The World of DAVOS Can Stay in DAVOS!

WEF announces their five minute city. The first one is scheduled to arrive in 2027. It is a wild concept and who knows whether it is or it isn’t a thing at the moment? What they say is never what you get, so don’t hold your breath. They have presented a sci fi C.G.I. with no particulars. So far, in the way it was presented, it looks like a city within a mirrored prison project. But, that’s just what it reminded me of. You may see other possibilities. Check it out.

Saudi Arabia is working on a city that has the feel of a magic carpet ride. Floating and filled with hydrogen powered “glass onion” type inspired sort of energy thingy.

They believe it is one of those “If you build it they will come” sort of projects. I don’t trust it, but, then again… it just may not be a thing for me? Something I’d have to get used to because right now it reminds me of living in my computor in a virtual program??? How do you feel about it? It conjures up visions of someone out enjoying their five minute virtual walk and lose track of time and distance when some big golden gilded iron gate slams shut in front of them, denying access to the next five minute walk venue beyond their allowed walking area. I can hear it in my head… the clanging of the gate with an errie sounding of a buzzer foghorn combo, and a surreal “Alexa” type audio voice warning them, “Access denied, return to your five minute area.”

I swear I thought the Hydrogen energy source was a fabricated thing made up for The film “The Glass Onion”! Who knew it was a real thing?

image 257

Hydrogen is an emerging energy vector many components of which are mature technologies. Current hydrogen technology is already able to provide advantages over other energy vectors and many of its challenges are being actively addressed by research and development. Read: Five Minute Guide To Hydrogen – Arup

image 258
image 259

I’m trying to wrap my mind around living in a five minute prison where you can’t go beyond. It makes me wonder things like ‘how big was the moving around radius for The Truman Show?’ And will we ever be able to travel beyond our five minute twighlight zone? Will there be room for any other living things? Is fishing a thing of the past? Boating? They say cars are? Are you ready for your containment?

The not so smart non elected world wanna be evil leaders of doom are losing at record speed. While they sit at DAVOS and pat each other on the back for being on track to rule the entire world and depopulate it and strip humans of their free will, soul and emotions… they appear to have been stripped of their own cognitive ability to see what is taking place around them.

How many realize that a five minute walk could be a trip to your mail box and back depending on how big your front lawn is? Ponder it the next time you go for a walk and figure out how that is going to be achieved for you? They NEVER TELL YOU THE TRUTH!

image 261


So as they plan to take EVERYTHING and shove it up their EVERYTHING TANKS, they are failing to see they are naked and without anything much but a rubber mask parade…that is turning out to be a big fat perp walk.

Meanwhile Saudi Arabia announced that it will accept all nations national currency for its oil sales as payment. It appears the International Monetary Fund’s all mighty Rothschild Central Bank air fiat dollar is no longer needed by the rest of the world. It appears the BIG IDEAS of those wanting sovereignty of nations is much bigger than the European Union and the DAVOS think tank non appointed and self annointed cartoon Marvel Comic RESET show.


More of “Your guess is as good as mine”… it’s all a big fat show!

image 256

Just guessing that Mayorkas is now bypassing laws on the books and doing his own thing with Joey Avatar… and proudly boasting about his lawlessness at DAVOS, the unappointed cartoon show of the free world. Guess he forgot congress makes the laws and he is supposed to enforce them???

I’m guessing among the one billion people who stop eating meat, it will not be by choice it will be by a “no meat for you” mandate, enforced in “hunger game style” no meat zones.

The ones implementing these policies are right out of DAVOS think tank groups! Guess we might as well call them out as Silicon Valley foot soldiers! Hello Stanford and sons!

And to think how far we’ve come to end the violence of the patriots and those who attended the Inauguration of President Trump in 2016…WAIT…STOP… it was always the left paid groups out to start a riot for the save our democracy bots! Someone should write a song titled, “And the Busses kept a coming”. Lyrics can reflect on the left’s organized street armies and include things about the steps to a color revolution to topple a nation.

In ending… the White House Correspondent has no comments on anything, anybody is doing anywhere in the Joey Avatar Administration for she has already explained everything that was on her index card.

image 255



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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