So now if you have been banned from fake book or Jake’s place…you should be banned from all social media?

Psaki and the Regime went over the line long ago and now they are up, up and away with their NAZI global demands. It’s now become a ban crusade.

The regime has no data to support the COVID-19 death and sickness tolls, what they have are skewed numbers, purposely driven to support a forced jab. The real numbers that reliable medical doctors and other professionals are showing reveal more people have died and are expected to die from the jab than the China lab virus. Survival rate to the flu like virus is still 99.8% or more. What they have is a global goal from the Cabal that they serve to do their part to create a global world RESET and depopulate a huge segment of humanity.

The Latest: Tennessee Won't Mandate Vaccines in Its Schools | Health News |  US News

They are busted … found lying about COVID, the Jab, Censorship, and a stolen election…just to name a few of the most irritating issues. There is a long list of “OTHER” diabolical things they are pushing, critical race theory is one. There is so much and NONE OF IT IS constitution, nor Bill of Rights driven. It is all tyrannical and designed to RESET the United States into a LOCKSTEP CONTROLLED world enslavement.

The push to force people to line up and take the jab, cross their fingers and hope for a good outcome on their chances of being permanently disabled, killed, or mind controlled is about to explode in their faces.

biden and the ban bandits

The jab push is a ticking bomb and it is about to explode. Remember, this is a war for your mind. The fake news will push, push, push to get people to fear and forget they have the power to legally fight back. President Trump is not rattled, he is doing the rattling. They are shouting their evil on borrowed time.

Keep pressing forward and keep on telling the truth! EXPOSE THE LIES!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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