Hey Pritzker, It’s Either Ignorance or Treason…

Which one is it?

What were they think’en in the land of Lincoln?Governor Pritzker knows better and so do the ones enabling him!

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Illinois Governor Pritzker pushed and signed an unconstitutional law and now has the Sheriffs calling him out. Presently there are over 80 Sheriffs calling him out for his blatant disregard for the constitution and Bill of Rights.

Many are waiting or shall we say hoping that something may happen to allow the big, big guy to be removed from office for treasonous actions. Meanwhile, the big, big guy is attending the World Economic Forum in Davos.

This is a huge, big, big deal because this is illegal and will not hold up in any Supreme Court.

Will someone please get a crane to lift this big, big guy off the backs of We The People?

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Meanwhile Illinois States Attorney of Kankakee County is suing Pritzker with a big, big lawsuit for the unconstitutional SAFE-T Act. Which is his ban of the second amendment the right to bear arms. It appears more lawsuits will follow. The Sheriffs mean business.

The Illinois already deemed the no cash bail part of the Safe-T Act unconstitutional and put that on hold. What that part of the act did was take away the 8th amendment right to the United States Constitution which can legally be defined as the section of the United States Bill of Rights that forbids the federal government from imposing excessive fines, neither inflicting cruel and unusual punishments nor imposing excessive bail. Not having any right to post bail is worse than imposing excessive fines… it shows total disregard for the right to post bail to await trial.

Whereas they argue their cause using extreme examples… when the cold hard truth of the matter is… innocent people will sit in jail being punished whether they committed a crime or not just like the people who were jailed on Jan. 6th by the a rogue D.C. The law is purely to take away guns and punish all people who stand by their constitutional rights. Pritzker is doing the bidding of the RESET globalists who need to disarm Americans before they do their next phase of boot stomping on our necks!

It is no secret that Pritzker is part of the Global New World Order as he has hosted numerous Global events at his Chicago Hyatt Hotels and annually holds the Event Series: Pritzker Forum on Global Cities.

The Pritzker Forum on Global Cities is a forum that brings together leaders in business, civics, education, and the arts for a dialogue on the influential role cities play in addressing critical global challenges. i.e. RESET GLOBAL ORDER. It is said that he plans to make a presidential run in 2024. Presently he is in DAVOS chumming it up with the bucket of swamp chum.

And then there is his past involvement with the Clinton Global Initiative.

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So now you know why the big, big guy is adament about helping to strip the people of their constitutional rights. He’s a big, big fat part of the swamp!

The 8th amendment was approved to be part of the United States Constitution in the year 1791.This amendment was almost similar to a stipulation made in the English Bill of Rights of 1689 where the government made a declaration to the point that they had to operate as their ancestors had by not demanding for excessive bail neither imposing excessive fines nor inflicting cruel or unusual punishments. The entire mess Pritzker has pushed is unconstitutional and with the growing number of Sheriffs and citizens standing up for their constitutional rights… this entire act looks to be short lived.

It’s time to stop the global push to topple America!

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The big, big guy is now facing a slew of lawsuits and the showdown is just beginning!

The Daily Caller reported that a large number of gun rights advocacy groups, firearms retailers and Illinois residents filed an onslaught of lawsuits within the first 8 days of the unconstitutional law being passed. And it looks like this is just the beginning of putting an end to a big fat over reach. Sheriffs and citizens have argued that the law, which bans so-called “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines, violates the Second, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution, and took the law suit a step further saying that the Illinois legislature failed to properly adopt the law, according to court filings in the Effingham County Circuit Court, Crawford County Circuit Court, and U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois. Democratic Illinois lawmakers passed the law, HB 5471, in early January during the lame duck legislative session, and dozens of sheriffs announced that they would not enforce the new law as it is “unconstitutional”.

Attorney Tom DeVore, representing the citizens of Effingham County and firearm retailers, said that in addition to being unconstitutional, the law was not properly adopted, and requested an immediate temporary restraining order.

The defendants of the lawsuit are Pritzker, Attorney General Kwame Raoul and other state representatives, according to the lawsuit.

DeVore stated on Twitter, “No longer can the citizens sit idly by while bureaucrats destroy the very foundational fabric of our great Republic. It’s an honor of my lifetime to play a role in representing the People against tyranny.

Raoul told the Daily Caller News Foundation, “This law is an important tool in our fight to protect Illinois residents from gun violence, and in the event that a court stays the statute’s effective date pending appellate review, we are committed to pushing for a quick resolution.”

Raoul’s bold remark not only shows his lack of concern for the citizens of Illinois and their constitutional rights, it marks a rather jilted thought process as anyone with half a brain can look at the anti gun laws in Chicago, which are among the strictest in the nation, and watch how ineffective that type of gun control is. It is the type that takes guns from law abiding citizens and allows the gangs to continue to buy and use all sorts of fire arms. It actually emboldens the armed gangs to shoot at will any thing moving or standing still, with no fear of return fire… except from other gangs and cartels. The gun crime in Chicago is off the charts, and Lightfoot can lie and say it’s better, but the truth is there are more killed per weekend than in active military combat duty, as President Trump so often points out.

The answer is to clean up the gangs and drug cartels and actually arm more citizens for self defense against those who roam the streets with illegal fire arms and stop having Mayors who tell the police to stand down and other bad ideas. It is quite a swamp in the Illinois capitol and it looks like the sheriffs have finally got a reason to start draining it!

The Daily Caller stated, “A group of gun rights advocates, to include the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), Firearm Policy Coalition (FPC) and The Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA), filed a lawsuit alongside two firearm retailers and one Illinois resident. The lawsuit alleges that the law is unconstitutional and criminalizes “a common and important means of self-defense,” according to a SAF release.

“People who already own such firearms must now register their guns with the State Police. This ban violates the constitutional rights of Illinois gun owners, and we intend to prove it in court.” SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb said in the release.Read full article here: Illinois’ Sweeping Gun Law Is Only 8 Days Old And It’s Already Facing Multiple Lawsuits | The Daily Caller

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Pritzker has done many bad things for Illinois. Let’s see how long he and the Chicago machine continue to get away with their tyrannical smothering. I have a feeling Trump already has a lot on the guy and it is only a matter of time before he is deflated like a hot air balloon.

Tick tock, tick tock.

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God. Press, press, press.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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