives and demand freedom and liberty! Thousands have taken to the streets in France while Macron is no where to be seen. The cocky little man tyrant has reached the point where “IT IS NOT SAFE FOR HIM TO WALK DOWN THE STREET!” And this is happening to tyrannical cabal puppet leaders world wide.

How long did these pompous wind bags of lies believe they could continue to kick their citizens in the teeth and muzzle them in lock downs? Jabbing them is NOW out of the question unless they want to get jabbed back. The truth is, the entire world is taking to the streets to protest against the wickedness of their elected officials for taking part in the COVID RESET using bioweapons of mass destruction on them. These are high crimes against humanity and humanity is now pointing directly at the guilty ones! All of them are being exposed!


The Cabal has decieved, entrapped, mussled, censored, poked and now they want to jab the people against their will and further enslave them by pushing a host of digital spy systems complete with checks and balances that monitor their every move. Humanity is rising up and shouting ENOUGH!

This is the moment the Cabal never wanted. The moment when they are exposed for their evil, and the people take to the streets in anger demanding their oppressors be removed from their high and mighty seats!

Fake news will never show you this, but the world is lite up with anger at the great merchants of the earth and their puppets who do their evil bidding! It looks like the people are the ones that will be meeting the jab goals…and not in the way the cabal had it planned. NOT AT ALL.

Refusal for the jab is GLOBAL – don’t let fake news tell you different! The people are taking back their lives and the Cabal has no power to stop it! Their puppets are toast!

Greece says NO TO JABS AND NO TO TYRANTS…Where’s Fauci? Someone wants to talk to him. Throw him to the crowd and see if he convinces anyone to take his jab? Where’s Gates? Where’s WHO?

RESET is taking place, just not in the way the evil ones had planned.

A woman holds a sign while protesting in Beirut

Signs like the photo above send a clear message and the pawns in power are about to be unseated. The people have the power and they are coming forward to show they will not be poisoned and enslaved!

See more here: Protests around the world in pictures – BBC News

Oh my…you mean they lost the peoples trust?


Have you been denied hydroxychloriquine or ivermectin?

Find out how Dr. Simone Gold is fighting back against medical cancel culture... | AM 1100 The Flag WZFG

Dr. Simone Gold posted on Twitter, “BREAKING: America’s Frontline Doctors is seeking plaintiffs who have had their pharmacist refuse to fill their valid prescription for hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin. We intend to launch a lawsuit on behalf of the patients. Please fill out this form in link below.

Pharmacy Plaintiff Intake Form – America’s Frontline Doctors (

Dr. Simone Gold said, “In the states of Iowa, Idaho, Washington, and Arkansas, children can be vaccinated without parental consent as long as they have a healthcare worker approval.” This is outrageous! Mothers are you paying attention? Dr. Gold also said, “Children do NOT belong to the State. Health decisions belong ONLY to the family. Children are being manipulated ($1 trillion ad campaign!) This practice must STOP.”

Medical tyranny is slowly ushering in communism, where your child’s choices belong to the State & not the family. Children of these ages can now be vaccinated *without* parental consent or knowledge: AL: 14 San Francisco: 12 Philly: 12 NC: 11 SC: 16.”

The people of the world are done with their elected leaders treating them all like lab experiments. The lies and fraud are no longer able to be hidden. Especially when the presentation as to why they must be jabbed was explained to them about as intelligently as a 6 year old, pretending to be a doctor.

The jabs are toxic and now when it comes to jabbing their children, and children dying…that is war. They have all gone too far. And the people are no longer sitting down. They are in the streets and they are ready to take back their lives. Now they have nothing to lose but their last bit of existance and they are not going down without a fight.

The Cabal will rue the day they decided to declare war on humanity and force them to take a poison jab. The people know it is a bioweapon made in a lab, designed to depopulate and control whoever survives.

I can’t believe they all said the same thing to their people from the same script and they actually did so because they believed humanity was as stupid as their think tank researchers said they were. Talk about pride going before a fall, the world leaders are headed down into the bottomless pit! And no one is going to help them out of it, in fact most are standing on the clift ready to stomp any hand that tries to pull itself back up.

The meek shall inherit the earth, as it is written!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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